[Journal Entry] We Think We Are Humans, Spring Equinox 2013, and More

Hi, folks!

“Did you feeeeeeel that?!?” This question keeps popping into my head.

Seems to be happening more and more lately, and at times when I will have just caught my breath, noticed something shining its brilliance and beauty (the stars, the pastel-blue sky, the intense brightness of the sunshine, the incredible beauty of the sunrise or sunset, etc), when I just noticed a significant ‘sinus’ pressure or headache out of nowhere, a pulling sensation in my arm, the flickering of light orbs dancing around me, the pitch ringing in my ears changing its tone, that uncomfortable feeling in my chest that feels like my heart is expanding, and so on.

After hours of work, I’ll walk from my desk to spend a few moments outside, in communion with Gaia/Mother Earth, and immediately feel the increased energy coursing through my bodies (physical body and spiritual, simultaneously) as soon as I’m outdoors.

Not every time one of these things happens, but almost every time, I am immediately confronted or presented with the thought, “Did you feeeeeel that?!?” I can’t say that my answer is always a resounding, “YES!! I DID!!!!!!”, but probably 8 out of 10 times, that is my response, as I am finding it much easier these days – as you may be as well – to ‘stay tuned in’ to the higher energies.

Now, we have entered what Denise LeFay calls ‘the 2nd trimester’ of the birth of our New/Nova Earth, with the onslaught of energies pouring over the Earth and into every crevice of every living thing with the power of the Spring Equinox. I would implore you to read more of what Denise has to say about this (regarding the 1st trimester, or go here for a recap of the 1st trimester, info about the Vernal Equinox, and then guidance regarding the 2nd trimester, which we’ve just begun).

I realized, from a lot of channeled messages, articles, and even the scientific angles of things happening in our neck of the cosmos around, on, and following the commonly-known ‘first day of Spring’ for the northern hemisphere, that there is an AWFUL LOT going on. And, while I had prepared myself, spiritually and psychically, for whatever these new energies might be that I’d read so much about would be kicking into high gear on 03.20.13, I also allowed myself to stay grounded to the point of ‘whatever happens, happens’, and not staking too much excitement or anxiety into any one date. I’ve never followed the whole sensational pack who put money on what may or may not happen on any one particular date, anyway, and I personally feel better off for it.

But, I can’t sit here and say that I didn’t have any unusual experiences on the first day of Spring. While I’m writing this, it was ‘only’ two days ago, yet it seems like much longer ago than that. And, that is yet another experience I’ve been having more and more lately, which other Lightworkers and such have confirmed they are having as well. ‘Last week’ seems like SOOOOOOOOO long ago already, and I’m starting to realize that things I thought and experienced just yesterday are NOT carrying with me like they would have even a year ago … or even six months ago, for that matter.

It seems to me like time is changing, or our experience of time is, at least. Maybe, if you aren’t attuned to all of this and are still enjoying your sweet slumber, none of this makes any sense at all and probably sounds like a load of cow manure to you. But, if you are  conscious of being even at the ‘beginning’ stages of the awakening process, something here is likely to resonate with you. And what I’m saying is, I don’t believe it’s so much that time is changing, but rather that we are changing, and how we deal with some (or a lot) of the things we’re experiencing, how quickly we just ‘let it go and move on’, how subtly we are allowing some of our experiences to simply become an accepted part of our path and NOT hold onto as much of the negative … SOMETHING is happening within each of us, even if only on a subconscious, ‘hey – I’m still sleeping over here’ kind of way.

I’m not putting it that way to ‘dumb it down’. Rather – and to make a point about that – I think we need to do our best to stop making some of these spiritual things so complex. Love. That’s it and that’s all and that’s everything, in a nutshell, in one single word, and the most powerful thing in the entire Universe. How hard is that? How very complex is it? I mean, seriously …

But, I digress …

One experience I had at the time of the Vernal Equinox, is related to the video below. Please allow me to explain …

A few days back, I had watched this video, and while I had seen other David Icke presentations before, this one had ‘that feel’ about it. So, I had bookmarked the video so I could share it with my fiance one day, when or if she ever slowed down enough to watch. I can’t say that this video really moved me all that much, but just that I really liked the message and wanted to share it with her.

