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Friends: This is an incredibly-interesting piece by John Van Auken, a Director of the Edgar Cayce organization, Association for Research and Enlightenment (“A.R.E.”). Enjoy! Much love!!! ❤ ~ bryan

The Four Creations from the Akasha

The Mayan-Aztec Four Suns or Ages and the 5th Age of Movement correspond fairly well with the four creations followed by a major change described by Cayce as he reads the akashic records. He lists these ages in order as: 1st & 2nd in Mu, the Motherland; 3rd in Atlantis, 4th in Eden, and 5th the change indicated in the story of Noah. In each of the first four creation periods Cayce identifies a new body-type or “root race,” as he called them. Then, the Noah period was the being of movement that would result in a new, fifth body-type or root race that is to appear during the early centuries of our present new millennium. Here are Cayce’s creations from the akashic records:

1st & 2nd in Mu, The Motherland

Up to this point in time much of the involvement with matter and the Earth was in the mental dimensions (the realms of thoughts and ideas), but about 12 million years ago, halfway through the Neocene period, the minds of the godlings moved into matter toincarnate, in the purest sense of that word. The first group focused their attention on the Pacific continent of Mu. Here the self-seeking godlings pushed their minds into whatever forms appealed to them. The resulting forms were the half human, half animal or plant bodies, the first “root race.” These intermingled forms existed for about 2 million years.

The godlings who remained in the formless realms did not impress their minds and hearts in matter but attempted to help from their better vantage point, like guiding or guardian angels. The legend of the fallen angels originates here. According to this legend, an angel named Lucifer; literally “light giver” &endash; considered to be the “bright morning star,” or Venus, with a rebel army of angels numbering 133 million were defeated by the archangel Michael and his army of 266 million. Acting under God’s orders, Michael removed the rebels from the heavens and cast them down into Earth and Hell until they had repented of their sins. The principle sin leading to this battle was pride. Lucifer, who had once been the mightiest of the seraphim, and his angels had come to think of themselves with such “hubris,” as Dante writes in his Divine Comedy , that by the sheer weight of their self-centeredness they fell out of the gossamer-like realms of heaven into the depths of matter, becoming stuck there in a vast tomb called Hell. The descending godlings were the falling angels.

In Cayce’s reading of the Akasha, the fallen angels were redeemable, and many enlightened “angels” attempted to help them. But those that had become too terrestrial were difficult to communicate with or were no longer listening. For Cayce, the chief motivation for the fall was a heightened sense of self, with little to no sense of the Oneness, and increasing desires for sensual gratification, in many cases, of the basest kind. This led to the push into matter. He explains that there is only one energy, and it may be raised to enliven and enlighten life or lowered to levels that allow one to sensually intermingle with the beastly influences. After such intermingling, the mind is contaminated with these influences and cannot easily rise up to the higher levels of consciousness and energy, leaving the individual bound to the lower realms.

It was time for another creation, a second root race form, one that would allow more awareness of the higher realms of consciousness and the oneness. Despite the dangers to one’s own consciousness, some of the more enlightened godlings decided to incarnate in order to help those who had become trapped in lower realms of selfness and matter. Among these incoming helpers was one called Ouowu. The name was not exactly that of an individual as we have today. Rather, it was the collective name for a soul group, all of whom were called “Ouowu.” Individuality was not nearly what it has become today. Differentiating one soul or mind from another wasn’t done; many were still very much a collective. Names were also the sound of the vibrations of the group rather than simply a label. To say the name was to evoke the vibration, energy, or spirit of that group. Eventually, however, Ouowu became individualized, associated with a single soul and mind as the individuation continued its course. In such cases, other soul members of the original group took on variations of the original name that best expressed their own individualizing qualities, such as Ouo, Ouo-tu, Ouo-mu, and so on. Ouowu became the individualized leader of this enlightened group of souls, dedicated to helping the lost ones without losing grasp on the truth themselves.

Many other groups were involved in this mission, notably Io and Lala-mu, which we will meet later. Collectively, the groups of enlightened ones were called “The Children of the Law of One” because of their insistence that there was only one force in the universe, and all life came from and lived within that One. They taught that matter may be diverse but there is only one energy. They also taught that actions and thoughts produce reactions that must be met, an idea that the Children of Darkness considered absurd and just another attempt to keep them from doing whatever they wanted. In Vedic philosophy this law of action-reaction is called “karma,” and affects everyone, whether one is aware of it or not.

