[Guest Post] A Message From The Council Of Twelve By Selacia for 11 :11 Gate Way Portal

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 08 November 2012

Opportunity of the 11/11 Gateway

– Recent Energies in Perspective –

Latest article from Selacia

If you feel a bit dizzy from the plethora of recent events, you are not alone. The pace of chaos indeed has quickened, impacting you and everyone you know. Even if you knew that this wild cycle was coming, you probably wonder when things will settle down and become manageable.

If you are like most people, you feel like you are moving on a very fast train, unable to process all that you are seeing and experiencing. Some days, as you cope with feelings of overwhelm, you may wonder how you can slow things down, or at least have a better understanding of what’s going on.

Questions are helpful, especially now. Your wise inner self and spiritual guidance team are now working overtime to help you stay awake, nudging you with thoughts that can catalyze all sorts of questions about reality. Pay attention to your thoughts, then, and keep asking questions.

Not Your Ordinary Year

The part of you asking for understanding has a particular interest in remembering why you are alive now. This is not your ordinary year or your ordinary year-end. You as a spiritual being had a specific purpose for being on the planet during these pivotal moments, when you could be a conscious and integral force in birthing a new reality.

These auspicious moments have been unfolding for thousands of years, and the time has arrived. If your future self – understanding what is at stake now – had set an alarm clock to start going off with increasingly loud beeping in the last days of 2012, that clock certainly would be beeping like crazy now!

We are now moving into the future our ancient wisdom keepers foretold. We step into our collective future, regardless of whether we are conscious of the opportunities and what is at stake. Knowing this, let’s do what we can to remain awake and help others to awaken.

In the next several weeks as 2012 draws to a close, it’s vital that you do your best to be present and watchful of what shows up in your life. Pay close attention to dreams and to repetitive messages inside your head that are spirit’s way of showing you what’s important for you personally.

11/11 and 12/21 Gateways

We have two major energy gateways coming up before year-end – 11/11 and 12/21. At each gateway, you can connect with spiritual energy transmissions that are quantum and vast, helping you to shift into the higher frequencies of ascension and to hold your energy there more of the time.

The 11/11 energy gateway is always a powerful spiritual catalyst, but this year the benefits are magnified. That’s because it occurs during the last days of 2012, a year that marks completion of a very long evolutionary cycle. It is also significant because of its potential to help prepare you energetically for the 12/21 Solstice.

On a spiritual level, of course, you are already prepared for what comes next. It is your human self, long conditioned by fear, which needs preparation. You therefore benefit from regular reminders of what’s truly important, and assistance with keeping your energy above the octaves of fear and stabilizing in the higher frequencies of love. Given the chaotic state of the world today, this is no small task, even for the most advanced spiritual practitioners.

Our Process of Emergence

We are now in a powerful process of emergence and remembering what we have been born to be and do. Each experience we have can become part of the catalyst we need to evolve out of our old stories and patterns – and into our true nature, which is divine.

When we consider the enormity of our task to shift this planet into light, it can feel overwhelming. In fact, though, this response is from our linear mind, the part of us that does not grasp the interconnectedness of all things and the power of people coming together with intention to create a loving world.

Let’s choose the non-linear view today as we contemplate what needs changing and how we go about changing ourselves. We are vast, multidimensional beings, capable of miracles and achievements that will fill future history books!

How can we lose hope in our ability to change this planet when we are the revolution, each one of us? That’s why we are here now.

Tools to Help You Succeed

Here are some things to help you succeed with your higher purpose in the final days of this year.

Confront your doubts as they arise. When you question how you will cope with the present and what’s coming next in 2012, remember that you are not the same person who asked that question a year ago. Your energy has shifted even beyond your detection since then, resourcing you in brand-new ways. Keep this in mind as you question your capabilities.

Make each day count. Avoid the tendency to fantasize about the future or review the past. Three ways to make today count: be kind, be present, and be mindful of what today means in the larger picture. Example: today you have about six weeks before the 12/21 Solstice, a spiritual marker in humanity’s evolution of consciousness. Remember this as you are faced with challenges, focusing your mind on the bigger picture. Use your time and energy wisely.