It just so happened that, the morning of the Vernal Equinox, we were both working at our computers, back to back with each other, and I was listening with my headphones on to the 3 Minute News and then to a wonderful meditation video I’ve been listening to quite a bit lately. As I scanned through the 30+ open tabs in my browser, I was drawn very strongly to the tab I had left open of this video. I reloaded it, while asking her if it would be too distracting if I played it through the speakers rather than my headphones.

As she was deeply focused on what she was doing on her own computer, I was surprised to hear her say, ‘Sure – it won’t bother me’. Happily, as the word ‘LOVE’ rushed over me, I unplugged the headphones as that thought again popped into my head, “Did you FEEEEEEEEEEEL that?!?”

As the video played, I became literally mesmerized as I watched it for the 2nd time. I was so focused and engulfed in it that I only faintly heard her chair move about half way through so she could face my monitor and watch rather than just listening. I seriously haven’t been so moved lately. Feelings of love, light, peace, and oneness were rushing through my veins and all throughout my entire bodies, and when I ‘came to’ from all of the emotion washing over and out of me, I realized I had been sobbing like a baby.

When that ‘feeling’ wells up inside of you, and you feel it coming from your heart (High Heart, anyone?), and you feeeeeeeeeeeel that connection with Source/God … in that moment, there is nothing more enlightening, more brilliant, more calming, more comforting, and more loving.

THOSE moments, I believe, are what we strive for, as they are glimpses into the very reality of who and what we truly are – Divine Spirit, seeded deep within us, each and all, crying to be enveloped once again in the Light and Love of All That Is.

To say the least, the rest of my day on the first day of Spring was very light-hearted. Despite the stresses of day-to-day life, nothing seemed all that important other than doing what I love and being with who I love. And, it’s carried over, as I’m ‘feeling it’ even two days later right now.

Of course, this video may not move you in the same way. We’re all on the same path, but we’re each at various moments along it. And, I must say, it very well could have had an effect on my state of mind and emotions that I had participated in and received the Awakening Blessing Deeksha for the first time in my life about 10 days before the Vernal Equinox. Of recent experiences in my life, aside from the few days’ time period surrounding and including 12.21.12, the Awakening Blessing and the following video, as separate as they may seem, became incredibly important experiences for me, somehow taking on a singular effect and impact.

Then again, this is all part of the ‘awakening’ process, in my opinion. And again, while it may not be as life-impacting for you as it has been for me,  it very well may be. Regardless, there is no way I could wait another day before sharing this with you, and I hope – with all my heart – that you are ‘feeling it’, whatever ‘it’ may be for you, as you are living your life in this time of the Great Shift, the Golden Age, the dawning of Nova Earth and Nova YOU!

On another note, as the meteorite and other occurrences in our skies lately have pointed out, ‘keep your eyes on the skies’. As well, from a lot of what I’ve read and seen lately, we should all be as prepared as possible for many, MANY more things to be happening in our world … from government to religion to finances and much more. Several sources have inferred that the end of March and into April could be old-paradigm-shattering for us. Although, again, I prefer to stay off of the sensationalists’ bandwagon of ‘dates to expect something big’. Just puttin’ it out there.

Stay tuned for more soon, and keep an eye on my Twitter account as we all continue to ‘connect the dots’ and awaken more and more each day.

Much, MUCH love!!! ❤


In Peace, Light, & Love:


Yeshua: You Are Endowed With Everything That Is of Creator

As Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ March 17, 2013


Hello my dear friends, fellow Lightworkers and Love-gifters. I greet you with much Love and appreciation for all you are doing. You are stepping up to this monumental task of building your New Earth with ease and grace and gratitude, and for this I give you my immense gratitude.

