[RAINBOW PHOENIX] General Message for Mankind – the Chrysalis Experience


Via Rainbow-Phoenix, With Love …

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General Message for Mankind – the Chrysalis Experience
That which is Cosmic Awareness is available at this time. This Awareness asks the energizers to please proceed.
Thank you, and thank you Awareness for being available for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of October 30, 2013. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter for your messages, Joan Mills the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, and the Law of Unity have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss at this time please?
That this Awareness does indeed have an opening message, a general opening message, one that is to be shared on the Rainbow-Phoenix website for one and all to read here and receive.
That this Awareness wishes to speak now about this important phase that is currently underway. That It has spoken previously of events that have occurred and have been experienced at the various individual levels that the individuals on this planet are at: the levels of their own personal spiritual evolutionary stages of development. That It has spoken of the 2012 Ascension event that occurred on December 21st as that point where Divine Consciousness finally entered into human consciousness. This is not to suggest that Divine Consciousness was not present previously for It was and always has been and always will be.

But the event that is called the Ascension event of December 21st was a moment where all on their own level of inner experience encountered the Divine within themselves, encountered the Divine Force that was re-entering at a new level into the fabric of humanity itself, into the fabric of Mother Earth herself, was elevating the experience to new levels whereby individuals, each and every individual on the planet, had an intense inner experience of connection to the Godhead, to the new power of that which is the Divine Expression that is entering at a new level.

This new level was one that participated with the Design Plan of the God Force, the Godhead. This Divine Plan acknowledges and stipulates that which has been is ended and that even though it did not appear so for the majority, still the new blueprint was initiated; the new blueprint of human development, of spiritual development, of planetary development, and all who connected at that time were given this blueprint to guide their future development. That all were given choice as to whether or not they would activate this new blueprint and allow it to commence, or not.

That for many their soul purpose still lies within the parameters old templates. Thus it is there are many who will choose to not expand but rather to retract. There are many who would continue to be subject to the manipulations of those Archons/Reptilian/Orion forces that have so long had dominance on the planet. From that which is a soul level it is still that which the soul craved to experience and craves to experience. Thus the majority of humanity at that time was not aware that anything occurred at all as they reviewed their own soul plans and made further decisions of whether to continue or to move in new directions.

For many others a choice was made whereby they have chosen to now enter the slipstream of spiritual soul development that will lead them eventually to a point of their own Ascension and their own illumination. That this does not mean it would be an instantaneous event. It simply meant and means that many are now on the planet who are coming from the old templates, but that those old templates are breaking up, new templates are forming and are underlying that which can be.

That which can be the evolutionary process of that which this Awareness has called the balanced and harmonized planet A/B. That still others upon reviewing their soul plans saw indeed that they were here to move forward into new levels of consciousness, into the new being of themselves as expressions of Spirit – active, awake, alert and aware. This is also that which is underway for many and these ones are those who could be said to have reached an experience and understanding of enlightenment and chosen to move now actively into this direction. This process is still underway.

That after December 21st, 2012, there followed a nine-month period that this Awareness has described as that period of formulation and development in that which would be the womb space of the Divine. That this womb space includes Mother Earth herself, as she too went through a crucial period of development of the consciousness that is the planetary consciousness of Mother Earth, of Gaia. That for many individuals this period of time saw much inner work taking place, a review of many lifetimes done often at an unconscious level, done during the sleep and dreaming stages. That many have done crucial work and in some ways are unaware of the work that they have been doing. But it has nonetheless been done and is still underway for many.

That September 21st marked the birth of the individual soul as they moved into the next more activated stage and that this activation, this birth has shown many that work done during that period of the nine-month developmental stage had impact and importance, and they have felt a shift in their energies and in their life experiences. Again, there are those who feel this process more actively and powerfully than others who seem not to be as cognitive of the energies, but are still linked in nonetheless. This is a process that is multispectral in nature.

This means that there are many hues and colors and rays of individualization that compromise and compose the full spectrum of spiritual experience in this stage and in this process.

There are a handful that are exceedingly awake and alert to this process but the majority here are still in a relative state of unconsciousness. This does not mean work is not being done at the inner levels. This work is continuous, along all strata of consciousness, be it at the third dimensional level or the fifth or the seventh or the twelfth. That this movement in the expansion of consciousness is that which is the universal for all consciousness. Spirit always seeks to improve, to evolve, to reach the next stage of comprehension, understanding and awareness.

