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Cosmic Souls Encased in a Culture of Consciousness

female-divinityby Christina Fisher – Golden Heart Dialogues – 06.23.13

Our lives are eternal. There is no birth and there is no death there is only the eternal continuity of our Cosmic Soul. We are vaporized cosmic dust in a human vehicle. We are being introduced into a new realm. This is what waking up truly means. This is what is meant by immersing ourselves into a culture of consciousness. The culture of consciousness super-cedes everything else. It is the truth of why we have incarnated over and over, and it is also about why we have selected to be on earth now, rather than have already transitioned or not yet born.

At this time as a collective we are being encouraged by what is being exposed, layers upon layer of half-truths, true lies and the great illusion, we have known as our history. This is our defining moment. What are we being asked to believe right now and what is actually true?

For those who are new to the concept of the Consciousness Culture or to this concept of The Shift it can be a bit confusing and tiring. Everywhere one turns technology thrusts itself at us through a myriad of tools and vehicles. Every time we seek out information or sources about our current dilemma–our governance systems, financial systems, health care system, environmental systems, and our sacred/religious systems, we have to wade through so much, well let’s call it “stuff”, in order to get to what lies beneath. This stuff may be seen as a soft coating or even a thin membrane on our access to truth. Yes, it is the ever-so-thin layer that has capped our consciousness for millenium. It is like a film that is so subtle and yet carries with it a density.

Time to melt and peel away this layer–this film. What lies beneath this film is our liberation. The truth lies beneath this ever-so-tactile membrane. We are about to become so transparent in our humanity, that our ethereal selves will be able to engage fully with our human soul. Our human soul is awaiting the gift of realization that comes with the lifting of the film, the layer, that binds us. It is a layer that connects all of us. It is like a huge embryonic sack that has held us securely in place for thousands and thousands of years. Our awakening, our first breath, our first gasp of both air and light is predicated on our remembering. One way to remember is through oral or written history passed from one to another. It’s not candy coated, or contrived fakery. It is a true account that contains the true stories as lived and witnessed first hand by those who dared to do what they came here to do.

It is in the returning that we come in to our Wholeness. Thanks to many here and behind the scenes we have come far. Decoding the multi-layers to access truth can be laborious and yet, it is through the telling of the stories, the decoding of the myths, that we find our way back. Several have given their lives for us. We are innately moving towards cohesion.

Spiritual Cohesion is about unity, coherence and connection between one’s spiritual Self and Source Intelligence.

To live both lives conurrently is our destiny. When we do we are co-habitating in a new world already risen.

A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher, copyright 2013


Jesus via John Smallman: The Emotional Issues Coming Up for You are Your Attachments

jesus-4-258x3001-150x1502May 10, 2013  – http://wp.me/p1B8dY-dP

You can listen to John’s readying of this post herehttp://johnsmallman2.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/2013-05-10-jesus-audio-blog-for-friday-may-10th.mp3

Humanity has always been enveloped by, but unaware of, the divine field of Love – all of creation is contained lovingly within it – but now the reality of this concept is breaking through into your awareness and can no longer be dismissed as delusional or make-believe nonsense by those who are fearful of anything that their physical senses cannot identify and measure.

Scorn and disbelief of realms other than the physical no longer cut it because there is far too much evidence to prove otherwise, and more is being detected daily. Truly the first signs of humanity’s awakening are becoming ever more manifest, in fact the truth that you will most definitely awaken into your natural state as fully conscious beings can no longer be meaningfully denied.

To be fully conscious includes, by default, an awareness that there are many realms of consciousness, of existence, apart from the physical environment that you experience on planet Earth; that in fact there are no limits to consciousness; that it has constant and instant access to all of creation; and that nothing is hidden from it. Love – the energy field of creation – hides nothing, disguises nothing, and displays all that exists for the endless delight of all sentient beings. Anything of which you remain unaware is by your own personal choice; it has not been withheld from your field of knowledge by some externally imposed imperial or dictatorial decree.

All that our Father created is sentient, and sentience allows for limitless evolution in a field that is itself infinite. Sentience is intelligent and has the ability to invent tools such as those that enable it to define itself as limited, and then experience existence in that limited state, or to define itself as limitless and then experience itself as such. It is free to establish conditions or situations that appeal to it in the moment, now, and then extend those moments into eons, or reduce them to a pulse of pure energy that is far too short, too brief to register or be measured by any instrumentation that could ever be developed in a state of limitation.

All sentient beings were created in Love with eternal and everlasting life. Some then chose to experience limitation, and while that choice remains supported by the collective that made it, it will be divinely honored and the experience will continue. However, the limiting conditions chosen and experienced by humanity have been fully developed and have no further hidden aspects that remain to be uncovered, so humanity has chosen to depart that unreal state and awaken. You are presently in the process of unwinding the skeins of limitation that you wove around yourselves; skeins of fear, anger, resentment, distrust, judgment, and so on, which have hidden Love from you. Love, as you have often been reminded, is all that exists, and when those illusory skeins in which you entangled yourselves are removed, the fullness of Love will be majestically and gloriously revealed to you.

Many of you are holding yourselves ready to move into your divine state at a moment’s notice, when the intent of your collective will releases the entanglements that have attached you to the illusion and allows them to fall away with it into nothingness. Because there is only Love, anything that detaches from It ceases to exist, in fact has never existed, and is swept away to dematerialize like smoke or mist, or like images in a mirror that disappear when the object reflected moves away. Not a trace remains by which it can be remembered, let alone reconstructed.

Freedom comes from your activated choice to release all that is not aligned with your natural state of oneness or wholeness which is permanently bonded to God in inseparable union. That is a paradox when considered from the present limited state in which your intellect operates because there, separateness seems free, and to be bonded indicates a state of suppressed submission to a higher authority, a state of virtual imprisonment, when the opposite is the real situation. For example a fish within a rocky pool beside but separate from the ocean is trapped, contained, but a fish contained within the ocean is free of containment, totally free.

By releasing your attachments, your entanglements – to your angers, resentments, judgments, and fears – you free yourselves of all the limits that those attachments impose – to float freely, unimpeded and unrestricted in the infinite field of God’s Love, your natural habitat. The emotional issues coming up for so many of you, the turmoils and disturbances which are throwing you off balance, are your attachments coming up like bubbles or balloons for you to address. You can hold on to them or release them. If you hold on they pull on you, and drag you where you do not need or desire to go, whereas when you release them they float away and disappear, leaving you unencumbered, light, and utterly free.

Let go of judgment and all the unloving and heavy burdens that it imposes upon you, and discover the joy, the freedom, the lightness, and the carefree existence that becomes possible and that instantly embraces you.

Your loving brother, Jesus