Update your view of what’s possible. You are shifting regularly, and so are others around you. Do not discount how much is occurring, even if things appear to remain the same. Much indeed is happening beneath the surface viewed with conventional eyes. Your own shifts in awareness can come seemingly overnight, as you process insights in your dream state and have a new view of something that you could not grasp before. It’s vital that you keep your energy up-to-date, especially now. Regularly revise your world view, too, reflecting with your more aware consciousness. Example: as you have spiritual openings during energy gateways like 11/11, intentionally update your world view. Remember that as your consciousness shifts, you see the world with new eyes. Invite your more aware eyes to show you how to interpret life day-by-day.

Come back to the simple and natural ways of your wise ancestors. The sages from past cycles understood how to be in harmony with nature and how to gain wisdom by listening to their own bodies and other life forms. They respected the cycles of the Earth, and they knew that most problems had simple solutions that could be accessed with a higher consciousness.

Track your own resistance and inner fight with what is. By becoming mindful of how you resist circumstances, you move back into the driver’s seat as an empowered divine changemaker. Only you can change the channel of negative self-talk inside your own head. Only you can consciously choose to let go in the moment, allowing the universe to orchestrate the next steps in your highest good. Only you can say ‘yes’ to moving forward. A single ‘yes’ coming from enlightened awareness can change everything.

Copyright 2012 by Selacia –

(Note: for more information about your role as a divine changemaker, please visit http://selacia.com/divine-changemakers.php. To be with us for the 11/11 ascension and 12/21 Solstice global meditation events, please register here. Additional insights about these unique times are found in Earth’s Pivotal Years, your must-have book for living now. You are most welcome to publish these articles on your website, blog, and social media – as long as you provide the source – Selacia – http://www.Selacia.comhttp://EarthsPivotalYears.com. Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!)

[Article] Jesus: Forgiveness is the Best Medicine for Healing Available to You

Hi, friends!

I hope to start posting/re-blogging articles like the one following more often. These are simply messages that I feel compelled to pass along via my own blog, social connections, and efforts, out of love for each and every one of you.

Be sure to follow my Twitter accounts (here and here) as many of the things I read, videos I watch, etc, I simply don’t have the time to re-blog.

Please enjoy the following article, and I wish you MUCH LOVE! ❤

In Peace & Light:



From http://the2012scenario.com/2012/11/jesus-forgiveness-is-the-best-medicine-for-healing-available-to-you/

Jesus: Forgiveness is the Best Medicine for Healing Available to You

Posted by Stephen Cook

Jesus: Forgiveness is the Best Medicine for Healing Available to You

As channelled by John Smallman – November 9, 2012


Now that a major illusory distraction has passed – yes, the US presidential election – you way-showers and Light-workers can focus once more on your task of assisting the sleepers to awaken.

Love . . . love . . . love is the answer to all problems, issues, and disagreements, and when you awaken into Reality – the creative energy field of divine Love – you will immediately understand this.

Here there is no conflict because Love joins all together in harmonious cooperation, and Love, your true nature, has no desires that could possibly lead to disagreement or conflict because It wants what is best for everyone, always. That is Oneness in operation.

Focus on that divine truth, refocus on it, and refocus on it. That is how you change the environment from one of fear to one of loving trust, which is what every single person incarnate within the illusion truly wants. It is achievable! Focus on it constantly and see how all your relationships change for the better.

A loving presence, which is the major spiritual attribute of every human, offered indiscriminately and unconditionally by each one of you in every interaction can and will change the world. It started to do so eons ago, but until the last two or three centuries of your present era its influence was quite small.

Since the tragedy and suffering of World War I humanity’s vision has altered enormously as the insanity of millions of men killing one another — because their governments and military commanders told them to do so — became an actuality that no one could any longer deny.

Never before in your human history has there been such a growth in concern and compassion for one another as has occurred since that unconscionable and incredibly arrogant decision was made by men of supposedly sound mind to engage in all-out war in August 1914. In a way it was a necessary lesson for humanity — bearing in mind that war, suffering, and all its attendant miseries, while extremely painful for those involved, are illusory.