That on September 21st that which was the nine months of intense personal inner growth was completed. It has shifted now. It has moved now. That with the birth an activation has begun. The new life has been birthed, the new journey has begun. That at this time a process is underway that this Awareness would describe as an internalization and transformation from what once was to what will be. That again, for the majority this is an unconscious process that is moving them forward in their own evolutionary process, but many are having an experience at this time that is almost indescribable. They are aware that they are no longer in Kansas, but are not yet aware where they truly are.

That in this stage of development and process, that which once was is less accessible, less real to that which is and which will be. But as that which will be has not yet formulated and that which is, is undefinable for many, there is a sense or feeling of questioning of what is happening, what is occurring. It cannot be easily put into words and yet many are sensing this is simply no longer the planet it once was.

They may have intellectual, mental conceptualization of what is happening but this is not is exactly the be-all and end-all, for part of the process is shifting away from the mental sphere of engagement exclusively to the balanced inclusion of the heart/feeling/emotional state with the mental state of comprehension.

That for many they have entered into that which would be called by this Awareness as the Chrysalis State of their journey, of their transformational journey into the higher realms of being. That in the chrysalis, that which was once the caterpillar undergoes a complete transmutation. That which was once the body of the caterpillar is dissolved away and enters into a slurry state, a liquid state, a soup of chemicals and minerals that are contained within the chrysalis. What is not lost however is that which is the spiritual blueprint of the caterpillar, and it is this blueprint that each caterpillar contains within itself that initiates a process of development, of transmutation into a new form, into the body of a butterfly. That when this process is complete the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis and takes its place in the world, a transmuted being from that which was a low state of consciousness symbolically; this of course being the caterpillar state, into a higher more refined state and expression; this of course being the butterfly.

That humanity, especially those who have been following consciously and unconsciously the blueprint of spiritual development and growth, both on an individual level as well as the universal level, have entered into this chrysalis state. That work that has been done previously over the nine-month period is that which will largely determine for those individuals who have entered into the chrysalis the further growth and development, the transmutative powers that are underway, that will lead into the creation of the butterfly.

Those who did strong work during the nine-month period are now in the chrysalis state, and that even though what has been birthed on the 21st of September is also fully underway, this process is one that has much to do with the refinement of Spirit to exhibit itself in a new way, to come forward as the ascended being, the fifth dimensional consciousness that will be available to play in third dimensionality.

This state that many are going through, but not all this Awareness must add, is intense in nature and undefinable for the majority. They simply know at some level that they are going through something and that changes are happening, that the world they left is no longer available totally and the world they are in is not yet completely understood and available. They are in that inbetween state, they are in that period of re-formation of that which has been into that which will be.

That this may confuse many, for many would say “have they not already been reborn upon the completion of the nine-month period, and that which this Awareness has called the birth on 21st of September?” It is true that many have gone through such experience but this is a gradient of further experience and development. That those who have gone through this nine-month period with some level of awareness and understanding, albeit conscious or unconscious, that they are now at a point of further refinement and continuance of a process.

But others are where they need to be and are not going through this process, through this chrysalis developmental stage. This does not mean they are not where they are meant to be. It simply means that there are some that are proceeding even further into the transmutation process of their being so that they can fully emerge as the butterfly of new being that lies ahead.

For those who are at this time experiencing this state of beingness, this this state of consciousness, this experience that is undefinable and impossible to describe, this Awareness does say that you have arrived into the chrysalis state and that which is forming is nothing short of a complete transmutation of body, mind, heart and soul into the higher expression of body, heart, mind and soul that is your multidimensional personality, that is your spiritual being.

Therefore at this time, those who are in this chrysalis are in the chrysalis of becoming that which they have always been, that which they always will be. That others will enter into this chrysalis at another time that is right and proper in terms of their own soul growth and development. This Awareness reminds all that not all caterpillars become butterflies immediately. That this is an ongoing process, year after year, each new generation of caterpillars moving towards that individualized experience of going into the chrysalis and transmuting and transforming into a higher expression of that which is the caterpillar/butterfly experience.

That there are simply those right now who are themselves undergoing this transformational experience that is reforming their body quite literally, that is reforming the emotional body quite literally, that is reforming the mental body quite literally, and is reinforcing the spiritual body, that is also being reinforced and reborn.

Therefore if any who are hearing or reading the words of this Awareness at this time are undergoing a period of cessation, of a suspended state where it seems that nothing is quite real but nothing is quite manifest – what the experience will bring many is a sense of suspended animation, an awaiting of the formation of something that has never been truly experienced by the one moving towards it and yet is held within oneself. This state of suspended animation, if you will, this null point of experience, is part of the journey itself and rather than dissect it, analyze it, figure it out, this Awareness recommends that one relax into this period.

