PAO – Update For April 23, 2013



7 Akbal, 11 Kank’in, 9 Eb

Dratzo! This moment in your history is a truly precious one! You stand on the edge of a cascade of events which will quite suddenly change your world forever. Mother Earth is now at that watershed which we have mentioned to you before and she is about to merge her two now-separated realms into one. This great and sacred shift is to happen very shortly. The dark cabal that runs your dark surface world still cannot believe that its reign over your world is coming to an end. After all, there are only faint signs that this is happening. Arrests are being made and parts of their inner circles divested of power, yet their rule continues. What they have not yet grasped is that an utterly different reality is very close to materializing. Likewise, they cannot comprehend that we have accepted Heaven’s plans for bringing you your freedom. The dark ones take our advice and accompanying warnings with a truly huge ‘grain of salt.’ Yet they would do well to heed what we say and prepare in some measure for their coming downfall. Energy is sweeping across this world and is about to bring their lamentable creations to an end. A new, all-transforming Light is dawning and is about to engulf these hardened skeptics.

Our fleet stands at the ready for first contact and a multitude of cloaked ships are a constant reminder to the dark that we are present and in service to the Light. Untold numbers of individuals work to bring a new world into being and we are here to support them and to help the many Light-workers in their sacred cause. Each of them knows full well the endless perfidy of this global dark cabal and our task is to assist them as Heaven so instructs. The divine moment is almost here for us, all together, to purge this dark menace from these surface realms. We ask simply that you maintain your state of inner joy and to not let disappointment or doubt mar your pivotal contribution to this sacred joint endeavor. Heaven is almost ready to issue the formal signal for the grand transformation of your world with the sudden appearance of new governance. This will lead quickly to announcements which will take the form of official broadcasts that are to change your world overnight! The new financial and monetary system will bring in a universal prosperity that will power vast changes, putting you on the very brink of full consciousness.

The numerous Light-workers appointed to their brief but very focused and active provisional terms in office have a truly daunting task before them. It will be necessary for them to use a highly creative approach in order to surmount the culture of lawlessness that has become widely endemic in your global governments, and to this end they have very specific guidelines available to them. The Act of NESARA, which has been kept secret and subject to gag-order, is one of the resources that we recommend to those who are to return government to its true and lawful constitutional and common-law roots. The new governance is to end debt-slavery and return your divine, personal sovereignty to you. We wish these valiant ones in the interim governments to know that any attempt by the dark to return will be summarily negated. The Divine intends to use us a powerful galactic option to guarantee the realization of any and all of Heaven’s sacred decrees. Every major work that these new governments carry out will be supported on condition that it uphold your sacred journey to freedom, sovereignty, and full consciousness.

As you grow in knowledge of your true history, your off-planet origins, and the purposes behind your divine personal sovereignty, you will also receive guidance on how to create your new galactic societies and information concerning the logistics of returning you to full consciousness. Federation mentors as well as those appointed by Heaven will instruct you in the many aspects of this very different state of being. Before you go to Agartha you will want to know all about the miracle that happens in your Light-chamber and every detail will be covered during comprehensive discussions between you and your mentors. Much of this learning will make use of our technologies, which allow you to visually and mentally experience the concepts we introduce to you. Knowledge can be imparted in such a way that your memory of these instructions is retained and available for use. These will constitute the ‘before’ trainings and they will be followed by the experiential full-consciousness etiquette training sessions that can only take place after you become fully conscious.

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you on this special day with good news! Your reality is beginning to manifest its new, prosperous reality. Those in charge of the various world trusts are starting the procedures to release these immense funds. Meanwhile, those who are to bring forth your new style of governance are being directed by their celestial managers to finish compiling their lists of what they intend to accomplish once the oath of office has been administered to them. On the celestial front, the magical event that heralds these marvelous changes in governance is nearing manifestation! We are also asking our secret sacred societies to take their special prayers and rituals to the final appointed moments. You are almost at the point, collectively, where you can begin to easily perceive the first new shoots of your new reality. This is to be a most poignant moment in your global society’s history!