When you awaken, all the embedded pain that many are still holding onto — because wars remain an ongoing concern all across the world — will dissolve along with the nightmares that you have been experiencing for so long.

Your essential task is to be loving, compassionate bearers of the Light in every moment. You can do it because the power of Heaven is supporting you in this. Do not judge yourselves as bad, wrong, or unworthy when you forget and react unlovingly to a perceived attack or offense. Recognize what has happened. Allow yourselves to be human by accepting that you made an error and by forgiving yourselves.

Judging yourselves (or others) and angrily reliving the experience shuts down the flow of loving energy which it is your express intent to share, until you stand back from the situation, or the memory of it, and forgive yourselves and the others involved. When you have done that, then you can move back into your natural intended state of love and compassion for all.

It can be very hard for you to forgive; and when you hold on to resentment over perceived mistreatment, you drain away your energy and your stress mounts. To forgive is a decision that you can make instantly (again, of yourselves or of others); it simply requires that you stand back from the situation and do it. At first your ego will resist by drawing your attention to the pain, shame, or blame it believes you have suffered.

Don’t go down that road — it is an endless loop of re-experiencing the pain of something that has passed. Just strengthen your intent to forgive and focus your attention on something that pleases you (NOT “I know I was right!”), something you are looking forward to with happy expectation, and dismiss the painful memory because it serves no useful purpose.

Because your true nature is Love, then even in the illusion, in the egoic bodies to which you have anchored yourselves, to forgive is a natural response which your egos frequently persuade you to restrain. Forgiveness is an aspect of yourselves that you are unable to discard because it is part of your eternal, loving nature.

You can deny it, refuse to countenance it, and fill your mind with justification for your unforgiving attitudes and behaviors, but it remains within you, waiting for you to recognize its validity, its essential goodness, and its ability to heal all wounds.

If you are having trouble forgiving anyone at all, or if you truly believe that to forgive is unconscionable in some circumstances, then ask for guidance and clarity from whoever in the spiritual realms you feel most comfortable addressing.

You will be heard, you will be helped, and when that happens you will experience a remarkable sense of peace and satisfaction, and you will wonder why you held out against forgiveness for so long. Forgiveness is the best medicine for healing available to you — so use it and be healed.

Your loving brother, Jesus

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Power … You are a powerful being of light

Monday, November 5, 2012

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Power

You are a powerful being of light

It is safe for you to be powerful and to use your power in loving ways. When you take your power, your life changes in positive ways. This does not equate to aggression, it is an energy of inspiration, support and co-operation. Let not the mental, old energy forces that surround your planet at this time be your focus, instead, hold thoughts of the world you are creating. Ground yourself in the energy of love and let that be the basis for all that you are creating by your focused intent.

Use the power of prayer with your steadfast focus and ask that your angels carry these messages to heaven on the wings of a chariot and then pay attention as we provide you signs and opportunities to help you mark your way. Your prayers are indeed heard, it is often that you are not listening for the signs, or expect them to appear in certain ways. This is perfectly fine, however it will then take you longer to see the manifestations that you seek. Be open to all the possibilities and trust that it must be so and make the most of your day each day.

Affirmations: “I am a powerful, loving being of light and use my power to make my world a better place for all.”

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji,Kiitos

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn

All rights reserved.



Sun Crescent Halo – New Video from Coach B TV

Hi, friends!

So often in life, we’re so busy looking down, striving daily to move forward or just to make ends meet, that it’s almost an enigma or a painful revelation for us to take a few moments to ‘look UP’.

Here’s a new video, ‘fresh off the press’, for you to enjoy.

Sit back, take a few deep breaths, and RELAX.

Soak in the video (by Nikki) and pix (by me) of the sun, recently taken (10.30.12) here in SW Wisconsin, and compiled as a video just for you.

Lots to see here … ENJOY!!

Be well. Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light:





FUN – Some Nights

Hi, friends!