Ouowu and her soul group perceived how the self-driven godlings had become dense and heavy; their minds narrower, less universal. As she and her soul-group studied this phenomenon they realized that the self-driven ones were moving so deeply into the Earth’s dimension that they were separating from the higher, lighter dimensions of the cosmos and taking on the forms of creatures indigenous to this little planet. Out of energy and into matter, they were becoming terrestrial and solid, and communication with them was increasingly difficult. Their essence was the same, but just as water is vaporous in the clouds but can harden to ice, these once vaporous, cloud-like godlings were crystallizing into separated, solid forms. Their minds seemed trapped in these forms. But Ouowu knew this began long ago with their willful desire to separate from oneness and experience self without regard for the consequences. There was no greater sense of separation than to be in one single body, all by yourself. It was the ultimate impact of an out-of-control individuation process which had so much promise yet so much danger. Self was the evil &endash; a self with no sense of or concern for the rest of life. To Ouowu’s amazement, these Earthly beings had developed a hierarchy among themselves, setting some souls above others, something that was totally alien in the celestial spheres where they were all children of the same family and parentage, equals. To add to this fall from paradise, the leaders of the terrestrial groups were expounding a belief that there actually was no central universal consciousness to whom they need remain attuned; their source of life was not a formless Creator but simply the visible forces of Nature. They encouraged all to take what they wanted from life.

Successful survivors deserved to live better and use the labor of the others because it would improve the species. Power, superiority, force, strength, and survival of the fittest were among their new ideals and teachings. Ouowu and her soul-group considered this to be nonsense. They reasoned that some great distortion of perception had come over these minds, and in order to see the truth again they needed to regain their finer nature. However, in order for the soul-group to communicate with these Earthbound minds they would have to move deeper into the Earth’s dimensions themselves, a move few of them wanted to make. Yet, they couldn’t just leave these lost souls in such a ridiculous state of awareness.

Obviously, things had gotten beyond a brief flirtation with the Earth. It was now time to develop a long-range plan for dealing with the situation. On this point, many of the Children of the Law of One disagreed or had other ideas about how best to deal with the problem. For the first time a difference of opinion arose within the ranks of the Children of Oneness. Some felt that they had done enough to help the lost ones and, since they wanted to stay lost, let them go. Others felt that sending good minds after bad was a waste. But some felt that they only needed to find safe, isolated locations on the planet’s surface and build centers to maintain a light presence in this dimension to which any mind could turn when one had had enough of self-seeking and wanted to rediscover one’s original purpose and nature. Ouowu, Io, and Lala-mu were among those, and prepared their collective selves to enter. In order to do this a body type more suited for corporeal manifestation or physical incarnation would have to be developed. The semi-forms used to this point were either too ethereal to be useful in this world or too contaminated with selfish vibrations to be of help to the incoming enlightened minds. A new form was needed, one that would allow the incarnate mind and spirit to maintain its attunement to formless life while in this world of form.

According to Cayce’s reading of the Akasha, this second body type was created about 10 million years ago in Mu, termed the “second root race” body. Souls that entered these bodies were coming to keep the balance in the realm of material life, not to satisfy or gratify their appetites or egos. Though these bodies were not like bodies today, they had human-like form but were more comparable to focused fields of energy, light, and thought rather than flesh and bone. The second body type was powerful compared to our bodies, bridging the spiritual with the material. Whereas today we have seven endocrine glands secreting hormones, these bodies had seven whirling energy centers, known in the Vedas and Yoga Sutras as “chakras” or “padmes.” In these centers a powerful electromagnetic interplay of positive and negative charges, yin and yang, generated energy. This was not an arbitrary selection of seven.

The bodies were being developed according to what the godlings saw as natural characteristics of this world. As sunlight is refracted by matter into seven primary parts: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, so these light beings manifested with seven energy centers: root, naval, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead, and crown of the head. 7 Macaw, the prideful Lord of Death, may correspond to the chakras in the physical body when under the influence of selfish desires and ego-exalting urges, with little regard for the concerns and needs of the higher mind. In these early days, their whirling centers generated enough élan vital or electrical energy to light a small modern town. Every atom contains both positive and negative charged particles, so electricity cannot be separated from matter. Magnetism, conductivity, and crystal structure are all phenomena of electrical fields. The space around charged particles is an electrical field. Thus, “bodies” were fields of focused electricity. From thought-forms these beings had moved closer to materialization by becoming dynamic matter. Of course, this was the form of the godlings, the gods; others were so immersed into matter that they were more animal than god. It was the age of gods and monstrosities. The consistency of the godlings’ second root race bodies was not fixed or set. Their powerful minds could concentrate these forms at a specific place, walk and talk, and then shift to ethereal formlessness, disappearing completely. But this was during the very early periods when they still had their heavenly connections.

As time went on and the godlings lived more and more in this dimension, their bodies became more structured and three-dimensionally defined because their minds gradually lost a sense of the formless reality. What was originally an idea, a thoughtform, was crystallizing into matter. They became what we call today “real.” You see, in these ancient times imagination was not illusion or idle daydreaming but actual creation. Actually, it still is, but few believe it, so it lies dormant within us. As the mind conceived, so it manifested. Imagination was and is the power behind creation, even creation of “real” matter.

As the increasing descent into matter took hold on these minds and hearts, they became heavier and less free to move between form and formlessness, between the realms of matter and those of pure energy. Egypt’s famous “weighing of the heart” scene may harken to this, a light heart indicative of one’s ability to pass through the darkness of the Netherworld on up to the heavens.

