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[SpaceShot76] Q anon 12/6/18. “Case study on the clinton foundation” #QAnon #greatawakening #awakeningrevolution

[Suspicious Observers] M7.5 Quake/Tsunami, Volcano Shock, Supernova Coming | S0 News Dec.5.2018

[Citizens Investigative Report] #Qanon – White Sqall, Allow us to Counter, Glimpse into the Shadows #awakeningrevolution #greatawakening #QAnon

Benjamin Fulford: November 26, 2018 #awakeningrevolution #greatawakening

[James Munder] HEATED BORDER CRlSlS; COMEY SUBPOENAED Over CLINTON EMAILS & Kamala Harris 1St TO GO #awakeningrevolution

Benjamin Fulford: November 19, 2018

Benjamin Fulford: November 12, 2018