As we approach these unprecedented times, there are certain vital topics we want to address with you. First of all, dear Hearts, bear in mind that every last one of us has been playing a part which is now coming to an end. This is when this particular energy cycle gets completed, allowing us all to move on. The dark relishes judgment and discord and the new reality is all about Love. The job before us now is to finish up the end cycles of this reality, which includes separating out those of the dark cabal and the minions who carried out the unfair practices ordered by this cabal. These sundry Beings are to explain these disagreeable activities to you in detail, and it is here that you need to bear in mind the context and higher intent of everybody’s involvement in this Earth drama. You can bring completion to this cycle by invoking the Love of forgiveness that constitutes your essence. Then make sure that these individuals slip from power and are fully segregated from you.

We come now to honor this most sacred moment and to bless you all! We come also to assure you that our manifestation among you is to be something wholly natural. We have a lot of divine teachings to impart to you, which are mostly lessons we learned while we progressed from a mortal to an immortal Life. All blessed Beings are in service to the Divine, and this necessitates certain knowledge of the nature of Love, Light, and the natural blessings of Heaven. As you are shortly to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light, you will need to absorb a slew of information, including the responsibilities that come with such knowledge. This will be our joyous service. This schooling is divinely required before your full-on mentoring stage begins, which prepares you to pass into a new wonderland-style existence: full consciousness. It will be our honor to prepare you in this way as you await the arrival of your divine brethren from the skies and from Agartha.

Today we came to tell you about several things that are beginning in earnest. They are the first markers on the final leg of your journey to full consciousness. The dark comprehends this and trembles as this most blessed day arrives. The moment approaches for ‘days filled with wonder and miracles’! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Our Purpose is to Heal …

Moon Hippie Mystic, April 21, 2013


There’s much going on right now.  It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of it all.  It’s easy to raise your hands to the Heavens and cry “why?” or “where are you, God?”.  It’s easy to forget why we’re here.  Our Purpose…

Even if you’re Awake and Aware these are very stressful times.  Even if you are one of the very Fortunate people who understand that there is a Divine Plan well under way it is still a “difficult” time.  We are all in Humanity working very, very hard right now.  It doesn’t matter if you are working on being Awake or working on staying asleep, we’re all still just trying to work our way through the labyrinth of it all.

Some of us know that there are things that may happen for people to Awaken their Souls to Gaia and God.  Some of us are busy blaming other people for the tragedies that have happened of late.  Some of us are questioning our Faith.  Some of us are thinking of committing more atrocious acts to make up for the atrocious acts that have already been committed.  Some of us are thinking “an eye for an eye”.  What one thinks, we all think…we are ONE.  What we do to another is what we do unto ourselves.

Our Purpose, right now and Ever More, is to Heal.  We have to REmember why we are here with Gaia right now at this Divine time and place in our Human history.  We are here to Heal ourselves and our Mother so that we can can Evolve into Human Angels.  It doesn’t matter where you work, where you live, or how much money you make.  It doesn’t matter what “religion” you subscribe to or where you go to church for there is only ONE religion and that religion is Unconditional Love.  Where else does the common thread of everything that is the Universe live?  There is only ONE place you can find it all and that is Love.

We Heal with Love.  We embrace our Purpose by Healing ourselves, first and foremost.  We Heal one another by learning to Trust with our Hearts wide open.  We have to know beyond measure that we are Beautiful, Worthy, and Loved.  We have to make sure everyone else we meet knows that they are Beautiful, Worthy, and Loved.  If they can’t “hear” you then Heal them by Healing yourself.  Things become so “complicated” sometimes and it does us all well to become once again grounded with Mother Earth.  She whispers her answers in the wind and she whispered to me today.  I’ve been getting caught up in the “drama” because I know there is a Shift and I’m anxious for others to know as well but this is not the way I want it to come about.  I know this isn’t the way you want it to come about either.  I want Peace.  I want Happiness.  I want Love.  I was led to ho’oponopono and I knew that this was the way that we could begin to Heal from these latest traumas.  And, they ARE traumas!  They cause us all to feel fragmented even if we say we aren’t going to let it enter our emotional field it still gets in.  So, in Moon Hippie Mystic style, I simplify.