You may wonder why I say “with ease”. Well, dear ones, this journey has certainly not been easy for you, I grant you that, but the ease I speak about is the fluidity you impart to your mission and purpose, and the generosity with which you give of your Love, your Divine Unconditional Love.

Have you noticed that the more Love you give, the more Love you can hold for yourself and others? Have you noticed that you are able to tap more resources and abilities as you commit yourself to the task of imparting Love and creating a world full of it and all the gifts endowed by Creator?

You are endowed with everything that is of Creator of All-That-Is. You are gifted with everything that is Creator. You are uncovering all that you already are, and what a journey it has been.

You will most likely start to notice in the coming days that it is much easier for you to connect with that part of yourself that is the Divine, that is the impartial Reality that is expansive abundance and clarity. You will find thus that the trigger for manifestation is much more accessible, and it will be due to the release of your True Essence illuminated by all the Light and Love you are allowing into your Being.

Yes, dear ones, the clearing you have been so rigorously participating in is beginning to show in the increased glimmer and shine of your Light Bodies. Your soul is becoming integrated and enhanced and much more expanded and present.

My dear ones, you have now a chance to explore such a beautiful world of your making as you activate the creative powers you are inherently endowed with, have always been inherently endowed with. You are consenting to welcome them now, and the speed at which you progress will be heightened because of this consent and openness.

You have my complete and adoring admiration for the willingness and courage with which you have embarked on this task of becoming once again acquainted with the spiritual bounty that is your birthright, something that a short while ago, if you look back, you were only vaguely aware of, if at all.

I watch you as you consciously throw your whole Heart and Soul into your awakening, always with the thought in mind to allow it not only for the sake of yourself, but for others, no matter how daunting it can seem at times. For this sets you apart from all other beings who were not of the privilege to incarnate at this very time and space on this Earth.

What a wondrous journey you have already been on, full of surprises, and yes, consternation at times, and yes, struggle at times. But these are the very things that set you apart, because as you struggle, you also reach deeper and find the courage and wherewithal to continue your journey and mission, and with complete success.

So, in the coming days of increased activity with the approaching Equinox, just as it has always been as you make your way along this path of awakening and ascension, hold true to your sacred intentions to begin a new chapter and then another and another as you make your way up the spiral of achievement of many increments of heightened frequency and dimension, and dear ones, settle into it with Peace in your Heart, for you are the “movers and the shakers “of a Whole New World, and you can be assured of a glorious and momentous outcome.

You always have my Blessing and my Love and my understanding of what you are going through, but focus instead on the wonder and honor that you are of privilege to be a driving force in this mission of renewal of your World and of your lives. Have immense gratitude; this trumps any card of weariness and struggle that naturally occurs in your process.

Please continue to take care of your physical bodies as they undergo this immense transformation as the Light is introduced at greater and greater quantities, as you become the Enlightened Beings that is your destiny and birthright. Breathe in the Light and Love constantly now with the goal of transforming yourselves to ultimate and exquisite Light Beings of Creator as you experience the magnificence of the Higher Realms.

You are farther along than your current perceptions may allow you to know, but before long you will be able to catch up with the true Reality you are uncovering with each breath you take and each willing step you take towards the unknown, away from your created illusion and into your True Selves and your True Essence and existence as One with Creator of All-That-Is.

Take each breath in stride now and surrender to the Truth of your Being, dear ones. I am always at your side and with your Heart in this your Illustrious Awakening.

All my Love is yours,

Your loving brother, Yeshua.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.
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Saul: Many More of You Will Start to Feel Our Presence

As channeled by John Smallman – March 10, 2013


Listen to John read this latest message from Saul here:

As many of you have found, interacting or attempting to interact with the energies of those in the spiritual realms can be somewhat overwhelming for those embodied as humans, and we have had to restrict or reduce the outflow of energy when we are in your presence.

But soon your embodied state will no longer require us to restrain the power of our vital enthusiasm as we embrace you with our love. Our love surrounds you in every moment because, in our oneness, we are all part of the divine field of Love in which all life has its eternal existence.