This is a post of a bit of a different nature for me …

Not sure if you’ve heard this song, and/or if it resonates with you as it does with me. Just thought I’d post it here to share. I’m also posting the lyrics, below the video, as well as the following comment from this site, as this person’s comments very closely mirror my feeling and interpretation of the song …

This is such a great song with an amazing video! To me, this is one of those rare albums that tells a story I actually find compelling. With that in mind, the song Some Nights should be considered within the context of the larger Some Nights album. To me, the album is a battle cry for those of us who feel like we are getting a raw deal by the powers that be and are ready for a change. The establishment has made a mess of things and the younger generation needs to rise up and make it right. I see that represented lyrically in the lines about the nephew (born into some screwed up circumstances and we owe it to our children to do better) and visually in the video where the younger Union soldier kills the older Confederate soldier (righting the ship will have very real, very human consequences, but it must be done). Those concepts are sprinkled throughout the whole CD, much like Green Day’s American Idiot. Different music for a different time, but equally compelling. Love it!

syngeneer on October 12, 2012

Read more at http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107859425130/#wGKUf4wiR2ebo5IS.99

Lyrics …

Some nights, I stay up cashing in my bad luck
Some nights, I call it a draw

Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle
Some nights, I wish they’d just fall off

But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
Oh Lord, I’m still not sure, what I stand for oh oh oh
What do I stand for? Oh what do I stand for?
Most nights, I don’t know anymore
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh

This is it, boys, this is war, what are we waiting for?
Why don’t we break the rules already?
I was never one to believe the hype,
Save that for the black and white I try twice as hard and I’m half as liked,
But here they come again to jack my style

That’s alright, I found a martyr in my bed tonight
Stops my bones from wondering just who I, who I, who I am, oh who am I, mm, mm

Well some nights, I wish that this all would end
‘Cause I could use some friends for a change
And some nights, I’m scared you’ll forget me again
Some nights, I always win, I always win

But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
Oh Lord, I’m still not sure what I stand for, oh
What do I stand for? Oh what do I stand for? Most nights, I don’t know (come on)

So this is it? I sold my soul for this?
Washed my hands of that for this?
I miss my mom and dad for this?
No. When I see stars, when I see stars, that’s all they are
When I hear songs, they sound like a swan, so come on
Oh, come on, oh, come on, oh come on!

Well that is it, guys, that is all, five minutes in and I’m bored again
Ten years of this, I’m not sure if anybody understands
This is not one for the folks at home, I’m sorry to leave, mom, I had to go
Who the fuck wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun?
My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she called “love”
But when I look into my nephew’s eyes,
Man you wouldn’t believe, the most amazing things, that can come from,
Some terrible nights, ah (oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh oh)

Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh oh
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh oh

The other night, you wouldn’t believe the dream I just had about you and me
I called you up, but we’d both agree
It’s for the best you didn’t listen
It’s for the best we get our distance, oh
It’s for the best you didn’t listen
It’s for the best we get our distance, oh

Download the album now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/somenights

© 2012 WMG. Fun.’s music video for ‘Some Nights’ from the full-length album, Some Nights – available now on Fueled By Ramen. Visithttp://ournameisfun.com for more!

directed by Anthony Mandler


Starting Today With A Twist …

Hey, friends!

A lot of you have been following my blog for quite some time, and there are those of you who may have just started following recently.

To ALL of you, I would like to say “THANK YOU” for being such loyal followers and viewers!

So, today’s post will be a little different than most posts I make.

Today, I would like to ask you for a favor. Nothing that costs money – just a few minutes of your time.

Now, I know everyone has a lot going on in their lives … work, kids/family, reading my really long posts (LOL!), etc, etc. But, I would like to know if you could set aside maybe 10 minutes of your valuable time to do something for yourself and for me.

Over the past 6 or 7 months, between two accounts (this one and this one), I have tweeted over 700 articles, quotes, references to posts or articles written by someone else I’ve found to be helpful and passed along to you, etc.

I have made free videos, including ones for meditation, relaxation, tips, tricks, and strategies on how to reduce stress, how to start and end your day better, etc.

I have blogged new articles as frequently as possible, including about self-empowerment strategies, gratitude and the power within, acts of kindness, abundance, awakening, and more.

