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AMAZING Social Networking Site – Join Me!

Hi, friends! I hope this finds you well.

Today, I want to share with you about a site I’ve recently joined called Spiritual Networks. The site is absolutely AMAZING, incredibly enlightening, and opens the door of opportunity for you to connect with spiritually-minded and guided folks from all over the world.

It is, in fact, very much like Facebook, but for the spiritually-minded. I’ve met countless incredible, warm, spiritually-focused and spiritually-energized new friends here and it would be a great disservice to not share it with YOU.

You can join for free, and when you do, please be sure to connect with me directly via this link.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Be well.

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NOW is the time …


NOW is the time! quote by Bryan Hall

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Hot News!

Hi, friends!

A few ‘not-to-be-missed’, ‘hot news’ notes for you today …

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Re-Released Due To Overwhelming Demand …

Hi, friends! I hope this finds you well.

"Peak Performance ... Peak LIFE!" by Bryan Hall with Joshua RoseDue to overwhelming demand, I am re-releasing my 1st ebook, Peak Performance … Peak LIFE! for a very limited time only and at an all-time low price!

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Be well, and as always, thank you for being here!

To YOUR Success, In Peace:

Bryan Hall


Article From The Archives …

Your Life – Self Growth Without Stress

by Bryan Hall


How is your life unfolding? Do you have the ability to step back and take a look ‘from the outside’, as if to be a spectator viewing your life and its most impacting events?

To be as successful as you can possibly be, you have to learn to take that look, almost as a third-person point of view. Doing so, and practicing this more and more, you should be able to see why and how certain events in your past … certain decisions you’ve made and actions you’ve taken, have affected your life’s ‘what happened next’, and how your decisions and actions TODAY will affect and impact your TOMORROW.

Now, let me be clear about something, my friends: None of this is hard. None of this should be difficult or stressful. Of course, it doesn’t happen all on its own; you have to put passion into action, so to speak. But, my belief, and what I want to help people understand, is that personal development, spiritual growth, etc, should NOT be hard or stressful!

So many of the self-help programs, books, and the like tend to create an incredible amount of stress on people. Most of us don’t have an hour a day to meditate (although, it doesn’t hurt, if you can make the time, and the benefits can be life-altering). Most of us don’t have ‘nothing else going on’ to where we can just sit and think positive thoughts or repeat positive affirmations (again, doesn’t hurt to do it, but who has the time to focus on just that?).

Reading positive books is AWESOME … and, yes, you have to ‘make the time’ to do that, but most of us have so much else going on in our lives, just between work and family, that it’s often hard to find time to be able to ‘make the time’.

And, when you have a goal of changing something about yourself, improving your life in one way or another, growing spiritually, and so on, the LAST thing you really need (or want) is to feel STRESSED over the process of ‘getting there’.

So, what can you (or, rather, ‘the average person’) do during your busy, hectic days to find/make time to grow within yourself, spiritually, and hence also use that growth and change to better all other aspects of your life (including your business)?

Well, for one thing, try to stop thinking so much about how busy and hectic and stressful your days are. The life you are living today IS the journey you are on … in sooo many ways! I don’t care if you ’stop to smell the roses’, but if you don’t at least take some time to be grateful for what blessings you have, no matter how big or small, and to cherish those moments that bring you the most joy and happiness, then you’re ‘living by default’, as I like to say.

In other words, don’t live simply to die … live to LIVE MORE … ENJOY the journey each moment along the way!

Take the time (or ‘make’, if you prefer – however you have to look at it) to read something positive before you get your day started, and do so every day. Make a habit of it. Scientifically speaking, it takes 21 days of a repeated thought/action to create a ‘habit’. You don’t have to be a ‘junkie’ about it … just make a habit of a few new or different things in your life, and watch how your life changes!