Despite Ouowu’s high ideals and purposes, she and her soul group eventually could not easily shift the conditions of their bodies into the infinite state. They learned instead to place their physical forms in sleep-like states while their minds and spirits sojourned in the higher dimensions. This required that their bodies be cared for in order for them to take possession of them upon returning from the ethereal sojourns. Temples were constructed for these periods of cosmic attunement. The temples were designed to accentuate electrical energy within the body, within the planet, around the planet (the magnetosphere), and beyond the planet, especially in relation to the Sun’s energy.

As the two sides became more clearly defined, the Children of Darkness became more rebellious and war-like, attacking the more vulnerable Children of the Law of One. And though the Children of the One were powerful, they were not war-like. Ouowu knew that she and her group needed to find remote, isolated places to avoid these constant confrontations with the terrestrials, and to carry on their work assisting in the re-enlightenment of any who wanted to recapture the glory that was theirs before the world was. In addition to raging Children of Darkness, there were other dangers on this planet. At this time in the Earth’s evolution the dinosaurs were long gone (occurring between 70 million to 220 million years ago – Mesozoic era), but it was still the Neocene period when large mammals were increasing in size and number and posing serious danger to incarnate beings. This was not a concern in the early stages of incarnation because they retained so much of their powers, but as they became more a part of the Earth, losing their connections to Nature and the source of power, they became very vulnerable to physical damage.

However, at this time in the human journey, death was not yet a cyclical experience. As difficult as it may be to understand, Cayce notes that these beings, even the evil ones, did not die, but lived for as long as they wanted or as long as their bodies were not damaged; that could be hundreds or even thousands of years. One of the key characters in Cayce’s readings of the Akasha is an Atlantean priestess named Alyne. She lived for six thousand years, leaving of her own accord to sojourn in the deeper meditations of the realms of Jupiter. This strange statement recalls that these are children of the cosmos, not just this little, blue planet that has become so important to us, and there are many realms beyond this world. Yet, while incarnate, one was vulnerable to physical laws and physical damage, which could lead to the soul having to abandon the body.

The enlightened ones also chose to abandon their magnificent temples rather than contend with the negative influences of invading terrestrials. Raising the energies of contention, confrontation, and war within their bodies and minds was abhorrent to the enlightened ones. They would just as soon leave the material structures and build new ones elsewhere. Eventually, Ouowu and her companions moved to an island off the eastern coast of Mu in the land of the morning sun and there built another center. Life at the center consisted of spending long periods of time in the formless life of pure energy and oneness, then coming back into the formed life of physical manifestation with wisdom, understanding, and power, and then conveying these to any who would listen.

During their periods of physical manifestation they would teach and heal those who had become entrapped in matter and whose minds could not connect with formless life. The terrestrially trapped ones also had to be sustained with food, shelter, and clothing, and protected from the assaults of the Children of Darkness and large animals. Ouowu and her companions became caretakers of these people. By virtue of their attunement, they could use the forces of Nature, the Sun’s energy, and the Earth’s magnetic fields (both internal and atmospheric) to generate power that could be used to light, heat, and protect those in and around the center. The few who retained high levels of attunement to Nature and the One could affect the temperature, atmospheric pressure, and winds in order to affect weather and thereby grow food year-round. Unfortunately, these abilities attracted many terrestrials that were not so much seeking enlightenment as sustenance. But Ouowu reasoned that it was better to have them under her influence even if their motivations were less than the highest.

Other enlightened groups built centers throughout Mu. In the South the collective group known as “Io” built a large temple complex. As this group became more individualized, the high priestess Io manifested as their leader. And, on the Western shores of Mu, the priestess Lala-mu developed a huge center and taught all who came that all power, all glory, all happiness is from the One original Mind, and all entities are of that Holy One, whether they still know it or not. Lala-mu’s teachings spread across Mu, uplifting many who were growing tired of the limitations and confusions of matter, but raising the ire of the leadership of Children of Darkness, who sought to destroy her. But she and her soul group were clever and powerful, in gentle ways, such as creating visual illusions that confused the physically-powerful terrestrials who hunted but never found her. There were several other centers, all in out-of-the-way places.

Work in the various light centers was in two fundamental areas: First, animal characteristics had to be removed from the minds and bodies of the intermingled or contaminated ones. One of the primary methods for diminishing these influences was through music. The music of the spirit in its activity through a physical body would quell the breast of many a tortured soul or tortured body that was warring within itself with the-spirit-that-is-willing but the-flesh-that-is-weak. The music, using reed instruments or flutes, would help minimize the body’s desires and elevate the spirit’s. Through this sacred music some terrestrials saw visions of their former selves, and once their minds perceived their truer selves, their physical forms responded in kind, losing many or all of the animal features and urges. Second, the temple needed to provide training and assistance for regaining attunement to the finer, lighter realms of formless life and the underlying Oneness. This required experiences in the dimensions of mind and spirit. The more one experienced these, the less matter possessed one. Many were helped at the light centers, but Mu would not survive the discordant energies of the Children of Darkness. In addition to breaking the natural laws of procreation and phylum order, they carelessly messed with the forces of the atom and gravity. The disharmony became so great that even the Earth, Mother Nature, revolted and began to shake and explode from the discordant vibrations. Mu broke into pieces, into islands. The misapplied, misdirected energy had shakened matter. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and weather changes transformed the Motherland Mu.