I’ve written and posted short, 30-second reads and rather lengthy, hour-long reads, pouring my heart and soul, freely, into everything I’ve done.

Now, here is what I ask of you …

If you could choose just one article, video, or tweet that has impacted or changed your life in some good way, or improved your quality of life, or helped with your relationships with your spouse/significant other, children, etc … I want to hear about it. I get emails daily from many of you, and I appreciate them as well, but I wanted to do something a bit different.

So, I am asking you to choose one thing that I have written or a video I’ve created, etc, that has affected your life in a positive way … and tell me about it in a short video or article made just by you. It doesn’t have to be long, but it can be if you choose … any way you want to do it is perfect with me.

Just email your short video or article to me at bryan.hall67@gmail.com.

I am doing this for 2 weeks only, and then I will be choosing the video or article by the person that has been most positively affected by what I’ve written, tweeted, or created for you in a video.

And, the more creative, the better … The chosen video will be uploaded and promoted on my “Coach B TV” YouTube Channel, blogged and tweeted (several times), or the chosen article will be blogged and tweeted, and I may make a video from it.

Open yourself up to sharing, because the world needs it NOW. 😉

I would love to know who has truly been inspired by what I do, say, and ‘live by’. I can’t wait to see your videos and articles! Looking forward to seeing ‘the change’!

Be well. Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light:


Signs Of Changes … Can You Feel It?

[PLEASE NOTE: Nothing about this post is intended to feed the darkness we, as spiritual beings in human form, have endured for far too long. Especially at this most important time in our history and evolution, please understand that this post is fully intended to only ‘feed’ and bring Light, Love, Harmony, and Peace.]

Hey, friends! I hope this finds you well!

Several people who follow this blog and my Twitter account have emailed me to ask about some of the ‘signs of changes’ I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I want to discuss a bit about this and hopefully get some of your input.

First, though, a bit of ‘food for thought’ from my perspective(s) …

Everything happens for a reason, when and how and why it’s meant to. You are reading this right now for multiple reasons, and I hope you understand that. I also encourage you to read some of my other recent posts (like this one), as they may be helpful to you as well.

Moving on … some ‘food for thought’ …

We look around ourselves at our wonderfully-advanced world, and beam with pride in all we’ve created, how far we’ve come technologically, how advanced we’ve become in matters of medicine, business, finance, etc.

But we ignore, for the most part, what we’ve done to rape the Earth of its natural beauty and resources, killing off entire species of animals and other wildlife, and how extremely far-removed we’ve grown from the things that matter the most, like our spiritual growth and evolution.

From ‘spiritual’ to ‘scientific’ …

What the ancients and our ancestors placed the greatest values on – spirituality, oneness with Mother Earth, etc – seems hardly valid anymore to ‘the herd’ these days; the masses of folks, who, just like you and I, have grown from pure light into human form via their choice to incarnate, forgotten why, and then followed the mainstream path of ‘prove it [scientifically speaking] and I’ll believe it’s true’, covering over all hints of Truth, the ‘why’ we choose to ‘go to school’ here on Earth (multiple times), and the ‘what it’s all about’.

We become so programmed to relinquish, forget about, and even mock those who speak freely about things like ‘intuition’, ‘spiritual oneness or connection’, ‘Higher Consciousness’, ‘Divine Within’, etc, etc.

So, what’s science have to say?

Let me preface this section with the following …

Science is in no way ‘the Almighty’, with answers to our deepest questions, and questions to our deepest answers. What I’m saying here is that far too many people put far too much weight and faith in a falsely-programmed mentality of ‘If science can’t prove it, then it must not be’.

Further, whether we like it or not, while science has advanced in incredible leaps and bounds (especially within the past few hundred years), the human ego has been a key fuel and driving force in the acceleration of those advancements. To know, to control, to prove, to understand that which has not yet been deciphered or calculated or tested or ‘solved’ … These are all aspects of our human ego and emotions, much of which is based in either fear or love.

And, while yes, we are human beings, we are, in fact, spiritual beings having a human experience. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for us to try to ‘figure things out’, so to speak, but that there is an aspect of doing so that distracts us from perspectives like spiritual growth simply in order to ‘solve the next problem or unknown’.

