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The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar, by Lee Wanta, July 30, 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

 The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar

… by  *Lee Wanta (Edited by Preston James, Ph.D.)
July 30, 2014
Source: Veterans Today
Thanks to L.

One alternative economic union

I have taken the time to read this article and to the best of my knowledge it is quite accurate. There is only one point (but there may be many) that I question: I think JFK was our last freely elected President, not Ronald Reagan. Because Wanta served Reagan, I think his views may be different than mine. It is a well known fact that George Bush, his VP, was behind the assassination attempt on Reagan, and my sense is that Reagan like all the others afterwards was simply meant to be a figurehead. Apparently, though, giving credit where it is due, he escaped that ignominy. I think however, that this is a small issue. For those of you previously unaware of what…

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