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Hi, friends! I hope this finds you well!

Here’s a beautiful image for you, with one of my favorite sayings … a ‘personal mantra’, if you will …

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In today’s world, it’s often very simple to forget (or to somehow find the time) to “live in the moment”, to connect with your Higher Self and your spiritual essence – “the Divine within”.

What many people fail to realize and understand is that it is that connection – the taking of time to make that connection, experience it, allow it, and to embrace it – that is what they are actually lacking in their lives. And, “life goes on”, “another day, another dollar”, “same shit, different day” tends to ring true for those same people.

No wonder!

I’m not going to give my complete dissertation on how to change this right now. You DO have the power within you to do so, I can tell you that. I can also tell you that, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

So, if you’re reading this right now and yearning, deep inside, to make these changes in your life, but don’t know how or where to start and would like a helpful hand in doing so, feel free to get in touch with me. Even if you don’t need a coach, I can be a very loving, compassionate resource to help you in your direction.

MANY people right now are feeling a “pull” toward something they are unable to grasp, define, comprehend, and act on. Many people are experiencing a shift in consciousness that they do not understand, and even though they may feel ‘so right’ about it, they are unsure how to allow its flow, immerse themselves in it, and take full advantage of it … for their own well-being and ‘for the greater good’.

Meanwhile, many are completely oblivious to anything going on, holding tight to things like material wealth, grudges, indifference, jealousy, and stagnancy.

What you have to understand is that there IS a flow to this energy; to love and light and peace. What you have to understand is that, in fighting your deepest of intuitions, Divine Guidance, and that ‘spark’ of the Divine which connects us all as one, only slows down your spiritual growth and makes your life more difficult.

And, if you’re being as ‘spiritually responsible’ as possible, you can also realize that, by ‘putting up a fight’, you make the lives of those around you difficult as well. (Your energy affects everyone. We are all connected, and not just thanks to Facebook! 😉 What energy are you projecting?)

Focus your energy and intentions upon flowing over the rocks along your path, rather than becoming the rocks that dam up the flow and slow your natural movement, growth, and expression of love.

Regardless of the fact that some may say I’ve ‘gone off the deep end’, I will say this: I believe we are on the cusp of incredible, mind-blowing, forever-changing events in the history of mankind. I believe it is becoming more and more evident that our paths are and always have been connected, as one. I believe that an AMAZING shift in consciousness, in spirituality, and in what we know as physical life, IS happening.

And, I believe that NOW is the time – for all of us, as one – to find greater peace, light, and love … within ourselves, within others, and within the Divine Universe.

I could go on and on here about all sorts of things that would blow your mind … and some things that wouldn’t surprise you at all, leaving you to conclude, “That makes absolutely perfect sense to me now”. From the need for complete disclosure from our governments to messages from our Star brothers and sisters, crop circles, how we could be generating clean fuel from magnets or dirt (yes, DIRT!), astrology and the Maya, Edgar Cayce, Dolores Cannon, David Wilcock, the end of time as we know it, and much more.

I’ll save these for another time … time allowing.

For now … for RIGHT NOW … remind yourself to stop, take a moment, and breathe in the light and love that is you, that is Divine, that is within us all, and that will carry us through the transformation we inevitably face. Take the time to BE HERE NOW.

In the meantime, I wish you well and MUCH love as you travel along your path!

Thank you for being here!

In Peace & Light:


PS: Be sure to enjoy the short video below.

It’s The Moments That Count …

Hi, friends!

Thought you might enjoy this beautiful picture and quote, to help remind you to enjoy the moments as you travel through life …


Thanks for being here! Be well.

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Where To Begin?

Hi, friends!

Here’s a great quote that arrived this morning in my email, courtesy of My Daily Insights (subscribe here for free).

For more great (“best-of-the-best”), consciousness-raising quotes like this and much, MUCH more, please check out my first ebook, Peak Performance … Peak LIFE! “Change your life for less than $10!”

More to come soon! Thanks, as always, for being here!

Be well.

In Peace & Light:


What Is Happening?!?

Hi, friends!

I’ve spent many years studying and practicing all sorts of aspects regarding spirituality, personal development, ‘enlightenment’, success strategies, Universal Laws … and MANY things that many of you in the ‘mainstream’ may not be accustomed to. Many things you will find yourself resonating with, opening doors within yourself that you never thought possible, never imagined, or only wished for. And, some things that may either completely blow your mind or send you running far away from me.

Ah, the power of choice. 😉

Anyway, time allowing, I’ll be writing, creating several new videos, possibly a course or two, a membership site to help others, and much more about a lot of this very soon. (Be prepared to be blown away!)

For now, I wanted to share the following thought with you, as its timeliness is essential and its message is as well …

This may be something you’ve heard before. I can’t proclaim to be the creator of the message; just the messenger with the inspiration and motivation to pass along the message at this moment. Please share it with others, and any other message you’ve seen on my site or my Twitter account lately.

I believe it is incredibly important for us to share messages like this … not out of ego as being the messenger, but for the greater good of us all as one, as it becomes more and more important for us to focus on raising our vibration through love, light, and gratitude, in service of others and to whatever you wish to call your God.

More soon! Thank you for being here!

Be well.

In Peace & Light:





the time is now - Bryan Hall quote

Thank you for being here! Be well.

In Peace & Light:




transformation - the choice - Bryan Hall quote

Be well.

In Peace & Light:


You Are Everything …

Shad Helmstetter quote

Thank you, as always, for being here.


In Peace & Light:



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