AND, I’m saying that many of our scientific advances have affected us in incredibly adverse ways. Example: We have become so ‘advanced’ that we can genetically alter or modify the growth of a common vegetable, but by doing so, we force an even greater need to advance even further to find solutions to the health problems we now face because of it. ‘Cause and effect’ thus realized on a scale beyond our control, and to our own detriment.

Nonetheless, here are some points to ponder …

We can scientifically prove that we have a soul, we emit an electro-magnetic pulse and vibrate at a common frequency, and that such facts are in line as well with the Earth and all of its inhabitants, as well as with the entire cosmos … Yet, we don’t seem to know what to do with it.

We know that our 7 main chakras hold a close [direct, I believe] relationship to the 7 chakras or energy vortexes of Mother Earth, yet most of the world’s inhabitants are no more grateful that our Earth provides us with the food and sustenance we need for life than someone who doesn’t know this would be.

We know that sound vibrations can alter cells, cause them to react differently, and even heal from states of disease. Yet, we have the most difficult time ever simply slowing down our brains – both our thoughts and our egos – and allowing ourselves the moments of silence, in meditation, to utilize this tool to our advantage.

“Medicine is easier”, … and we like to keep the Big Pharma in business, because …

It’s easier for us to be controlled by things outside of ourselves than to take control, take responsibility, and take action toward deep-seated, positive change on a spiritual level which, in reality, many of us are too afraid to delve into.

And not ‘positive change’ like even I partake in preaching about, along with such works as The Secret and a plethora of others … many of which are good and have done great things for humanity … But, ‘positive change’ in the deepest, most spiritual sense of the term; akin to ‘raising consciousness’, ‘transcending the physical world’, ‘atonement of self/soul’, ‘ascension’, ‘spiritual evolution’, etc.

While I personally feel great pride in being a part of the books I’ve written and the many things I’ve done in my consulting and coaching to help others toward greater successes in their lives, it is nothing without also recognizing that my greatest accomplishments have been with regard to my spiritual development, awakening, and opening up enough to share it with whomever I can touch.

“Positive doesn’t exist without negative … “

The negative side to what I’ve done to help others is that much of it has been about striving toward greater monetary success. That may seem a bit ‘off’ to some of you, as I am a ‘Success Coach’, but if you look at it from a different light, you’ll see what I mean.

To coach someone to be this mega-successful person creates an incredible sense of accomplishment, pride … ego (which is something I’ve always denounced). To do so and not see that person on a ‘better’ spiritual path is, to me, incredible failure.

I’m certainly much more of a ‘Spiritual Electrician’ or ‘Lightworker’ than ‘Success Coach’, and I’m quite proud of that fact.

It’s that hesitancy of ‘what will they think’ that oftentimes held me back from simply telling a client, ‘It’s all spiritual, really’. Once I finally started to do so, things really started to roll in my life.

And, oddly enough, my clients started to get even greater, longer-lasting results in their lives, and I started to actually get paid for what I was doing – and paid quite well – rather than simply doing things because it felt like the right thing to do and ‘the money will come when it’s meant to’.

But, it’s never been about the money.

Some of the people closest to me don’t like it when I say that, because there are bills to pay, debts owed, mouths to feed, etc, etc. And I’ve never been ‘ok’ with struggling  financially. But, facts are facts, and what I do has never been about money.

I don’t even put prices on my website for my coaching services, because each person I coach is an individual case, and when I connect with someone during an initial, free consultation, I can then evaluate better what the amount of monetary energy should be to take on that person as a client.

For me to ‘do what I do’ best, I work within my clients’ budgets, which may go against everything every coaching training program says to do and against what every prosperity guru preaches, but that’s just me. It’s not about the money.

As an example, when I open the doors for my upcoming Membership Site, you won’t see a price tag of $197/month. I’m quite sure, at this time, that you’ll see something like $12.21, or $11.11, or something along those lines, with some sort of symbolism in relation to the Shift believed by the Mayans, myself, and many scholars that we are all a part of at this time in humanity’s history.