It is due to the inbuilt insubstantiality of your human forms that we have to restrain ourselves as we embrace you, because the difference in energy levels between us could cause major damage to your bodies. And this restraint does mean that most of you have the greatest difficulty in sensing our presence.

It is not a fault on your part – you are as you are – we just have to hold back so that you are not overwhelmed by the intensity of our energy, which is the energy that you will experience eternally once you return to, or reopen to, your natural divine state of being.

The restrictions and limitations imposed on you by your physical form blunt your senses, your awareness, which is why sensing our presence among you is beyond the capabilities of all but a very few of you. However, as the new energies that started flowing at the end of your last calendar year continue to strengthen and intensify, you will find yourselves moving more into alignment with them, which is part of your awakening process, and many more of you will start to feel or sense our presence when you take time out daily in your place of inner peace, removed from the ever-present distractions of the illusion

You are, as you well know, spiritual beings having a bodily experience, and part of the evolutionary process that you are undergoing is an upgrading of those bodies so that you can consciously interact and communicate with those who choose to remain unencumbered by bodily forms. The joy of conscious awareness of, and communication with, the disembodied will be cause for great celebrations and feasting!

As you well know from personal experience, you are restricted and limited by your bodies to suitable environments that will support them – not too hot, not too cold, air to breathe, food to eat, etc. – and if the essentials that support them are removed your bodies collapse and die, and you have to move on.

With the upgrading that your bodies are now engaged in, they will effectively become self-supporting; they will have no need of food, air, water, or shelter, and they will be able, at your wish or command, to alter their vibrational structure or energy signature to suit any environment you choose to enter or explore.

Some of you have experienced this kind of freedom when dreaming or when in altered states of consciousness, but when your bodies are fully upgraded the freedom that you have experienced briefly in your dreams will be yours to enjoy permanently

And of course, some of you may choose to dispense with your bodies altogether, choosing a state of existence in which you have absolutely no physical form, existing as pure energy, free to be instantly anywhere, unrestricted by any of your current laws of physicality.

Truly the possibilities that are soon to become available for your creative enjoyment know no bounds. Your memories of limitation will fade away very rapidly as you re-establish yourselves as divine beings with divine attributes and capabilities appropriate to that state of being

So the message for you here is: You are divine beings of absolutely limitless capabilities, just as God created you. Anything you can conceive of is possible for you – instantly – should you so desire.

Your present state of austere limitation is one that you chose to build and enter into, and those limitations are part of that concept. They have enabled you to hide yourselves from yourselves so convincingly that you have needed heavenly assistance to enable you to find your way Home. Your Father’s Love for you – for all of His creation – knows no bounds, and when He created you and gave you His infinite Power He knew that you could use it in ways that were, to say the least, unwise.

Consequently, in His infinite wisdom, He ensured that whatever you did, however you used or abused the enormous power that He placed in your hands, you could never really damage yourselves, lose yourselves, or in fact actually separate yourselves from Him.

Beyond Him there is nothing – there is no beyond Him – because He is All That Exists. He could not have allowed or made it possible for any of part His creation to separate itself from Him because He would have effectively been creating a state of war within Himself, and that is impossible. However, within the illusion — your illusion, and it most definitely is an illusion — you have been experiencing an imaginary state of separation from Him for eons. Finally, you have had enough of the suffering and terror it seems to have brought upon you, and you are preparing yourselves to awaken into Reality.

Daily periods spent within, in your personal place of peace, free from the ongoing distractions with which your egos constantly bombard you, are an essential part of your awakening process. By spending time alone, quiet, secluded, you allow yourselves to make contact with us, your guides and angels in the spiritual realms, and bring into your awareness a sense of the Love, the honor and the respect in which you are held, and which is your due as divine beings, beloved children of God. As that awareness grows so does your desire to awaken, until that desire can no longer be contained . . .

You are all destined to awaken because it is your Father’s Will and yours. And into eternal joy you most certainly will awaken because no other option is available, and that is surely cause for rejoicing as you wait expectantly for that momentous event.