Many of the contaminated bodies were destroyed in these cataclysms. Those who were attuned foresaw the coming changes and the signs that the end to this era was upon them. Some of the enlightened ones willingly left the carnal life (they “died” to their projected forms) to sojourn in other dimensions until the Earth was ready for another try. But others did not leave their bodies, choosing to join in a great migration to safer lands. Ouowu and her band of light bearers abandoned their center and sailed east into the rising Sun, coming to what is today Arizona and New Mexico, becoming the mysterious cliff-dwellers in these areas. Io and her group migrated to the lands known today as Peru, becoming the predecessors of the Incas. Lala-mu and her followers migrated to one of the island remnants of Mu, called La Mu, or simply La, and there continued their work until more changes forced them into the Indochina areas. Much of the wisdom and work of Mu was scattered throughout the Pacific to Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Nan Madol on Pohnpei Island, the Marianas, Palau, Kosrae, Guam, Tahiti, and so on. Some of these peoples and their wisdom moved on further, entering into Peru and the western lands of Mexico and Guatemala. For example, some early Olmec statues and altar images match the Samoan people’s appearance perfectly.

Unfortunately, self-seeking was not the sole possession of the terrestrially-bound minds. Free will and independent consciousness were God-given gifts, yet with just the slightest shift in intent, these sublime gifts could become weapons of devils. Every companion had to struggle to subdue their self-only desires in order to remain in harmony with the Creator and the other companions. Ouowu struggled hard to maintain her attunement and to aid those who sought her guidance and counsel. But she could feel herself assuming more and more the substance of the Earth, and as she struggled with the leaders of the Children of Darkness, she found herself becoming more determined to force her views upon them. This righteous and well-meaning desire was subtly giving strength to forces of self-interest. Although aware of this she seemed unable to stop herself. The first and second ages were coming to an end and the third was about to begin. It would lead to the first true Eden of the World. The hope of everyone was riding on a new potential for healing, enlightenment, and victory over the forces that had taken such strong hold of the godlings.

Third Atlantis: Eden of the World, Male & Female, and the Five Races

About 210,000 B.C., many souls began a fresh incarnation in legendary Atlantis, a continent in the Atlantic Ocean. Mu was now many islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, and though some temples were still providing help, the age of Mu was ebbing. It had gone on for an amazingly long time, nearly 12 million years, but by 50,700 B.C., it would be only a legend, a myth. Atlantis was the new hot spot for dynamic life, transformation, and new hope. The incarnations in Atlantis would be purely second root-race bodies; no mixed animal forms. The Children of One and the Children of Darkness both began to use these bodies. These bodies were androgynous, hermaphroditic, having both sexes in one; as do many plants, some animals, and the mythological Hermaphroditus, the bisexual child of Hermes and Aphrodite. Therefore, godlings, good and bad, could conceive new bodies within themselves, attracting fellow souls to inhabit them, often from their soul group. Even though these bodies were androgynous, souls tended to accentuated one sexual aspect, and feminine was the predominant aspect during the early periods in Earth. It was an age of feminine rule. All the major leaders were predominantly feminine in their expression. Although Ouowu, Io, and Lala-mu were predominantly feminine, they had male energies as well. Because of this they could conceive within themselves; no coupling with another body was required.

To build their communities, they would often conceive new bodies, gestate them in the wombs of their minds, and then bring them forth into the form world to be inhabited by souls coming out of the unseen realms of formless life. But Atlantis would be a new era, one in which many amazing changes would bring about better conditions for all &endash; at least that was the intention. Sexual unity may appear to be a good thing, but this world was a lonely place for souls in separate, individual bodies. The oneness and community that was always present in the boundless dimensions of mind and spirit were difficult to experience in the world. Each mind was isolated in a separate body. But that was about to change.

According to the Akasha, Eden, that garden with God, first occurred around 106,000 B.C. in a paradisiacal portion of Atlantis called Poseidia (possibly identified with Poseidon, the Greek mythological god of the sea; the Romans called this god Neptune). According to the Akasha, it wasn’t until about 12,000 B.C. that the Eden spoken of in the Bible was created, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers with Adam, Eve, and the troublesome serpent. The Eden of Atlantis was as important as the Bible’s. In this first Eden the Logos of God incarnated among the Children of God to help all the godlings find their way out of matter and selfishness. The Logos is the essential mind or consciousness of God individualized in order to be among individualized beings. The disciple John in the first verses of his Gospel refers to the Logos as “The Word” that became flesh and dwelt among us. This was a momentous entry into matter, into the world of form. The infinite was now among the finite, the universal among the individualized. The One had come among the Many in a form that they could relate to and learn from.

