The Oracle Report – Thursday, December 20, 2012



First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

What will you do on the eve of a great party?  While the mass mind of the collective is pre-occupied with death fantasies and apocalyptic scenarios (even if just entertaining the notions in one’s mind), we know that tomorrow is a day for celebrating the real story – that the planet is fully awake and interacting directly with us as we play our lives.  It was her vision that we would engage with her on an individual and then on a mass level.  In the audio I recorded, I talked about how it’s more accurate to say that we are playing on a playground with Sophia instead of saying we are playing on a stage with her.  She’s on the cosmic playground asking us if we want to play and sometimes we ask her if she wants to play.  December 21, 2012 is the marking point where the obstacles, barriers, and negative forces have no rule over us any longer.  It is the day that we recognize them for what they are and affirm that they have no power over us.  It is the day we reclaim our sovereignty as free beings engaged in co-creation with our Source – the goddess Sophia.  It is an opportunity for a great party to celebrate being alive and to celebrate falling back in love with life.  Anything that takes you to the idea that tomorrow is an end-game scenario is misleading you.  Negative forces are pushing strong fear right now.  People will be acting from their shadow sides.  Be aware of this potential and don’t engage in situations where people are projecting their own fears onto you.  Ignore it and walk away.  There’s no reason to take that on because it only distracts you from what’s really happening.  We are grounding ourselves with the planet, noticing the natural beauty that is all around us, and finding the inner ember of joy that makes us “glow home” because we are falling back in love with life.  While everyone is peering out into the heavens, we are firmly rooted on Earth.  In our minds, let’s choose beauty over ugliness, life over death.

Will the 1,000th owl show up on Facebook to join us for the great party?  We’ll see…

(Note: The audio file I recorded last night is not uploading well.  I will work on rectifying this today, so check back later to see if it’s up.)

[Journal Entry] What Shift?

Hi, friends! I hope this finds you well, or better! 😉

Thoughts are flooding in, so I thought I would take an opportunity to write and pass some of them along to you …

12.12.12 is a prominent date in our recent past. I realize it’s ‘gone by’ already … and for many of us, it seems like months or weeks ago, not just 7 days ago … but I wanted to re-share something with you that resonated with me very deeply.

Many of you have written and told me that you participated, as I did, in the 12.12.12 meditation from The video at the end of this post, while focused on that particular date, is being included here for your reference, enjoyment, and good use, as a lot of what it says rings true and has bearing on all of us … for many moments to come in our future.

WE Are Here, Now …

One thing that stands out to me, repeating over and over in my mind, is that WE are here, right now. While so many people may say, ‘Oh, 2012 – blah, blah, blah … nothing’s going to happen’, etc, the fact is that we are here right now, LIVING in this beautiful, auspicious moment in time and in the history of mankind and in the history of our world and universe, experiencing a time that has been spoken of, debated, and even scientifically proven in its importance. WE are living it.

Think about that for a bit.

Imagine what the world was like all those thousands of years ago, when the last Great Shift happened. Imagine the opportunity WE have, right now, as we usher in the New Age – the Age of Aquarius. You, me, ALL of us … as ONE … are LIVING this moment!! That fact, in and of itself, is mind-boggling!

Need your own ‘proof’ of the authenticity of the messages, predictions, prophecies, etc set forth by the Maya, the Aztecs, the Incas, and the other ancients, so many of which foretold basically the same thing? Do your research – quickly. Look at some of my more recent posts, re-blogs, tweets, facebook posts, and so on. Visit David Wilcock’s site at, or, American Kabuki, Drunvalo Melchizedek, or Dolores Cannon, or many others.

These are not ‘airy-fairy’, New Age whack-jobs spitting out a bunch of unfounded garbage just to get your attention. If you look in the right places, you will see that this is truth … and there’s a LOT of it, from David Wilcock alone, that may just blow your mind. It also may enlighten you, help you to awaken, and change your life entirely.

You Don’t Know What You Know …

For those who continue to live in fear and doubt, cynicism and distrust, going on with their lives like nothing is changing, nothing is happening, and all of this is a load of bullshit, I will say this: It’s not. There is clear evidence that SOMETHING is happening. There’s even scientific evidence of it, much of which mainstream science can’t (or won’t) begin to nail down in terms of what truly matters – our spiritual evolution.

Yet, look around you. Almost daily now, we see more and more darkness being exposed to ‘the Light’; new ‘revelations’ by our mainstream scientific community; changes in patterns that are difficult for ‘them’ to explain, like the huge changes in weather, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and so on.