That indicators that one is in such a period of transformation in the chrysalis of becoming the new being is a factor that many are also experiencing, a factor of non-activity in their physical lives, as if that which was once the norm has also been suspended. For some who have been busy with their lives, it is as if the busyness is gone. For those who have been working diligently at their jobs, whatever those jobs may be, it is it is as if the job ceases. One may even indeed go in to work every day but it is hollow and mechanical and does not sustain or nurture those ones who are in this crucial and critical stage.

There are others that are finding that if they are running their own business, that business is exceedingly slow at this time, as if everything has dried up and that which was the norm is not occurring at this time. This is due to the energetics of this phase of development and rather than battle this, fight this, resist this, this Awareness suggests one submits to the energies that are happening, for they are intense indeed and focused on the transformational process.

That distraction away from this process will hinder and draw out the process. That which is a compliance, if you will, to that which is occurring will speed the process along and obtain results all the quicker. But it is an individual choice as it always is as to how one will manage this experience. One can force themselves into activity, but be not surprised if nothing comes of this and that one still experiences a slowdown, even a cessation of work or events that one normally participated in. One may not even have the desire to do what one normally did on a daily basis; again this is simply part of the process.

As to how long this process will take, this is completely dependent on each and every individual. As this Awareness explained a moment ago, there are ways of dragging this process out, of hindering it. There are ways of accelerating the process, going with it, developing into the new being because one is committed to this and will do what is needed and necessary to achieve it. But one way or another for those who are going through this experience, the experience of being in the chrysalis of re-formation, of the meltdown of the old body, mind, heart and soul into the new body, mind, heart, and soul of the expanded ascended being, that one is best served by submitting and going with the flow.

That this is a magnificent state of transformation that is the prerogative of each and every human being. Indeed each and every human’s destiny to experience at some point the spiritual, evolutionary process. Many are not at this point and will need to have further experiences in a third dimensional, dualistic paradigm of reality. Many are now transcending that old third-dimensional state of consciousness into that which is the new state of being. The laws and rules governing this new state of being are not yet known to individuals but they are carried still within oneself. Therefore this landscape is unidentifiable by many and it will be needed, indeed the emergence from the chrysalis before one recognizes they are the new being and there are new rules and laws that apply and not the old ones. But this is still ahead.

During this period of the chrysalis, that one is to simply go within. Be that which is in process, allow the reality of experience around oneself to manifest as it will, to not retract or contract, for this hinders the process, but to embrace all that is being brought forward, even the world events that are occurring that can be for so many a source of contraction if one becomes too absorbed into those overwhelming events.

Neutrality is the state of being best maintained during this period where one is simply neutral to what is occurring around them in the physical world but open to that which is occurring in that inner state of being, that transformative, transmutative state of being that is underway.

That this is indeed the chrysalis of becoming that many are in now and many will go into when they are ready, whenever that may be. In the meantime simply be available in your physical state of being to that which is unfolding around you but do not become absorbed by it. Do not play too heavily in the dreams of the dark ones, for they will pull you back indeed and prevent this stage of your growth. But fortunately this Awareness can state that the majority who are here in this state of becoming are already beyond the grasp of those dark ones and need not worry about being pulled back for they have obtained that balance and that neutrality that will allow them to move forward.

This information is given mostly to those who are battling still the dualistic reality they find themselves in, who are still holding that they are in danger in this dualistic world and that they are unhappy with the state of their spiritual existence. This of course would mean that ones who are at that level are not yet ready for this chrysalis experience, but that many are already in this experience and moving rapidly forward.

That this experience is profound. It is the birthright of Spirit emerging back from that which was limited reality separated from Spirit back into collective reality, individualized for each individual but part of that which is also the greater whole, the greater collective.

This Awareness will have more to say on this matter at a different time. Today’s message was the message of hope and understanding for those who are in the chrysalis of their own becoming and for those who are moving towards this experience. This Awareness would say of those in the experience: always look within, see the Light of Spirit, for It always shines within and therefore, no matter what the experience may bring the individual, the Light of the Divine is with you, the Light of this Awareness beckons you. Hold to the Light, follow the Light, know you are the Light and the Light within is that which is your Light, the Divine Light, God’s Light.

That this brings today’s general message now to completion. It is done.

Thank you, Awareness. That was absolutely beautiful, absolutely. Thank you so, so much.


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