Upon entering this world the Logos quickly determined that it would be helpful if the two sexual aspects were separated into two unique forms or bodies, not just for companionship but to be helpmeets to one another (see Genesis 2:18). This world required a different arrangement of being in order to overcome the sense of loneliness and separateness. In many ways this separate feeling contributed to the selfishness and lack of cooperation with or attunement to the oneness. The Logos, God incarnate, divided its hermaphroditic self into the legendary Lilith, the first individually manifested female, and Amilius, the first male. These two were the first Eve and Adam. They were twins of the same being, halves of one mind, one spirit. According to Cayce’s reading of the Akasha, it took eighty-six years to accomplish the separated projection of the complementary male-female aspects of soul into separate body types. Once this was accomplished, the complementary qualities could come together in a union that reflected the oneness in the heavenly dimensions, and the two would feel comforted and united. Oneness of the two was the emotional, mental experience that was hoped for. And it worked well for a while.

These new bodies were the third creation, the third root race for the godlings. Once the Logos had shown the way, most souls repeated the process, separating their male and female qualities, and manifesting them individually. Word of this spread around the world. In these ancient times the world still spoke one common language, so communication was easy and fast. The news that God’s Logos had come among the people of Poseidia and created a new body type drew visitors from around the world. Some came driven by skepticism, some by wonder and hopefulness, some to challenge and confront, and some because it was their last hope. Poseidia was the center of the world. Even Lala-mu came from the far side of the planet to experience in the physical what she had in the mind and spirit.

Now union could occur between males and females, creating love, companionship, families, and home. The concept of home was one of the most fascinating to incarnate godlings. Prior to this, people lived in groups and community structures. The idea of sharing a special place with your companion and any offspring from that union was new. It quickly became apparent how comforting this arrangement was to incarnate souls. Sexually matched partners also fit with Nature’s arrangement of this world. A sense of balance now existed. The godlings became harmonious with Nature’s ways. It is repulsive today to accept that these early couples were halves of themselves, or incestuous brothers and sisters. At that ancient time genetics was not an issue among the Children of the One because their bodies were not yet completely physical structures like today, subject to genetic mixing and the strengths and weaknesses that we’ve come to understand.

They were coupling with their spirits, minds, and hearts in oneness with God, the Oneness, not copulating with their physical bodies (except for the Children of Darkness which had been copulating using animal forms and later humanoid forms). Our mythologies reveal this situation, containing numerous stories of brothers and sisters married to one another. For example, in Egyptian mythology the great god Osiris is married to the great goddess Isis, who is also his sister, or in truth, the feminine half of his whole soul. The god Ra (pronounced ray) is married to his feminine half Rat (pronounced ray-t). The god Thoth (pronounced tote or tothe with a long “o”) or, as the Greek’s called him, Hermes, is married to his feminine half Maat (pronounced mate). It was the way of things in these early times. Later, as genetic forces became more important and more lessons needed to be learned, it became evident that marriages would gain by uniting with other than one’s other half (in the ancient sense of “other half”).

Lilith : The First Eve

Though Lilith may seem an obscure figure in history, we have physical artifacts showing her image, written records, and even a Bible passage. The oldest work in which she appears, under the name “Lillake,” is the Prologue to the Sumerian tablet of Ur about the exploits Gilgamesh, circa 2000 B.C. The Prologue recounts a creation legend:

After heaven and earth had been separated and mankind and the underworld created, the sea ebbed and flowed in honor of its lord, but the south wind blew hard and uprooted a willow tree from its banks on the Euphrates. A goddess saw the poor tree and put it in Princess Inanna’s garden in Uruk. Inanna tended the tree with great care, hoping some day to make a bed and throne from it. But alas, when the tree matured she found that a serpent who could not be charmed had made its nest in the roots, and a Zu-bird had made its nest in the branches, and the dark maid Lilith had built her home in the trunk.

In this tale we again find many of the symbols that appear around the ancient world: tree, serpent, and bird. In Yucatan, the Tree of Life is in the midst of the world, its roots descend into the Underworld and its branches upward to the Heavens. In this Sumerian tale we find the serpent nested in the roots and the bird in the branches, emblems of the greater story of the lower mind descending into the Underworld and the higher mind staying in the better perspective, the wiser knowing. Lilith, in this story, abides in between these two states of consciousness.

The second source for Lilith’s legend is found in Jewish mysticism, notably “The Alphabet of Ben Sira,” written sometime between 700 and 900 A.D. but recounting a tale that dates back to the time of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. In this account Lilith is Adam’s first wife, before the more docile Eve. Lilith considered herself an equal of Adam’s, made in the image of God. She would not subordinate herself to Adam’s wishes, especially lying under him during sex. She insisted that if anyone was going under someone it was he not she. But Adam wanted her to be subservient to him. It all ended by Lilith invoking the name of the “Ineffable One” (a name that is so sacred, it is inexpressible), which was thought to be impossible since it was inexpressible; but she speaks it and thereby flys away. Adam, disheartened by her leaving, calls upon the Creator, “Sovereign of the Universe,” to bring her back or give him another; for he had already looked among all the creatures of the Earth and found none to be his companion. A female godling was the only one who could be a true companion. The Creator then instructs three of his angels to go after her and insist that she return. If she is determined to remain apart, then she must allow death to exist among her children. It may seem like a harsh demand but her children were immortals, immortals that had lost touch with God and the purpose for existence. In order to insure they did not live forever as terrestrial beings on this little blue planet, the Creator wanted them to experience death, an intermission from physical manifestation, in hopes that during this period they might recall their original state and seek to regain it.