If it is in your “field” at all it is there for you to Heal it.  If it is in your mainstream news field then Heal it.  If it is in your emotional field then Heal it.  If you are in Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cyprus, the Vatican, or the United States then Heal it.  If it is around you it is there for you to Heal.  We are evolving right now in many ways…Spiritually, Genetically, and Emotionally.  We need to have Emotional Intelligence right now.  It is simple…

I’m sorry

Please Forgive ME

Thank YOU


We are the ones we have been waiting for and we have to begin to come together in Humanity and Heal before we will ever know what else is “out there”.  We are a shining example of a Love that is so Divine it is beyond measure across the multi-verse.  We can send out vibrations of Love and rift the fragments of Time into something Beautiful and Divine.  WE have that Power. The Power of Unconditional Love.  It’s the ONLY thing that every single one of us has in common.  We can start there.  We can Heal from there.  Everything you see and feel is a by-product of what we, together, have Created.  Now, we have an opportunity to take the ONE thing we ALL have in common and use it to Create Heaven on Earth.  It is our Birthright.  It is Beautiful.  It is Divine.  It belongs to US.  It is simple…

I AM Divine and I AM ONE with God and Humanity.  I AM LOVE.  I AM Life.  I AM anywhere and everywhere.  I AM all that is.  I AM Healing Me, Healing You, Healing Me.  I AM Loving Me, Loving You, Loving Me.

Copyright © The Moon Hippie Mystic.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Polly Campbell ~ Stop Trying To Hide, Deny, Fix, Or Bury Your Flaws And Imperfections


You are good enough – right now.

You are good enough to make a profound and positive difference in the world.

You are good enough to love and be loved, to pursue your dreams, to achieve success, and live in peace and abundance and joy – right now.

You don’t have to be anything different. You don’t have to go back to school, or meditate in Tibet, or lose 35 pounds. Nothing has to be perfect, or just right, or different then it is for you to know that right now, right in this moment, you are good enough to do be the authentic person you so want to be; to live the life you so want to live.

You simply need to reconnect with your core energy, your spirit, that spot where your compassion and love and passions and purpose and creativity flows. Then work from that place.

Stop denying, hiding, blaming, criticizing all your flaws and imperfections. Instead, shift your focus to all that is good. Put your energy into living your best life. Commit to nurturing your talents, skills, and abilities; to living a whole life.

We are flawed, for sure, all of us. We are going to screw it up, this life thing. One way or another we are going to make mistakes. And there will be days when our lives feel maddening and painful and scary and uncertain.

But, if you decide right now, that you can handle it, if you choose to believe that you can cope with whatever comes, then you are free to move through any life circumstance with a certain ease, a certain grace. And, when you can do that, you find meaning in the madness and transcend the trouble.

Do this by turning inward instead of outward. Stop looking for external rewards of money and status and fancy cars and fancy houses. Stop relying on things to give you confidence. Instead, discover the vast reservoir you have within. You are flawed and imperfect and compassionate, loving, talented, and special. You are all of that.

When we embrace all that we are we are free to create our experience rather than complain about it. There is power in this, because as creators, we are aligned with our essence and able to live from our highest self — the seat of love, compassion, acceptance.

From this place it all works. It’s all good enough. From here, you can recognize that even the hardship and struggle is providing you the insight you need to make the next moment better, then the next. This awareness allows you to step fully into your life, to follow your dreams, and to deliberately make each moment matter.

I know you can do it, because I know who you are at your essence, who we all are: Enough. You are enough to live the life you desire.

Now, get after it.






Saul: You Have Every Reason to Be in High Spirits


As channeled by John Smallman – April 24, 2013

Listen to John read this latest message from Saul here: http: //

Humanity’s awakening from the illusion into Reality is a done deal — it always has been, ever since the moment of creation.  Reality is where you reside permanently, and you are presently returning home there, from a seemingly long and arduous journey to a most glorious welcome.

You have every reason to be in high spirits.  Nevertheless, at the moment it is difficult for the majority of you to perceive this because the length of time that you have spent away from home has severely dulled your memory of the glory awaiting you there.

Life in the illusion has been exhausting.  There have been many painful lessons that you chose to learn while engaged with it, and they have required much energy, determination, and persistence.  Nevertheless, you have remained true to yourselves and your purpose as you struggled with the experiences that life in the illusion presented to you.

Often, that has not been clear as you suffered the pain and sadness caused by the apparent separation from your Father, and at times it seemed to you that yours was a lost cause: “Was there really a heavenly Father, an infinite Source, a divine and all-powerful Intelligence, or was He simply an illusion?”

Well, you held to your paths – all different, but leading to the same goal: to awaken into Reality – and you will find amazing rewards when you complete them and arrive home.  Hang in there for these last few stretches of the journey that seems so interminable; the end is close.