Do I believe the world as we know it is going to explode? No. I’m not a doomsday type … never have been, and never will be. Do I believe that there are elitists who control our government and much of the world’s economy who believe it may? Absolutely. I’ve done enough research to know that ‘they’ fully planned to hunker down underground and watch 90% of humanity perish in World War III or that they at least have a fear of the world’s ultimate demise. If not, they wouldn’t need the network of underground bunkers and the labyrinth of multi-trillion-dollar ‘safe havens’ they created.

Jesse Ventura is not off his rocker, folks. Watch his show, Conspiracy Theory, with an open mind, and you may be pleasantly surprised at how fitting a lot of what he says (and proves) can be, and how easily it resonates with you. The people who think he’s a kook are usually the same folks who think crop circles are made with a few boards and some string.

But this post isn’t about that, and I’m personally at a point where, while Truth and disclosure is all great and necessary on a global scale, I feel absolutely no need for droning on about anything relative to ‘the darkness’, the elitist cabals, and so on. It just doesn’t seem as important now as it did a few short months ago.

No, the fact is, this post is about YOU, and NOW, and HERE. This post is about realizing that WE are the Earth-walking, current incarnation, who has chosen to be here during this evolutionary, revolutionary time in the course of mankind … and how mind-boggling, soul-shaking, and life-changing it has the potential to be if we only let go, embrace it, and ‘BE the change’, BE the love, and BE the Light.

We don’t know what we know. We use very little of our INCREDIBLY-powerful brain, and we are so enslaved to the ongoing pulse of ‘the Matrix’, struggling (for the most part) simply to earn enough to stay alive, that we have very little idea or even imagination as to our true powers, our true capabilities, our true nature, and our true purpose.

Think of it like this … If you woke up tomorrow morning and suddenly realized that you could create/co-create (ie, with God/Source) and manifest anything you desire in an instant, how would you look back at the level of consciousness you THOUGHT you possessed the night before when you fell asleep? I don’t mean to dumb it down too much or to insinuate any disrespect to the true process, or to the Source, but put another way, if you woke up with a magic wand, wouldn’t you be amused, at least, by the person you were before you had that magic wand?

We ARE ‘magic wands’, each and every one of us. We ARE love and light … each and every one of us. We ARE co-creators of our reality … again, yes, each and every one of us. We HAVE the power, and we also actually have the INTENTION of using that power ‘for the greater good’, for God/Source, for love, for peace, for harmony, for service to others, and for service to ourselves in our path of spiritual growth/evolution!

The problem is, for many of us, we don’t realize it. Yet, at the same time, there IS a ‘shift’ happening within people all around the world, from all walks of life … and people ARE ‘waking up’ to this realization.

Channels A-Plenty …

Most of you know, from this blog and my tweets, etc, that I have been reading (and re-blogging) a lot of channeled messages. I DO realize that a lot of these types of messages are viewed as New Age mumbo-jumbo by many people. However, I also know that a lot of those messages have a message within them for at least one person who may come across them. As I’ve said before, I post what resonates with me, in hopes that something within that post will resonate with you as well.

In my mind, I find it very difficult to believe that so many channels (those who ‘bring in’ the messages) can all be giving such similar messages – many of them simultaneously – and there not be something to it. It would be like watching Teresa Caputo (the Long Island Medium), John Edward, and James van Praagh all doing a reading for the same person at different times, with the results of those readings being sealed and then opened, to find that they all came up with the same impressions in their individual readings of that person. The channeled messages I’ve been reading for the past several months are like that. Those that seem to resonate with me, I post for you to experience, ingest, and digest at your own leisure.

And yes, many of them are telling us that we are on the cusp of monumental changes. Many of them are saying that the #1 focus of mankind is ‘turning the corner’ from the mindset and heart-set of ‘me/you’, ‘have/have not’, struggle, disharmony, unrest, lack, and darkness, to one of ‘ONE’, ‘love’, ‘light’, peace, harmony, prosperity, spiritual growth and evolution, a ‘changing of the guard’ from masculine to the feminine, and the ascension of the spirit of our Mother Earth, taking us along with her as well.

If Nothing Happens, Something Is Happening …

So, once more, let’s revisit the inane thought that ‘if nothing happens’ … and let’s be honest with ourselves and one another, setting our egos aside (where they belong, anyway).

On 11.11.12, then on 12.12.12, and again on ‘key, portal dates’ like 12.21.12 and 12.30.12, millions of people around the world joined together (and will join together) in meditation, focusing on bringing in and sending out the love, the light, the peace we so desire from SO deep within our hearts. When else do you think this has happened? Most likely, never. And, not that we REQUIRE it, but there absolutely is VERY solid scientific evidence of the power of meditation, especially effective on our world when done en-mass.