Lilith agrees. One hundred of her children will die every day. Returning to Adam was not an option for her. “Leave me!” she said to the angels. “I was created only to cause sickness to infants. If the infant is male, I have dominion over him for eight days after his birth, if female, for twenty days.” The angels, still concerned for Lilith, told her that if she did not return with them, then she would die. Lilith, not one to be tricked, simply asked them how she could die since “God has ordered me to take charge of all newborn children: males up to eight days, females up to twenty days?” When their trick didn’t work, the angels reverted to pleading with her. But she would not go. Yet, because of their concern, she swore to them by the name of the living and eternal God: “Whenever I see you or your names or your forms in an amulet, I will have no power over that infant.” The names of these three angels became powerful shields on amulets worn around the necks of infants. Their names are: Snvi, Snsvi, and Smnglof; sometimes written as Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof (the addition of vowels helps us pronounce them but ancient Hebrew used few to no vowels). Ben Sira recounts this legend to King Nebuchadnezzar when the king asks Ben Sira to heal his young son. Ben Sira writes the angels’ names on an amulet and puts it around the boy’s neck, who recovers his health.

Some Hebrew legends hold that because Lilith left Adam before the Fall in the Garden, having not eaten of the apple, she is immortal and has no part in the curse upon Adam and Eve. Nevertheless, most Hebrew tales portray her as a demon who seduces men in their dreams. It is said that she lives by the Red Sea where lascivious demons abide. (Hebrews have a tradition that water attracts demons.) If Lilith approached a child and fondled him, he would laugh in his sleep; striking the sleeping child’s lips with one finger would cause her to vanish. After circumcision a male baby was permanently protected against Lilith. This leads one to ask how then did their men get seduced by her in their dreams?

Hebrews may have derived “Lilith” from “layil,” which means “night.” Some Hebrew traditions hold that she was incarnate as Queen of Sheba and seduced King Solomon. This mainly comes from an account which says that the Queen of Sheba had unshaven, hairy legs, a sure sign of Lilith because in both Hebrew and Arabian folklore, Lilith is a hairy night-monster.

In Babylonian and Assyrian legend she is Lilitu, a wind-spirit, one of a triad. The Bible passage is found in Isaiah 34:14-15 which describes the desolate ruins of the Edomite Desert where satyrs, reems (large, wild oxen), pelicans, owls, jackals, ostriches, arrow-snakes, and vultures (kites) keep Lilith company. It reads:

Wildcats shall meet with hyenas,
goat-demons shall call to each other;
there too Lilith shall repose,
and find a place to rest.
There shall the owl nest
and lay and hatch and brood in its shadow.

In some translations of this passage the name “Lilith” is replaced with “night monster.” The reference to an owl in this passage is significant because it too refers to Lilith. In a Sumerian relief Lilith is shown with owl’s feet, standing on the backs of a pair of lions and holding in each hand the Sumerian version of the Ankh, the Egyptian symbol for Life. In Asia the owl is symbolic of wisdom, particularly wisdom received in the night. We find this pertinent passage in psalms 19:2 “Day unto day uttereth speech, And night unto night showeth knowledge.” In the Roman Catholic edition of the Bible, the Book of Wisdom refers to wisdom using the feminine pronoun “she.” An Asian proverb holds that the reason owls are usually seen alone, as is Lilith, is because “wisdom stands alone.”

In the Hebrew

Targum Yerushalmi, the priestly blessing in Biblical books of Numbers 6:26 becomes: ” The Lord bless thee in all thy doings, and preserve thee from the Lilim!” Lilim are Lilith’s children. The Greek commentator Hieronymous identified Lilith with the Greek Lamia, a Libyan queen deserted by Zeus, whom his wife Hera robbed of her children. Lilith took revenge for this act by robbing other women of theirs.

In Cayce’s reading of the Akasha there was not an evil, dark tale of Lilith, simply one of equality and feminine power. In fact, Cayce reads that these feminine and masculine portions of the incarnate Logos returned to Earth as some very sacred people, always working together. He list these incarnations as: Amilius and Lilith, Adam and Eve, Hermes and Maat, and Jesus and Mary. Each was an incarnation of the Logos, the Word, the Messiah: feminine and masculine aspects of them. According to Cayce, the Jewish sect called Essenesknew this and were actually looking among the woman of the time for the coming of the feminine Messiah, the feminine Christ, through whom the masculine Christ would be immaculately conceived. The Essenes simply read Genesis and determined that when the Lord turned to Eve as she was leaving the Garden and said that out of her would come the redeemer, He meant a woman would come first, then the man. In their temple in Mt. Carmel the Essenes took in women of spiritual attunement and eventually they were rewarded by a young virgin who had actually been born in the temple of an immaculate conception of her mother Ann. But let’s return to Atlantis and our journey to Yucatan.