With so very much love, Saul.

Jesus: Love and Compassion That Never Runs Out

As channeled by John Smallman – March 8, 2013


John’s reading of today’s post can be heard here: http://johnsmallman2.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/2013-03-08-jesus-audio-blog-for-march-8.mp3

Humanity’s homeward journey is almost complete. It has been long, with many diversions that have distracted you, but finally the end is in sight.

You may find that hard to believe as you take note of all the conflict and disharmony across the world, but I assure you that the power of our Father’s Love, flowing freely and abundantly through the energy fields of every single human presently experiencing life on the Earth plane, is irresistible and invincible.

Love conquers all in its path, always. Focus your attention on that supreme truth, make it your only point of reference as you go about your daily lives, and intend to discard any aspects of yourselves that are not in alignment with this divine truth, while you continue to be the wayshowers and Light-bearers that are leading your sisters and brothers, all of humanity, home to Reality.

After all, that is why you chose to be on Earth at this crucial moment, as humanity’s spiritual evolution takes an enormous and irreversible step that brings you far closer to the Source of all being, God, than you can possibly imagine, even in your wildest dreams. God’s Love for His creation is boundless, and He wants all to share in the joy of that boundlessness.

Your task is to love all unconditionally. This does not entail ignoring or accepting the damaging behavior of those who are not in alignment with our Father’s divine field of Love — the energy field in which all sentient life has its existence — but it does require you to offer them your love and compassion, at all times. Never forget that those whose behavior is not in alignment with Love are themselves very severely damaged, and until they experience love and acceptance they will continue to behave very frequently in unloving ways. It is the only way they know.

What you know you believe, and what you believe you teach by demonstration. You know Love, and that is what you must demonstrate and teach. It is really very simple, but it can be extremely difficult in practice. Know that your guides, your angels, all in the spiritual realms are constantly supporting you as you intend to work constantly at moving yourselves and your individual energy fields evermore into alignment with the energy of God’s Love. As you do this — and you are all doing this — the strength of this divine field increases in effectiveness all across the world. Even the most hard-hearted, bitter, resentful, and angry individuals are being influenced by this all pervasive and loving energy that is enveloping the Earth.

Yes, many of them are resisting it because they do not trust it. Their ability to trust has been very badly damaged, if not almost totally obliterated, by the experiences they have undergone while embodied as humans, and the only way to repair that damage is by love and compassion that never runs out. It may seem to you that the task demanded of you is insuperable when you observe the pain and suffering that those severely damaged ones continue to inflict upon those over whom they have power and control.

Do not be disheartened by the behavior of those damaged ones; instead, re-intensify your intent to be indiscriminately loving. Strengthen that intent by reminding yourselves of how unhappy you felt when you were treated unfairly and unlovingly, and know that what you experienced was probably nowhere near as destructive and shaming as that of those misguided ones you see behaving so unregenerately and without any regard for the suffering they are causing.

Mistreatment, betrayal, punishment, and torture – which you all know are being perpetrated on many across the world in unconscionable circumstances – cannot be brought to an end by treating those responsible in the same fashion. It only further hardens their hearts and strengthens their belief that no one can be trusted. Obviously they must be prevented from continuing their activities, but the main task that lies ahead of humanity in this regard is to heal the perpetrators of this unconscionable behavior, otherwise the cycle is re-enforced and becomes never-ending, as it seems to have been throughout human history.

As you have been told many times, and it cannot be repeated frequently enough, Love is the answer – to every problem. It is the only answer. Healing occurs when only love and compassion are offered. You are all divinely loved in every moment, and your task remains that of sharing that love indiscriminately. Do not focus with anger and bitterness on the suffering that the unawakened and severely damaged ones continue to inflict on others, instead remember that by holding only to love, and sharing it, you are sharing in the triumph of Love over fear, over suffering, over pain, and over the illusion.

Your loving brother, Jesus

The Oracle Report – Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

Greetings from inside “Winter Storm Saturn.”  If you think this report is going to be US- or Northern Hemisphere-focused, bear with me.  It will tie together.