Every day, more and more folks are awakening. The University of India, I believe it is (someone please correct me if that’s wrong) has been quoted as saying that for each person who awakens, it affects 100,000 other people on Earth. How many of us are there on Earth right now? 7 billion +? So, if 70,000 of us are awakened, then every single soul on Earth is affected. There were more than 70,000 people meditating on 12.12.12 alone! Are we ALL awakened, then? Perhaps, in some way, on some level or another, the answer to that could be a resounding ‘YES’. So many are hardly in touch with themselves on a soul level to determine if anything has changed within them or not.

That pesky headache … the increasing yearning to drink more water … the waking up feeling a bit worn out even knowing you ‘slept well’ … the moments of ‘spacing out’ and ‘not being here’ … the little voice in your head telling you not to believe what the mainstream media is showing you on tv … the confusion over so many things happening so quickly around the world … the inexplicable fluttering in your heart area … the desire to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables … the lack of worrying as much as you used to about the future or finances or problems and dramas in your daily life … the intermittent prickly feelings you may have in different spots around your physical body … the fleeting thoughts you keep having that ‘something’s different’ … the anxiety you may be feeling in the need to tell someone you love them (or to otherwise communicate thoughts or feelings you may not normally) … the unusual sense of calm you feel in dealing with a situation that previously may have had you feeling totally flipped upside down … and on and on …

Sure – many of these can be explained away and completely dismissed by your conscious, ego-centered mind. Meanwhile, your Higher Self and the soul level within knows what’s going on, and these can all be signs of the Shift, or as others put it, ascension symptoms. Go with whatever feels right for you in this moment, but before you hastily decide to ‘write it off’, at least afford yourself the opportunity to relax, quiet your mind, and listen to your intuition about it.

Regardless …

The fact is, regardless of what we see, feel, experience on Friday, December 21, 2012, we are all here at this time LIVING it. As I’m not one to try to nail down exactly what’s going to happen, I can say, wholeheartedly, that something IS happening – within us, and within our world. I know there are facts involved, like the fact that we are ending one cycle and beginning a new one, or the fact that the upcoming galactic alignment is a special one in many ways, astronomically speaking.

And, maybe it’s more important to note that, whatever it may be that happens or not, WE ARE HERE, NOW.

Be Here Now - Much Love!So, Be Here Now. Be calm. Take time to quiet your mind and rest in peaceful meditation. Do some research and learn a few things that can help you to awaken, and help those in your life to do so simply by feeling the effects of your energy upon them. Be with those nearest and dearest to you, and also realize that your love affects all of us, as one.

Try this exercise …

For those who ‘simply can’t’ take a whole lot of time in meditation, calm, and peace right now, due to your job or the hustle-bustle of the holidays or whatever reason, mentally say ‘I love you’ to every person you cross paths with. Whether you’re shopping at the mall or your local Wal-Mart, driving down the road, or whatever you may be doing, send your soul-level love to as many people as you can while you go about your days. If you forget for a while to do it, that’s fine – no stress, no pressure, no beating yourself up over it … just get back on track and do it some more.

I think you’ll be surprised at what this can do for your vibration, for the experience of your days, and for the vibration of those you send that love to. A simple, heart-felt, mentally-spoken ‘I love you’ for every person you cross paths with.

That’s your ‘assignment’ for now, as part of the human collective of ONE.

Oh – and, of course, to Be Here Now.


Be well. Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light:


‘Trailer’ video for’s 12.12.12 global meditation …

The 12.12.12 meditation (VERY well worth your time) …

The Oracle Report – Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

There’s so much fear, grief, and confusion in the collective that it is hard for us to see our way clear.  But today we are going to build a bridge over the emotions to do just that.  Remember at the New Moon I talked about how we were going to have the power to move around obstacles like never before?  The current energy favors building a mental bridge over and above the grief and fear being pushed on us.  So if you are struggling emotionally, envision a bridge opening up to guide you away from the pain and confusion.  Or better yet, walk over the bridge with your bow shooting arrows at whatever is plaguing you.  We are being challenged right now.  Actually, it’s more accurate to say that our psyches are under attack.  Are you feeling the same hopelessness, anger, and depression that you did after 9/11?  The planet’s kundalini was on the rise and ours was in turn, so something had to be done to block that.  I will go into detail about Sandy Hook as well as the 2012 issue in an audio talk I will post later this week.  If you have a question you’d like me to address, post it on Andrew’s Facebook community or send an email to me at (or use the form on the Contact page here).  I will answer as many questions as I can.  The audio will be posted on Thursday.  For today, let’s keep it real and get back to doing what wise owls do.  We find beauty in the world around us, we connect with the planet, we radiate high frequencies that ripple out into the collective.  Remember also that this month we are like immigrants in a new country, getting the feel for things as we enter a brand new world.  Be patient and kind with yourself and others.  Re-connect with light and love.  Stay grounded with what’s important in life and bridge over anything that isn’t.  Keep it real.