A new day of brilliance and color unlike anything that humanity has ever experienced is set to dawn, bringing you unmitigated joy as all your fears and anxieties fall away, leaving permanent peace, harmony and contentment to replace them.  This is the day you have all yearned, prayed, and hoped for since you started searching for the divine Reality from which it seemed you had been excluded, shut out, perhaps even exiled, with no hope of return due to your sinfulness.

But as you know, deep within yourselves where the divine and inextinguishable flame of God’s Love for you resides, “sinfulness” is of the illusion and has no place in Reality.  You are immortal divine beings, created in Love, who chose to play with an absence of Love, separated from It, as you experimented with the freedom and power with which God had endowed you.

You were created One with Him and chose to individuate to experience the thrill of separation and apparent independence from Him.  This could only be done by building an illusion, an unreal environment in which to imagine that state, and the powerful abilities with which you had been endowed enabled you to do so.

The time has come for you to dismantle that unreal environment and return Home, leaving behind all the trauma and suffering that you invented to amuse yourselves.  Little did you understand when you decided to play these games how painful and terrifying they were going to be.

There is only God!  All life is part of God, He is all that exists, and without Him there would be nothing – an impossible, implausible, and inconceivable state of affairs.  So to build an imaginary and illusory reality separate from Him could only lead to terror.  And consequently, you have all experienced terror.

The real state of Love in which you are eternally enveloped is permanent, changeless, utterly wonderful.  That is why thought of change is so traumatic for so many of you.  Your move into the illusion was a change of inconceivable magnitude which caused you instant trauma, as life was reduced from a condition of total loving abundance and harmony to one of unimaginable lack where it seemed that you had to fight constantly for your very survival.  And that fear remains.

However, within the illusion change is not only possible, it is essential for your well-being.  The illusion is formed from a collection of judgmental beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable, which can only induce fear and dread.  You call it duality, a state of either/or, whereas Reality is a state of and/and, oneness, indiscriminate loving acceptance, in which all are welcome, all belong, all reside in utter joy.

What you have to change are your outworn and inflexible beliefs — beliefs that you are separate, individual, unconnected, and threatened by one another.  They divide and traumatize you, encouraging you to build barriers between yourselves that disguise who you really are and present an image, a shield behind which you can hide.

But these images terrify you all; they are threatening and demanding, requiring you to defend them from aggression which is almost always present.  They force you, out of fear, to maintain the unreal state of separation that caused the fear in the first place. A catch-22 situation.

The new energies are intensifying so that you can feel them, embrace them, and through them recognize and reclaim your oneness with each other in Love and Trust.  You will become aware, fully aware, that all are one, that all are interconnected through the divine field of Love in which all that exists resides permanently, harmoniously, joyfully, forever.  And then you will have awakened.

With so very much love, Saul.

Jennifer Hoffman: Awake in a Sleepy World

Hi, friends! This article from the wonderful Jennifer Hoffman really resonates deeply with me. I’m sure many of you will feel the same. BTW – be sure to follow Jennifer on Twitter here! Much love! ❤ ~ b


By Jennifer Hoffman – April 22, 2013

As a child I had a recurring dream in which I was the only person alive in the world. I walked through quiet streets, looking for people, but no one was there. It was a scary dream because I was very alone and there was no one to talk to or take care of me.

Now, as an adult, I know that this dream related to what many Indigos and Crystals experience, being awake in a world that is partly or totally asleep. This knowing is experienced as feeling very alone, unsupported, misunderstood and without strong, deep connections to like-spirited people. By being born awake we’re very aware of others’ state of sleepiness and since we’re unable to connect to them, we feel very much alone.

But this may be a misperception on our part because we aren’t necessarily here to wake them up; rather, we can give them reasons to awaken when we have the right perception of our own state of being awake.

Indigos and Crystals, both the older generations and certainly the ones born since the early 1990s were born awake, meaning that they know there is more to life and living than what we are aware of with our physical senses. Most are highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive, which is both a blessing and a challenge.

A blessing because they perceive the world in a much more profound, enlightened and spirit-filled way. A challenge because they are also aware of how many people in the world are sleepy, unaware and not aware that they are not aware. And they feel they should do something about it to wake people up and make a difference in the world. But does that mean waking people up or letting them sleep until they’re ready? Who decides when it’s time for this to happen?