Lilith and Amilius : A Golden Age

In Poseidia Lilith and Amilius attempted to establish a new order. They established principles to live by and developed a plan whereby all could be redeemed and realigned with the original purposes and consciousness. Among their plans was a five-point assault upon the dark forces influencing this world and tempting even the Children of One. The plan called for five large groups of light bearers to incarnate in five different regions of the world and establish major centers of enlightened culture and education. Each group would assume responsibility for subduing the captivating influence of one of the five sensual influences: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Each of the groups would assume some of the emotional and attitudinal characteristics of individualness represented by what we call today “racial characteristics.” Atlantis would be the original place of the red race, accentuating the sense of touch. The Andes Mountains, especially the area near the Peruvian lands, would be the original place of the brown race, accentuating the sense of smell. The Gobi area (not a desert in those times) would be the original place of the yellow race, accentuating the sense of hearing. The Caucasus and Carpathian Mountains would be the original place of the white race, accentuating the sense of sight. Nubia, in the Sudan and southern Egypt, would be the original place of the black race, accentuating the sense of taste. These would setup a ring around the Earth of wisdom and light.

Amilius and Lilith firmly established principles that countered those of the Children of Darkness, who now had a new leader and a sexual preference for the masculine qualities, becoming known in Atlantis as the Sons of Baal or Baaliel, or as Cayce so often called them, Sons of Beliel (a term that St. Paul and the poet Milton also used). But they were not the most dangerous problem. Among the Children of the One jealousy over the varying degrees of beauty achieved began to infest their hearts. Those close to Lilith and Amilius began to argue over who was the more important. And those who were not as close to them as they would like began to envy those who were. The insidious way in which these little spites grow within hearts and minds was and remains today a serious danger to harmony and cooperation. Before long, factions developed among the Children of Oneness, factions that began to plot against one another’s interests and influence. As bad as this was, there was an even worse development, one that even the Bible records in Genesis 6:1-4:

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born unto them, that the Sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all that they chose. And Jehovah said, ‘My spirit shall not strive with man for ever, for that he also is flesh: yet shall his days be a hundred and twenty years.’ The Nephilim (giants) were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the Sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them: the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

Up to this point in time there were three companies of beings: 1) the godlings who had pushed their way into matter for gratification and exaltation, using animals forms and later humanoid male and female forms to breed among themselves in the same manner as the animals; 2) the godlings who had come into the Earth not for gratification or exaltation but to help maintain enlightenment and connection with the formless realms and were conceiving new forms within themselves into which came souls from out of the unseen realms of heaven; and, 3) the zombie-like “things” that were created by the minds of the godlings to serve them and had become a breeding group of their own, in the manner of the animals.

Though Amilius and Lilith intended for males and females to come together to give comfort and oneness to each other and to conceive, it was more ideally done in subtle bodies and in accord with the Infinite One. They did not copulate in flesh bodies like the earthy Sons of Beliel, zombies, and animals. This is a difficult concept to convey today because we are so physical that coupling without copulation requires some imagination, and the difference between a child of God and a child of man is not as clear as it was back then. Cayce simply compares this type of conception with that of the lowly amoeba, who pushes out from within itself another separate body, splitting its own gene pool.

In those times the goal was to raise the consciousnesses, desires, and energies of the sons of man upward to the higher awarenesses, purposes, and energies of the sons of God, and eventually back into the Oneness of the formless realms of life and the cosmos. It didn’t happen. The higher vibes and awarenesses of the sons of God began to descend further into physical matter and sensual experience. In the sacred teachings, particularly in the Vedic ones, it was described as reversing the flow of the life force, energy, the mind, downward, often depicted as a serpent (representing the kundalini life force within each being) descending down a tree or staff. For example, in the Biblical Garden of Eden, the serpent descends from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, eventually ending up crawling upon its belly among the dust of the Earth. This is often countered in mystical ceremonies in the ancient world by raising up the serpent energy, the mind, to higher levels of life and consciousness.

This is the winged-serpent idea that we find in Central American and Egyptian art and mythology. It is even in some of our major texts today. Recall the teaching Jesus gave to Nicodemus during a secret nighttime visit (John 3:14). Nicodemus wanted to learn the secrets, seeking out this strange master who was becoming such a problem for the Sanhedrin, of which Nicodemus was a member. He received three key teachings from Jesus. The first is that we must be born again. We have been born physically but we need to also be born spiritually. The second teaching is that no one ascends to heaven but he or she who first descended from it, referring to the involution of mind into matter prior to our evolution up through matter. All of us, whether we remember it or not, have a soul within us that first descended from heaven. That part of us is familiar with the formless dimensions beyond the world.

