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We Are On Course – Unshakeable Trust Required


by Christina Fisher – With thanks to The Golden Heart Dialogues …

There is much happening in the places of the hidden at this time. Think intrigue. While we are now in a space of agile mobility we are also in a state of shock. Where we are right now is relevant and yet there is much around us that is totally unreal. We are actually vibrating at a higher octave than we can perceive and yet we are here as if it is still the old. While the earth is moving along her safe trajectory we are too. We now are living a new life. What is not yet apparent will be soon.

At this time there is a quiet spot so as to be in a quiet zone held away from the chaos and raucous scenarios. In this quiet zone there is a simple and non-complex existence. So what appears slow and normal is actually just a mere instant along a schism or ripple in time. As we are going through this zone much is apparent to the ones who are capable of viewing the scenes passing by. What is being demonstrated is a dropping of the curtains on a reality that was in place to dishonor, disrupt, and undermine a group of primordial beings here to assure a safe zone and clear transit. Earth’s ascension into her light body and our ascension has been destined for eons.

What happens now is predicated upon what the awakened ones, us, choose to herald in. Right now there is a Cosmic Event to make sure those who are awake fulfill their agreements. While these agreements are carried out much is stirring. While the ones who are actively providing help continue with their fate, there are those of us who are at this time not. We are the ones who already fulfilled their agreements and met the pre-destined equivalent of their primordial self.

I am one of those rare ones who came to provide help with the Transition and in completing what I agreed to do, it placed me in a new space. A space that is neither here nor there. It is a moving space  of both here and there. I am capable of being both. As I am here in my setting in my home area of the Hawaiian Islands I am also where the next place is. At this time many are teetering on a cusp of an invisible veil. A veil so very thin, that it is as if it is so not there. In February of this year I posted many entries while traveling that explored and described a huge aspect of my planetary service. What I achieved during this period can be referred to as, “ sealing off a rainbow bridge.” It nearly took my life to achieve this and it also meant forfeiting the known, people, places and things, for the unknown. There was a ten million to one odds I would achieve this. This required sacrifice and due diligence on my part. In order to do this one lives by a need-to-know basis. This requires massive unshakable trust.

Our destiny agreements are formidable. They are at best what we chose eons ago. For myself, early on, I was thwarted from a life of abundance, simplicity and true love. These are now in place. With this comes a sense of what now? I remember when I graduated from high school in 1969, the next day and the following weeks left me with the same feeling. It is an emptiness. A void was created and I intuitively knew I was in an in-between place. I have lived my whole life in the now. As many of us are, I am of the future. Those of us who said, “I’m in. I will do what is required.” have now completed what we said we would do. We are the many who cared enough to stay through to the end of our mission. And the what now, requires the same unshakeable trust.

We are all going along on this magnificent ride of our life. What we are told is true, there is a new world rising it is inside of us and we are most assuredly willing to go and to receive. There a meritorious reward awaiting us, again agile mobility is required. During my time in the quiet zone I am exploring permaculture and specifically Food Forests, this is a remarkable concept and one that is easily undertaken. Our 2.5 acres is almost there and each day we implement a portion of our farm plan. We are sculpting a new setting, expansive and gorgeous it is.

The following passage remains a guiding beacon of support for my life.

I leave you with a passage of beautiful Tenets I channelled in 2009:

The Seven Tenets of Light

Where there is light there is Truth

Where there is light there is Beauty

Where there is light there is Wholeness

Where there is light there is Love

Where there is light there is Perfect Intention

Where there is light there is Unending Presence

Where there is love there is Sanctity of Purpose

(A Call to Unison, excerpt)

A New World Rising, How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher, Copyright 2013

Cosmic Souls Encased in a Culture of Consciousness

female-divinityby Christina Fisher – Golden Heart Dialogues – 06.23.13

Our lives are eternal. There is no birth and there is no death there is only the eternal continuity of our Cosmic Soul. We are vaporized cosmic dust in a human vehicle. We are being introduced into a new realm. This is what waking up truly means. This is what is meant by immersing ourselves into a culture of consciousness. The culture of consciousness super-cedes everything else. It is the truth of why we have incarnated over and over, and it is also about why we have selected to be on earth now, rather than have already transitioned or not yet born.

At this time as a collective we are being encouraged by what is being exposed, layers upon layer of half-truths, true lies and the great illusion, we have known as our history. This is our defining moment. What are we being asked to believe right now and what is actually true?

For those who are new to the concept of the Consciousness Culture or to this concept of The Shift it can be a bit confusing and tiring. Everywhere one turns technology thrusts itself at us through a myriad of tools and vehicles. Every time we seek out information or sources about our current dilemma–our governance systems, financial systems, health care system, environmental systems, and our sacred/religious systems, we have to wade through so much, well let’s call it “stuff”, in order to get to what lies beneath. This stuff may be seen as a soft coating or even a thin membrane on our access to truth. Yes, it is the ever-so-thin layer that has capped our consciousness for millenium. It is like a film that is so subtle and yet carries with it a density.

Time to melt and peel away this layer–this film. What lies beneath this film is our liberation. The truth lies beneath this ever-so-tactile membrane. We are about to become so transparent in our humanity, that our ethereal selves will be able to engage fully with our human soul. Our human soul is awaiting the gift of realization that comes with the lifting of the film, the layer, that binds us. It is a layer that connects all of us. It is like a huge embryonic sack that has held us securely in place for thousands and thousands of years. Our awakening, our first breath, our first gasp of both air and light is predicated on our remembering. One way to remember is through oral or written history passed from one to another. It’s not candy coated, or contrived fakery. It is a true account that contains the true stories as lived and witnessed first hand by those who dared to do what they came here to do.

It is in the returning that we come in to our Wholeness. Thanks to many here and behind the scenes we have come far. Decoding the multi-layers to access truth can be laborious and yet, it is through the telling of the stories, the decoding of the myths, that we find our way back. Several have given their lives for us. We are innately moving towards cohesion.

Spiritual Cohesion is about unity, coherence and connection between one’s spiritual Self and Source Intelligence.

To live both lives conurrently is our destiny. When we do we are co-habitating in a new world already risen.

A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher, copyright 2013