I posted at my blog quite awhile back about the highly-acclaimed My Daily Insights email subscription. Other than on Fridays, when they send out a more lengthy ’Friday Story’, the My Daily Insights emails usually take 20 seconds or less to read, they are ALWAYS positive and thought-provoking, and CAN set the tone for your entire day!

Here’s another idea that’s really simple and stress-free, that I also talk about more in-depth in my ebook, Peak Performance … Peak LIFE!

Most people bathe on a daily basis. It’s part of your routine, right? Well, why not take a bit of that ‘alone time’ (assuming you bathe alone, that is ), and think about some of the things you’re grateful for, happy for, and some of the things you want to change/do/have/be/etc in your future? For most of us, there isn’t a much better time during our days to think about those types of things, or to spend even just a few moments in gratitude for the blessings we have.

Besides, there’s something to be said about cleaning the body while cleansing the mind and soul at the same time, allowing all of the dirt and grime of any ‘negative’ to wash away. Try it – you’ll see what I mean!

Personally, I worked very hard to change negative habits, to channel the inherent positive attitudes and energies that I believe we are all born with. And, to this day, I have my ‘bad moments’, just like the next guy does. But, it’s how you look at those ‘bad moments’ and what you do with them from that point forward that really matters.

Keep in mind, you aren’t going to change overnight, but if you don’t put the passion to grow behind action, then change never will happen other than by re-active or forced change, which most of us will fight against, sub-consciously at least, and may even self-sabotage because of, in that fighting effort.

When you take control and take responsibility for your own spiritual growth, personal development, etc, then change doesn’t ‘happen to you’ … you allow and encourage it to happen for you by way of setting it into motion to begin with. And, believe me, no one is more in charge of your life than YOU, my friend! It’s up to you, and you can do it.

Start today – right now!

Believe in yourself!


Powerful Quote

The most powerful thing you can do to change the world, is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people, reality, to something more positive … and begin to act accordingly.

Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization


Choices …

Hey, All! GREAT question from Gregg this week who asked, “How is it possible to stay positive when so many of the people in my life keep bringing me down? What can I do about it and what would you tell me if you were my coach?”

My response …

“Well, Gregg, for one thing, I would tell you to think long and hard about the people who are in your life. If they’re continuously (and/or consistently) bringing you down, then why are they still a part of your life?

You’ve gotta learn to weed ’em out, as tough as it might be to do so … and that goes for folks who have been friends for years, those who are newer friends, someone you’re in relationship with, or even family members. At most, keep your distance and keep that ‘spiritual bubble’ around yourself when you’re in their presence to help you in protecting your positive, loving energy without allowing them to invade that space or energy with negativity.

Keep in mind, these people in your life ARE serving a purpose, that of which, at a bare minimum, is to remind you of what I’m about to tell you, and to push you to continue along your path of spiritual growth. Are they serving you beyond that purpose, tho? Ask yourself this, find and then face the answer, and take the appropriate action of either ‘weeding them out’ or giving them the chance to understand your feelings, at least, and then letting them make their own decisions as to what kind of energy they wish to project upon you at that point (in which case, you still have the right and responsibility to make choices of your own).

See, Gregg, here’s the bottom line(s) of what I’m saying …

The mindset you embrace is your choice, and no one else’s.

The energy you project is your choice, and no one else’s.

The attitude you reflect, the altitude you aspire to, the level of peace, well-being, and love you bask in is your choice, and no one else’s.

Choose wisely, from one moment to the next.

It’s really quite personal, while also affecting of those around you and those you are able to touch. Those who are in your life and do not recognize these facts, hold the same beliefs, take the same level of responsibility for the energies they project, reflect, share, etc are on a path of their own. Their path may not be anywhere near the type of path you’re on, but if they are having a negative impact on you, then you have the choice and the power to choose and change how they affect you. No one else is going to do it for you, my friend.

I hope this helps!”

And, I hope this helps at least one other person who reads this.

Questions? Comments? Fill in below, please.

Thanks for being here!

To YOUR Success, In Peace: