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Hi, friends!

I’ve spent many years studying and practicing all sorts of aspects regarding spirituality, personal development, ‘enlightenment’, success strategies, Universal Laws … and MANY things that many of you in the ‘mainstream’ may not be accustomed to. Many things you will find yourself resonating with, opening doors within yourself that you never thought possible, never imagined, or only wished for. And, some things that may either completely blow your mind or send you running far away from me.

Ah, the power of choice. 😉

Anyway, time allowing, I’ll be writing, creating several new videos, possibly a course or two, a membership site to help others, and much more about a lot of this very soon. (Be prepared to be blown away!)

For now, I wanted to share the following thought with you, as its timeliness is essential and its message is as well …

This may be something you’ve heard before. I can’t proclaim to be the creator of the message; just the messenger with the inspiration and motivation to pass along the message at this moment. Please share it with others, and any other message you’ve seen on my site or my Twitter account lately.

I believe it is incredibly important for us to share messages like this … not out of ego as being the messenger, but for the greater good of us all as one, as it becomes more and more important for us to focus on raising our vibration through love, light, and gratitude, in service of others and to whatever you wish to call your God.

More soon! Thank you for being here!

Be well.

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Thank you for being here! Be well.

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Be well.

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You Are Everything …

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Thank you, as always, for being here.


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Hey, friends!

A family friend was busy “picking my brain” the other day about what I do. It was one of those conversations where you can sense that the other person doesn’t understand, so out of their own frustration, they do their best to break you down, form negative opinions, etc.

Consequently, to no surprise, this individual is also well-known in the family as “a walking rumor mill”. Even further to no surprise, this individual is always sick, always broke, and always unhappy … with life, in general.

Considering these factors, it normally takes me a bit out of my own personal comfort zone to even converse with this person. I’d rather not do so, as I simply don’t like or connect with their energy … so I don’t.

This time, I was backed into a corner with no way out other than some sort of Divine intervention, and I sensed that this was something to learn from. So, asking for a bail-out wouldn’t be very spiritually responsible of me.

So, I silently went within myself and pulled from that Divine spark within for guidance, both to handle the conversation amicably, respectfully, and comfortably, while also ‘warding off’ the negative energies this individual tends to impose uncontrollably upon those around them. (I’m sure you know the type I’m referring to, and if you don’t, you should do yourself a huge favor and learn to recognize it.)

Nonetheless, after ‘explaining myself’ (which is something I adamantly object to doing, on a normal basis), defending myself (ditto), and trying to somehow make sense of it all for this person’s own sake (which is the only bearing it had on me, in my opinion), the question eventually came up of “WHY do you do what you do?”

I answered with a quote from my first ebook, Peak Performance … Peak LIFE!

Surprisingly, the conversation ended quite well, and I think this individual learned something from it. If not, that’s their choice and out of my control, and I learned LONG ago to ‘send love and let go’ in situations like this.

The question for you is, why do YOU do what you do? Whatever it is that you do or are or practice in your life … WHY do you do it? I don’t mean, necessarily, your job or what you’re paid to do as a wage slave or what’s expected of you as a time slave by your job, the world, the government, etc, etc. I mean, what you do on a spiritual level, and in the sense of your true essence, your calling, your passion, etc. WHY do you do what you do?

Beyond that, think about this: If you were told you only have a short time left to live … say,  four to five months … how would that change what you do and why you do it?

Other than the false assumption that you know you aren’t on such a short timeline … What’s stopping you from making those changes NOW?

Food for thought. Comments welcome.

Thanks for being here! Be well.

In Peace & Light:


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One Question

Hi, friends!

What do 22 incredibly successful, life-changing thinkers like Randy Gage, Joe Vitale, Josh Hinds, Vic Johnson, Mike Litman, Rick Beneteau, Stephanie West-Allen, and 15 others, all gathered in one place, have in common?

For one, they are all friends of mine who I admire deeply. For another, they are all featured contributors in my second ebook, One Question To Success.

But, that’s not the point of this post today …

The point is this: In knowing these people as I do, and in studying others I’m connected with – from authors and speakers to TV personalities and more – it seems to me that one thing MANY mega-successful people have in common is the level of playfulness of their spirit.