Some Indigos feel they should be the blaring alarm clock, others are more comfortable being  like the snooze button. Some Crystals wait for the world to awaken before they do anything, others lose themselves in their despair over a world that needs love but is not open to it. The challenge they, and all those who are awake, must rise to is being the difference in a world that needs to see a new path before it is willing to consider it as an option to the existing ones.

Being awake makes us aware of what needs to be changed in the world. The truth we learn, which sometimes leads us into thinking our efforts are not appreciated, is that people awaken when they feel ready, and not before. Being the difference is what will wake the world up to its own potential.

We are the difference when we show the world the possibilities that are available, not by telling them they are asleep but by showing them what it is to be awake. When we present an alternative that is so compelling and so much more fulfilling than being asleep, the world will awaken because it will have a reason to (something we don’t understand when we’re already awake).

Being born awake doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to tell the world it’s asleep until it decides to awaken from its slumber. Instead, see it as having the ability, mindset, gifts and understanding to show the world why it is much more joyful and fulfilling to be awake instead of being asleep, and the world will choose to wake up.

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[Journal Entry] Thanks, Mom!

NAPOLEON HILL QUOTEThis past Friday, my fiance and I were blessed to have the opportunity to see a medium in a nightclub-style setting at a local casino. We had won the tickets during one of her appearances on the local radio morning show just a few days before, and couldn’t believe our ‘luck’ (as most people would call it … not us, of course), in having won as we have had ‘see a medium’ on our to-do list for a few years now.

This particular medium is actually fairly well-known, has been on tv shows, and is quite popular. She’s also quite local to us, and happened to be appearing at one of the casino’s venues for a three-night run. When we won, we had planned to go on Saturday night, when we would already be at the same location for a surprise birthday dinner for my fiance’s mom, but then changed to Friday night as we were afraid of not having enough time to eat and get to the show on time.

Good thinking, really, because the show was PACKED … and, on top of that, we spent a good two hours eating at the buffet the following night. lol!

Nonetheless, the show was AWESOME, and Moriah was just FANTASTIC!! We didn’t get a personal reading ourselves, but the readings she did were amazing!

My fiance kept saying to me, “I hope your mom comes through so you can hear from her”, and while I felt, “Yeah – that would be cool”, I was more focused on attention to her, hoping that her grandpa or her cousin (who had been her closest friend when they were young) would come through and give her some closure that she’s needed for … well, for a long time. Neither happened, but the readings for others brought their own messages to us, indirectly, and we’ve gone on about it all since then.

It stands out, in particular, that, in every single reading, the person who had crossed over brought a message of “everything is going to be ok” … no matter what the situation of the earth-bound person they were communicating with. I think there’s something beautiful about that, and especially in how it affected the person getting the reading.

So, on this Earth Unity Day of 2013, having thought more and more about my mom the past few days since the medium experience, I turned my thoughts more consciously toward ‘THE’ mother … Mother Earth – Gaia/Sophia. Starting my day off at a snail’s pace (intentionally … see this video), I sat at my computer, coffee in-hand, still processing the experiences and energies from a night’s rest. I hesitated to turn on my computer, not really wanting to ‘get the day started’ and to simply remain in my ‘daze’ of 5th-dimensional consciousness, rather than reaching back again into the 3rd.

Finally, I turned it on and loaded up the first blog I visit every day – the Golden Age of Gaia site. As I heard the voice say, “There’s something special for you here”, I clicked on a long-anticipated update from ‘Poof’, and quickly realized what was there.

As a very young child – 2 or 3 years old – I can remember listening to one of my mom’s favorite records … Simon & Garfunkel. I remember climbing up on the bench at the piano, trying my very best to play along with the songs (which I was pretty decent at, intuitively), and in particular, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. If there was a song that connected me and my mom, in the pure energy of Love, it was that song. For those of you who don’t know, my mom passed very unexpectedly in 1998.

So, reading Poof’s update first thing this morning, and seeing that song attached to his post, I fell apart at the seams. I don’t think I’ve received such a blatantly obvious message from, or felt my mom’s love like that, for quite a while … regardless of how attuned I may be … and she definitely had her arms around both myself and my fiance this morning, as we listened to the beautiful words, the stirring music, and felt the Love surrounding us.