The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report – Monday, December 17, 2012

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

From our perspective here on Earth, the Sun appears to conjunct or align with the Galactic Center today at 26 Sagittarius 22.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is the scultptor’s vision taking form.  Of course, the real question is what do you think the Glactic Center is?  Friend or foe?  But perhaps the even-better question is what do you think the Earth is?  Everyone is peering out “there” in space, but what if the real party was right here on Earth?  Would there be less fear going on in the collective?  I think so because the answer to all questions of this sort is grounding down with the Earth.  Keeping your feet on the ground feels a lot better.  Keeping it real by connecting with what’s really important – not some image of what most people think is important – is much more merry and bright.  Fears are being heavily triggered right now, but there is no need for it.  We can choose to fall back in love with life (and with living!) or choose to think about the end of life (death) but how about a little of both?  How about the death of things that involve power and control combined with a love of things that involve beauty and freedom?  The Sabian symbol is the sculptor’s vision taking form.  What do you envision?

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: You Have Not Begun To See All That Is In Store For You

Niagara Falls

As channeled by Ron Head – December 16, 2012

Before we begin today, let us tell all who are suffering because of their connection to your loss of so many dear little ones they are here with us and they are well cared for. We offer our comfort to all who ask. We understand your pain and wish you peace in your knowing of their return home.

Let us now begin by pointing out to you, although we know it is totally unnecessary, that only five days remain in your current ‘age’. In less than one week you will move into your Age of Aquarius. You will spend a few moments in direct alignment with the galactic plane. You will receive the greatest flood of light and information in your entire earthly experience, and you will be forever changed.

We speak of you the individual, but also every consciousness upon your planet, your planet Herself, and because everything is Unity, nothing which is will remain unaffected.

Understand that your personal experience and awareness of this will be exactly what you are capable of experiencing, no more, no less. DO NOT, we ask of you, allow yourself to judge this either good or bad. There will be many who are amazed at what they see, hear, feel, or understand. There will be many more who will spend some time ‘getting their feet wet’ in the new consciousness. And many will rush to claim that, “See? Nothing happened!” Be only responsible for yourselves. That is, after all, the only thing you can control.

We suggest you begin right now by opening yourselves in earnest intent to receive whatever is in store for you with deepest gratitude. We promise that it will be more than you have imagined. More than a few of you are already having the experience of feeling the rise of the incoming changes. To you we say, you have not begun to see all that is in store for you.

We will speak again before the day. Peace and calm be yours now. Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

The Oracle Report – Saturday, December 15, 2012 – Sunday, December 16, 2012


Saturday: New Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Sunday: Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

On Friday we had the bluebird of happiness at our front door and this weekend Cupid is knocking.  The energy asks us to open our hearts and go beyond barriers that may in place around it.  The Sun and the asteroid Cupido were conjunct at the New Moon, so Cupid’s Arrow of Love combined with Sagittarius’ Archer and his Arrow for Aiming Home makes for a wonderful combination.  It’s the perfect confluence to fall back in love with life.  Along that line, today’s energy also asks us to let our inner child out to play.  The energy is a playful, loving, happy time that is even a bit mischievious.  A little bit of the Prankster is present while Venus leaves the sign of Scorpio.  All of this happy energy is at odds with Saturn and Pluto in sextile, which is bringing a push-pull of control and power issues.  There are lingering parts that are trying to control things.  The interesting thing now is that this does not have to hold any power over us.  If it doesn’t meet our standards of falling back in love with life, we brush it aside indifferently because it holds no significance.  We are taking up arms as spiritual warriors and practicing lifting our bow and shooting our arrow at anything that stands opposed to the fullest expression of who we are individually and as a collective.  So we need to practice this visualization by pummeling feelings and mindsets that creep in to pull us off track by shooting them with our arrows.  Remember, right now our feet are planted firmly on the ground and our minds are aiming home.  Ground down and aim home.  Monday will be especially interesting with the Sun moving into conjunction with the Galactic Center so stay tuned.

[Journal Entry] To All Who Pass This Way …

Be well. Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light:


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