Did you know that the reason winter storms are now given names (like hurricanes) is to enable insurance companies to extract higher deductibles?  Deductibles are higher during these “extreme” events.  The thing is some of the named storms are extreme and some aren’t.

But the Illuminati are never ones to let a good astrological aspect paired with a good name go to waste.  As Saturn (which is retrograde or appearing to move backwards through the sky and manifesting energetically to allow all sorts of things in life go out of bounds) makes a precise sextile to Pluto with the Moon transiting Pluto, lo and behold: Winter Storm Saturn.

Most readers here are familiar with the Illuminati’s use of hyper-dimensional geometry to steer weather systems.  They use math but the math also has energetic effects on life –  and they know this.  It looks like occult magic and in many respects it is, but it is actually an amalgm of math and the laws of spiritual science.  It’s gives the power to destroy through the use of weather.

Saturn and Pluto come now from the land of ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.  They are overlords who rule by power and control and also by the destruction of power and control in order to transform it into something else – something desired.  Their alliance is a powerful spell because it specifically captures the archetypal energies of both destruction and transformation.  Order out of chaos.

I say it a lot lately, but the transparency of these so-called Illuminati’s actions and intentions is boring.  They are annoying gnats.  From their recent track record we can even predict (although predict is sorely inaccurate because it’s just a repeating pattern and requires no powers of prediction) that whatever major motion picture release is being hyped in the media/advertising/news conglomerate will also have these motifs encoded in it (The Great and Powerful Oz translate The Great and Power Saturn translate the Great and Power Illuminati translate the Great and Powerful Supreme Archon).  Boring.  And it is something of a distraction to even discuss it.

There’s a counter to all of this and her name is The Great and Powerful Kali.  She is aware and engaged, let me assure you.  She may even have hijacked the Illuminati’s plan for Winter Storm Saturn et al and infusing some magic of her own in it.  Perhaps she is sending a message about her own targets.  She is the Mistress of Magic after all.  They don’t stand a chance.

Here is what all of this filters down to for us:  The energy is already heavy from the astrological effects of Chiron (discussed yesterday) and the alliance of Saturn and Pluto adds considerable weight.  You may feel like you are battling something.  This is where what we also discussed yesterday – butterfly medicine – comes into play.  The energy of Saturn and Pluto is about the breakdown and transformation of structures.  But any ideas about what needs to be broken down and transformed can be inserted into the energy to produce it.

We must state what we want to be broken down and what we want that broken down energy to be transformed into.

You can take this as far as you like but we are conscious co-creators now, communicating directly with the goddess Sophia who is embodied as the Earth.  One of her personas, Kali (who in turn has many personas of her own – the Mahavidyas) is working directly to shape things according to our communication.  We are on the playground with a Divine Being who is asking us what we want to play (see reports in Archives just before and after December 21, 2012 for more information about being on the playground).

Thoughts are powerful right now.  Mind where they take you.  And if you do see the Oz movie this weekend, view it with amazement about the power of humanity to create such beautiful works of art.  Put up a mental shield and recognize that it is a spell being played out at higher levels of normal awareness and this will suspend your participation in the spell.  It can be just a beautiful work of art.

Saul: Citizens Have Given Away Far Too Much of Their Power

As channeled by John Smallman – March 6, 2013


Listen to John read this latest message from Saul here:

Humanity’s desire for a better way of living is strengthening as more whistle-blowers reveal disturbing and unpleasant secrets that your “authorities” wish to suppress or keep hidden from you — secrets that clearly demonstrate that they cannot be trusted and should not have authority over anyone.

As they are revealed they further your desire for and intent to achieve major systemic change in all the myriad authoritarian organizations that have been spawned across the planet over the eons of your recorded history.

Histories are the stories that the winners and survivors choose to tell and write down, during or after the events they supposedly refer to, in order to show themselves as beings of wisdom and integrity working honestly for the good of all, when in truth they are always very heavily biased accounts, frequently offering out-and-out lies as truths to justify the chaos and suffering that they have caused in their determination to maintain their power and authority.