I knew I didn’t ‘need’ a reading from Moriah the other night, although we do plan to book private readings with her soon, anyway. My mom always has a way of getting me a message when I need it the most. 😉

Funny, too, that so many channeled messages I’ve read lately speak of how those of us who are conscious of our awakening are a ‘bridge’ for those who aren’t as consciously aware of it. And, a last bit of irony … I did a bit of quick research and found that Simon & Garfunkel’s song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was officially released in 1970, the day after my mom’s birthday. I understand that many people believe in coincidences; I don’t, and I find more and more synchronous events/experiences like this almost daily now. Which, by the way, makes it MUCH easier to see how SO many things in our world ARE changing for the better, while also being able to ‘connect the dots’ more easily … all of which are a part of raising our vibration and consciousness, in my opinion.

Anyway, I thought it would be a nice experience to share with my readers, while also giving a shout-out to my mom AND to our great soul-sister, Mother Earth/Gaia-Sophia.

THANK YOU, Mom! And to all, Happy Earth Day 2013!

MUCH love! ❤

In Peace & Light:


An Angelic Message via Bella Capozzi: Outside The Gilded Cage

As channeled by Bella Capozzi – April 11, 2013

Stretched before you before you is a glistening path of golden light, and it beckons to you to toss aside your fears and take a chance. Are you brave enough to follow it? To follow your heart? Are you bold enough, great warrior of the light, to skip happily down a road which you know leads to paradise, but the end of which you cannot readily see? Wide open it’s embarkation point, and it looks so inviting, so devoid of barriers and tolls.

It costs you nothing to take this road, other than your weariness, doubts and pain. And so begins your journey to whatever lies ahead.

Would it surprise you to learn that you are already walking on this path, and that you have been for quite some time? For lifetimes, truly; for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It’s been so tedious, and you are thirsty, your shoes are worn, your clothing tattered. Yet in your heart you know with stunning inner clarity that the effort you are making to reach your destination is ever so worth the trouble!

Sense the pressure of your childrens’ hands pressed warmly against yours. Look to the left and see your mothers and your fathers and the long line of grandparents and great-great-grandparents who have walked the earth before you. Glance to the right and smile a bright smile at your dear neighbors and friends. You are all together. United as One, which, all in all, is how it ought to be. How it was in the beginning and how it shall continue to be, forevermore. All united as one heart, one soul, one unstoppable force.

You are being called by Creator to be his and hers eyes and ears and hands. You are asked to to be both the artist and the builder – your hands working as their hands, to wield the paintbrush and dig the foundation. It is you who are entrusted to design the color palette and lay the first stone of what is set to be an impossible beautiful new world. This is a world without war. It is to be a world without hatred and violence and injustice.

Oh, and yes, in actuality there shall still be lack, except that this lack shall not be an illusion, but a reality. Yes, a reality! For in this world there shall exist a lack of famine, disease, inequality, injustice, confinement and pain. The new world is a world in which all creatures great and small exist in fairness, each with plenty of clean water to drink. Each with nutritious and untainted foods to eat and jeweled robes upon their backs-reflective of the vibrant and multifaceted colors of their soul. Imagine this place to be populous, thriving and abuzz with activity.

See yourself living there. Imagine what you shall do with your days. What does it mean to you personally, to be living your life-purpose and doing it outside the boundaries of your old, gilded cage? How does it feel to have kicked off the shackles?

And therefore you walk on, brave warrior, your blistered feet set firm upon a glittering carpet of crystals and light. You know this light to be as golden-white and glowing as the heart of Creator themselves. Dear mother/father God, may they be blessed. They are by your side, every step of the way, on this journey without end. They are lighting the way home for you, so you may easily and clearly follow the path ahead.

Don’t you see, that you cannot possibly become lost? In fact, you are treading that path already, and it is absolutely the correct path. Your Mother and Father are guiding you home, so they might lovingly enfold you in their rapture.

As it they who gave you life. So go to them. With them, push onward towards the peaceful, rich existence you so rightfully deserve. You have fought for it, long and hard. It is with supreme confidence that you move on now, becoming one with each other. And when you reach the Golden City, you shall be met by all of those who walked before you. You shall be gifted with a cool drink and a lush bouquet of roses with no thorns. Then you shall sing and dance beneath the stars.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi. all rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Connecting The Dots To Guide In The Awakening Of The Human Collective

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