Would such a site be worthy of a higher monthly membership fee? Of course! Would I prefer to help 1000 people for under $20/month rather than 100 for $200/month? Absolutely.

I do want to make it very clear: I have absolutely no issue, problem, jealousy, animosity, etc toward anyone who is making a LOT of money in their own business, helping others. I believe in and live within the realm of ‘the greatest prosperity possible’.

If you know my history at all, you know I’ve even helped a lot of these types of folks to achieve such success. If you know me or my beliefs at all, you know that I firmly believe that in helping others, we are rewarded with even greater abundance and prosperity in our own lives.

None of this has all that much to do with why I’m writing this post, so my apologies for getting so far off-topic.

Signs of Changes …

What, if anything, are you feeling lately? Are you noticing anything different, within yourself or in ‘the world as you’ve known it’ for so long? Are you experiencing any ‘strange’ or different feelings, energies within yourself, ‘odd’ things happening?

Something as simple as …

… a fuse or electrical breaker malfunctioning …

… your mobile phone rebooting ‘for no apparent reason’ …

… your computer rebooting ‘for no apparent reason’ …

… simple memory lapses, not being able to find the words you are trying to speak, etc …

… noticing clouds in the sky more than you’ve ever noticed before, and especially those like the one on the right (complete video below) …

… feeling a sense of detachment from drama, stress over things that ‘don’t seem as important as they used to’, financial worries, and/or ‘where is my life headed’ types of concerns …

… feeling a sense of anxiety, ‘something happening’ or ‘something coming’ …

… headaches, nausea, fever – any or all of which seem to come on for no apparent reason and with no extended illness (flu, head cold, etc) attached …

Despite what we are conditioned and ‘programmed’ to believe, many of these things could possibly be associated with SO many of the things happening that most of us have yet to even begin to understand.

Further, I believe there are a lot of other things happening – from the fall of the banking system and financial infrastructure, to complete and full ‘disclosure’, to intentionally-engineered (“geo-engineered”) weather and Earth modifications (possibly including droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more), to climate changes to messages for us in crop circles to … well – many, MANY things. (I’ll include some interesting links for you at the end of this post.)

As Within, So Without … or something like that …

And, I also believe there are changes happening within us as we are being prepared for ‘the next phase of our evolution’.

What if I’m wrong?

Well, I’m certainly not alone in my opinions, but let’s address that question head-on …

If I’m wrong and ‘nothing happens’ by the end of this year, as the Mayans and many other ‘indigenous’ races and people (including Nostradamus, Cayce, and others) have predicted, the reality of it is that many things HAVE happened already.

“The truth will set you free … “

I honestly don’t think that, for the most part, we as human beings can even begin to fathom what that statement truly means. And even though I think it’s something we’ve never truly experienced in our recent-most Earth lives, in now opening our eyes to Truth, re-evaluating our lives in a spiritual context, striving – more than ever – toward the Light and a higher state of consciousness, unveiling truths that have been kept hidden from us for ages (literally!), becoming kinder and more loving and more giving through it all …

The truth of the matter is that something HAS already happened and IS already happening and will continue to happen, on the most important, most affecting, most life-changing levels … spiritually. So, no matter what ‘happens’, physically speaking, on a global level at the end of this year, 2012, the ‘TRULY important stuff” is already happening.

So, while I do encourage each and every person in this world to ‘do their homework’ and to form their own opinions and beliefs, please understand that it is vitally important, and off-the-charts relative, that we are taking the steps we’ve been taking – NOW – to work toward a deeper awakening, spiritually. AND, that by doing so, we are affecting the Light and the Love that shines from within our selves, within the Earth and the Universe, and that shines on us as well.

Beg to differ?

Many of you might say, “Yeah, Bryan, but all of this physical and material stuff I’ve worked so hard for REALLY matters to me!” OK – so be it. And, believe me, I’m all for ‘living a wonderful life’, even when that includes amassing material wealth … to an extent, at least.

But, ask someone who has had a near-death experience what they’ve learned about ‘what truly matters’. Ask someone who has built their skill level of meditation to the point of actually connecting with their Higher Self (or beyond, even) ‘what truly matters’.