Humanity’s sojourn on Earth has, for the most part, been an ongoing struggle between rival factions attempting to set themselves up as the rightful authorities to whom you, the people, should happily and gratefully surrender your own personal power and many of the rights that go with it.

Needless to say, those who attain positions of power always feel a strong need to protect this status either by means of the laws they have formulated precisely for that purpose, or, failing that, by physical enforcement, using police, militias, or, in extreme circumstances, the state’s army. And as your history shows, those in power have never failed to use all the means at their disposal to maintain their expropriated powers.

Even in your so-called democracies the citizens have given away far too much of their power to their governments, enabling them to declare war on other nations, or even on their own citizens when they deem it in their own best and self-serving interests to do so. That power needs to be reclaimed. It can and should be done peacefully without force of arms.

Power can only be maintained and exercised over others if these others choose to allow it. Indeed, there are many recent examples of governments being “persuaded” to change their policies due to popular and peaceful demonstrations against them. Many changes will soon be occurring, or have already commenced, because of these kinds of peaceful activities which are on the increase all across the world.

You – the people, humanity – want a new age, a Golden Age, and you are starting to express this desire very forthrightly, thus bringing about the necessary changes to achieve it, for that is how change occurs.

A continuing outpouring of loving intent by you, the wayshowers and-Light bearers, for essential changes to occur in a peaceful, prompt, and efficacious manner enormously empowers this ongoing process. Do not let the apparent lack of progress, due to the mainstream media’s unwillingness to report it, distract or dissuade you from this important task.

Remind yourselves regularly of the fact that not only are you powerful divine beings intending to bring in the Golden Age, but you are achieving that aim! By reminding yourselves you raise your spirits and you strengthen the power of that intention.

It is, as you have been told before, a done deal. Nothing can prevent the divine plan coming to fruition, but the more frequently and intensely you focus on bringing it about then the sooner will you see it happen. It has happened already, eons ago. However, you cannot presently experience the reality of it because the purpose of the illusion is to hide Reality from you and persuade you that things will never change, or, if they do, that they will only do so very slowly. That is not the truth. Time is a major aspect of the illusion, and by changing your focus, your perception, you will see through the illusion as it dissolves, and time will dissolve with it.

Collectively, humanity is changing the way it perceives its illusory environment, and it has been doing this with steadily increasing awareness for the last five or six decades. The older ones among you can definitely see that great changes have occurred and are continuing to occur during your current lifetimes, as the willingness to engage in the “romance” of just wars has died away.

The wars presently being fought – philosophically, religiously, politically, economically, and physically – are the result of outdated ways of thinking, outdated philosophies of judgment, and the resultant condemnation of opposing viewpoints, followed by the emotional and egoic knee-jerk responses to situations that were never fully understood.

They are the last and doomed efforts of the old order — the self-appointed and arrogant leaders of authoritarian regimes trying to maintain their grip on power. The ineffectiveness of their attempts to hold on to that usurped authority are readily apparent to all who choose to see.

The desire that all of humanity live harmoniously together in a state of peace and abundance, and the intent to see that aim achieved, have become so strong, so intense that nothing can prevent its delivery. Hold to your truth, to your trust in the supremacy of your loving Father, and know that His Will always prevails.

With so very much love, Saul.

Emmanuel Dagher: March Energy Report – Awakening the Lotus Heart

By Emmanuel Dagher –   March 2013


Hi beautiful friend,

It’s a deep honor for me to connect with you again. The month of February has been relatively quiet, however with all the celestial happenings things have started to pick up again as we move into March.

The Lotus

The prominent theme emerging right now in our personal lives, and ultimately in the collective, is the continued awakening of the lotus heart. To understand what the lotus heart is, it’s important to look at what the lotus itself actually represents.