And not just those who are mega-successful, but those who are such and who also have an incredibly positive, loving impact on the world. Take a look at some of those I connect with on Twitter and their posts there, and you’ll see what I mean even more.

Here’s a little story for you …

I can remember when I was finishing my first ebook, Peak Performance … Peak LIFE! and began my ‘exit’ of the Internet Marketing world and into my true calling of the spiritual, self-help, personal development world. I connected with Josh Hinds of GetMotivation.com, who co-authored One Question with me and is one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. (Josh is another great example of a playful spirit, by the way.)

With Josh’s help, I connected with Randy Gage. At the time (early 2003), Randy was already a best-selling author, a VERY in-demand speaker, and already well known as a prosperity guru. So, I was absolutely blown away that he had agreed to contribute to our ebook, to say the least. (There’s much to be said about the power of asking, and the power of expecting positive results. More on that another time as well.)

Through further emails exchanged with Randy’s right-hand man, Ford Saeks,  I discovered that Randy was, at that time, on a get-away on a private island, ‘brainstorming and planning the next 5 years’. Josh and I were blessed that he took the time to partake in our project, and couldn’t have been more grateful.

And then, as we totally did not expect, he OVER-delivered, providing timeless content that has the ability to change lives. THEN, he went a step further and provided an ebook and video as a bonus gift for anyone who purchased our ebook! We were literally floored by his kindness!

When I emailed Randy a most heart-felt ‘Thank You’, he replied that he was happy to have the opportunity to contribute and thanked US for inviting him to do so as it was a lot of fun and he was honored.

Now, here’s a guy, who most people only dream of connecting with and who many pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend a bit of time with, contributing (and over-delivering!) to a project created by two guys who had a simple idea and a motivation to inspire and positively impact anyone they could touch. And Randy was playful throughout the entire process, as was Ford, who handled a lot of the communications.

One Question To SuccessIn fact, it seemed that Randy’s contribution gave Josh & I even more fuel and motivation. We finished the book in record time, taking only a few months from start to finish, connecting with 22 total contributors (many of which also contributed bonus gifts for buyers), and an affiliate network that helped us to make One Question To Success one of the biggest ‘success package’ hits in the personal development market in 2003! (“Success loves speed” … and massive action! I’ll talk more about that soon, too.)

So many people tend to stress, get overly-serious, grind our teeth, and cause ourselves so much tension and heartache just trying to make ends meet, get that next client, create that shiny new product, connect with our deeper selves and follow our spiritual journey’s path.

Fact is, we put ourselves in our own way of success.

We can be happy and prosperous, at ease and living a life of abundance, spiritual well-being, and continuously grow in our path, or we can be at dis-ease, unhappy, perpetuating our own misery, manipulating those around us to be more miserable, and run on the wheel of karma never changing our patterns, like hamsters in a cage.

Sure – it’s proven that hamsters enjoy those runs on their wheels, but what other choice do they have for fun … and how much fun could it possibly be, anyway? Think about it. We aren’t hamsters, and I firmly believe we are intended to enjoy the moments we experience, the contributions we can make to the world, and the prosperity we are intended to gravitate toward … completely, deeply, and with child-like wonderment.

The FUN of it – of LIFE – attracts more and more positive, abundant, prosperous energy … and more quickly, too, I believe, especially when fortified with heart-felt gratitude. Try it in your own life, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

To be continued …

Thanks for being here! Be well.

In Peace & Light:


PS: It’s funny because, when I speak about this, people seem to get sidetracked with their curiosity, mostly wanting to know, “What is the ‘one question’?” You may be thinking the same thing. I’ll save that answer for another time (soon!), and hope you’ve allowed everything else here to soak in. 😉




AMAZING Social Networking Site – Join Me!

Hi, friends! I hope this finds you well.

Today, I want to share with you about a site I’ve recently joined called Spiritual Networks. The site is absolutely AMAZING, incredibly enlightening, and opens the door of opportunity for you to connect with spiritually-minded and guided folks from all over the world.

It is, in fact, very much like Facebook, but for the spiritually-minded. I’ve met countless incredible, warm, spiritually-focused and spiritually-energized new friends here and it would be a great disservice to not share it with YOU.

You can join for free, and when you do, please be sure to connect with me directly via this link.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Be well.

In Peace & Light:



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