Ask yourself, for once, what you’re going to take with you when you die, and what TRULY matters about what you do, learn, and achieve on a spiritual level while you’re experiencing one lifetime or another.

Doomsday isn’t my style …

And again, as I’ve stated in previous posts, my ‘angle on things’ has nothing to do with doomsday prophecy. If I honestly felt we are a mere 2 months and a few days from the end of the world, I would have come out and said so a LONG time ago … and I wouldn’t be writing this; I would be off in some remote location, spending every possible moment connecting with my Higher Self, God, and the energy of life, preparing for the final days.

What else ‘stands out’?

Please allow me to share a bit more of things I’ve been noticing; things that just seem to ‘stand out’ to me …

A lot of the people I’ve crossed paths with lately, even in day-to-day passing, seem to be more positive.

Now, many would say that this is simply a reflection of myself, and so it may be. But, it’s that I’ve noticed it that makes a difference in my life, which makes a difference in my attitude, feelings, and energy … which then affects others, of course.

Case in point …

We went to a doctor appointment recently and, while it certainly was a nice, sunny day outside, that’s normally all a stranger in passing would say … “It’s a nice day outside”.

However, on this day, three different people commented about it being a “BEAUTIFUL” day. Not just a “nice” day, but “BEAUTIFUL”, with firm conviction.

This may not seem ‘strange’ or too far out of the ordinary, but again, the effect of actually noticing this – that these three different people, who are (seemingly) not ‘connected’ in any way, would use the same exact description – stood out to me and made a difference. I intuitively felt, ‘This is a sign of changes’. And, there’s a side-point here as well: If something stands out to you, you take notice of it, and it affects you, then it does, in fact, become part of your reality.

Headaches … A popular theory among people who follow the beliefs in ‘The Great Shift of 2012’ is that the change in energies, including the electro-magnetic disturbances occurring, causes headaches in some people; sometimes quite frequent headaches. The inner shift of consciousness can cause many changes, and headaches are one sign of such changes.

Myself, as well as close friends and family I’ve spoken with recently, are experiencing this, and it seems to stand out to me.

Recently, coaching sessions I’ve been doing seem to be overflowing with much more to say in helping my clients, but with fewer words, and a much different energetic vibration and exchange of energies … more love and light, to bottom-line it. As well, a lot of my coaching sessions lately have been shifting direction, heading straight into uncharted waters, so to speak, without any hesitation whatsoever … becoming FAR more spiritual and empowering than ever before (and I’ve been doing this for about 20 years now). ‘Business as normal’ no longer has a seat at the table … and my clients are outwardly grateful, open to, and appreciative of this fact.

Just a few more points of interest of things I’ve noticed happening as of late …

* Boycotts of Monsanto and genetically-modified seeds. Entire countries, like Poland, are completely boycotting Monsanto and genetically modified maize (corn). Google it and you’ll learn more about what I’m saying.

* Nuclear reactors shutting down, apparently for ‘no reason’. Short news briefs, no explanation (or at least nothing in-depth, for the most part, other than ‘malfunctions’).

* Personally, a lack of patience with, and a much less deeper involvement in, dramas occurring around me. As well, ‘cleaning house’ of as much drama as possible (especially over the past year or so), while still holding a loving respect for those who bring and participate in the dramas, as fellow living, loving souls.

* Strange weather patterns, which have been occurring for some time now, but are becoming more strange, more frequent, and more ‘unexpected’.

* Continuous, high-pitched ringing in the ears.

* Shifting of the use of energies from ‘things that don’t really matter’ to ‘only things that make a real difference, lovingly’.

* And much, MUCH more! Too much for me to put into just this one post, but I’ll be back soon with more for you to ponder.

What are you noticing?

Please chime in below with your comments. It will be most exciting to hear from some of you and the sharing here can have an incredible, positive effect on us all as we move ‘forward, ever forward’, as my good friend Steve Odette likes to say.

In the meantime, thank you for being here!

Be well, with Much Love!

In Peace & Light:


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More to come soon! “Eyes open, with no fear.” Much love! ❤


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