The Lotus flower has been quite a significant part of many cultures from ancient times until present day. The lotus flower represents divine purity, enlightenment, abundance and rebirth. If we look at where the lotus actually thrives the most, it is in the muddiest of waters where it rises and blossoms into its full glory. This is a powerful metaphor that reminds us of the lotus within ourselves. It reminds us that on a soul level, we knew, prior to entering this earthly matrix, that even though we would move through the muddy waters of life, we too would blossom into our full glory. We knew that every experience we went through would move us closer to connecting with and embodying the truest, most divine part of ourselves.

So what is the lotus heart actually? It’s the higher heart where divine love, bliss and freedom reside. These energies are who we are at our core. When the lotus within fully blossoms, there is no longer a need to dwell on or in our muddy past, because we know it all brought us to where we are today. We are in a time and space now where we can allow the lotus within to melt away the armor we’ve carried all these lifetimes. We can invite it to guide us towards a more blissful, comfortable and gentle journey.

Self Love – The Ultimate Priority

The first step to awakening the lotus heart is to love ourselves completely in all ways. For thousands of years, most societies have taught us to put everyone and everything ahead of us. Then, if we have any love left over at the end, we can give it to ourselves. For the most part, if we did not abide by this invisible rule of thumb, we were considered to be selfish. And because being selfish in our society is so looked down upon, it’s natural that we do everything we can to avoid being looked at in this way. In truth, what this mindset does is to separate us from experiencing our truest most fulfilled selves.

We are here to love ourselves first and foremost, and we’re not talking about egotistical/narcissistic love. We are talking about the kind of love that aligns us with the knowing that by loving ourselves we open up to becoming One with everything. This kind of love reminds us that we are actually the Universe expanding into more of itself. Because our minds have not been exposed to this way of thinking, it can be a little overwhelming to accept that we are actually the Universe itself. So, let’s be gentle with ourselves as the mind digests and anchors this wisdom at its own pace.

Galactic Love

By setting the intention to have a daily practice of self love, we start to replenish our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to such a degree that we no longer look outside of ourselves to feel complete, happy and whole. It is from this space of overflowing love that we can then be of service to, support and elevate the environment around us. Then, self love no longer appears as a selfish act, but rather it appears as a selfless act that honors and reveres the Universe within ourselves, in others and in all of life across time and space. Self love then leads us into Galactic love where we transcend all illusions of separation.

Letting Go of the Story

When the energies start to pick up as they are now, it can bring up to the surface deeply buried emotions that may feel uncomfortable. This will continue to happen until we actually face these emotions head on. Some examples of things we may want to start taking a closer look at and releasing right now are past heartbreaks, traumas, guilt, judgments, debts and any other false stories we had said yes to, thus preventing us from being our greatest selves.

One way of releasing all that no longer serves our highest good is forgiveness. We’re not talking about ego based forgiveness where judgment is involved. We are talking about universal forgiveness which gives us the opportunity to hand the stories we’ve burdened ourselves with over to the Universe. Forgiveness allows us to transcend the illusion that the past could have been any different. It shows us that the stories we created for ourselves do not truly define the miracle of who we really are.Lotus

Awakening the Lotus Heart

Once we truly begin loving ourselves, demonstrating galactic love and feeling universal forgiveness, all that is left for the lotus heart to fully awaken is compassion.

Compassion is the ability to love and care for the world around us without feeding into the illusion that it is broken or needs fixing in any way.

Compassion is not to be mistaken for sympathy. When we sympathize, we lower our vibration to a degree of forgetfulness that contributes to the illusion that we and those around us are anything less than whole and perfect. This usually leaves us feeling heavy and drained. Compassion does the exact opposite. It allows us to transcend the limiting stories that we and our society have created for ourselves. When we show true compassion, we create a powerful love vortex for ourselves and others to step into and this elevates us out of victim consciousness and into the empowered co-Creator consciousness of the Universe.

As the lotus heart continues to awaken in our personal lives and in the collective consciousness, a world that once seemed broken will suddenly start to look and feel bright, beautiful and whole once again.

Till next time,

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