But key to our study in this chapter is the third teaching: “As Moses raised the serpent in the desert, so must the son of man be raised up to eternal life.” Jesus is referring to the time when Moses left the kingdom of Pharaoh (so symbolic of the outer ego and worldly pursuits) to search for his true self and God in the desert. In his search he comes upon a deep well around which seven virgins are attempting to water their flocks. Seven virgins in the desert, is there some deeper meaning here? Of course there is. These seven virgins, daughters of a high priest, are symbolic of the seven spiritual centers, the seven chakras, the seven lotuses within each being.

Moses waters them and their flocks, ultimately marrying the eldest one. Afterwards, he meets God in a burning bush and for the first time is instructed how to transform his staff into a serpent and raise the serpent up again into a staff (Exodus 2, 3, and 4). Later, when he has all the people out in the desert with him, Moses is instructed by God to place a fiery or brazen serpent upon a raised staff and anyone who looks upon it will be healed (Numbers 21:8-9). The writer of Exodus is trying to convey more than a literal, physical story to us.

We have to go back to the Garden of Eden to fully understand this, because Adam and Eve were not the only ones to fall in the Garden; the serpent fell also. The life force and consciousness within the descending godlings was falling to lower and lower levels. The life force can be harmful if misused, but raising it is a key to restoring the levels of energy and consciousness before the world was. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (circa 300 B.C.), the process of raising the energy begins with an understanding of where the energy is in the body, how it is raised, and the path it follows through the body. According to the Yoga Sutras, the energy is “coiled up” like a serpent (kundalini) in the lower part of the torso of the body, near the base of the spine. It moves up the spinal column (sushumna) through the spiritual centers,chakras (wheels) or padmes (lotuses), to the base of the brain and over through the brain to the brow. The path of the kundalini through the body is represented by a cobra in the striking position or by pharaoh’s crook or a shepherd’s crook. (A crook is a staff with a hook on the upper end. The shepherd’s crook is flared at the very tip.)

Many books today teach that the kundalini culminates at the crown of the head, but the more ancient images and teachings as well as Cayce’s always depict it culminating at the forehead, in the same place were pharaoh’s brow cobra is positioned. This will cause some confusion among many who have studied and practiced for years using the crown chakra as the highest spiritual center in the body. Cayce insisted that the true path of the kundalini comes over through the crown chakra and into the third-eye chakra on the brow. The seven spiritual centers are connected with the seven endocrine glands within the body: 1) testes or ovaries, 2) cells of Leydig (named after the doctor who discovered them), 3) adrenals, 4) thymus, 5) thyroid, 6) pineal, and 7) pituitary. They are also connected with major nerve ganglia or plexuses along the spine: pelvic or lumbar, hypogastric or abdominal, epigastric or solar, cardiopulmonary or heart and lung area, pharyngeal or throat, and the brain itself.

Though Amilius and Lilith’s mission was successful in many ways, the declining awareness of the those in the Earth was evident. Salvation was not at hand, despite all efforts. Amilius and Lilith withdrew to the deeper realms in the mind and spirit of God to prepare themselves for the next great effort. It was clear that the potential companions to the Creator were coming fully into selfishness and materiality. The plan to reverse this movement before it got out of hand had failed. Now spirit and mind were going to come fully into this world, experiencing every part of it until it no longer held any lure, and they could take it or leave it at will. The ancient lands of Mu, Oz, Og, Ohum, Zu, Atlantis, and many others were coming to an end, forcing huge migrations to the lands of the new way. After the cleansing by flood (which Cayce dates at 22,800 B.C.), the lands of Yucatan, China, India, Persia, Egypt, Scandinavia, and others were beginning. Yucatan would rise from the ashes of Mu and Atlantis, and deep within her soil would be buried the records of the first three ages.

4th. Adam and Eve

According to Cayce’s reading of the Akasha, the story of Adam and Eve that begins in the second chapter of Genesis is the creation of the fourth body-type, the fourth root race, for the godlings to use in their journey through this dimension. Let’s look at some of the fascinating aspects of this story.

Genesis begins, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The word “God” is a translation of the original Hebrew word “Elohiym,” which is a plural noun for the deity. The use of the plural form reflects the collective, holistic nature of the original aspect of God that began the creation. When Elohiym speak, “they” refer to themselves in the plural, as in Genesis 1:26: “Let us make him in our image, according to our likeness.” Elohiym is clearly not a singular, supreme entity separate from the creation. God is the Collective, composed of the created ones while at the same time their source. We actually contribute to the composition of God. That is not to say that we compose all of God’s being, but simply to say that a portion of God’s being is us. In Cayce’s reading 900-181 he encourages a person to come to know “that not only God is God but self is a portion of that Oneness.”

Changing of the name of God is a way of conveying changes in our relationship with the Creator. Each movement further away from direct, conscious connection, changes the name. Therefore, the original creation is done by Elohiym in chapter 1 of Genesis. The second creation which occurs in chapter 2 is done by the “Lord God,” Yahweh Elohiym . But by Chapter 4, when Adam and Eve begin to conceive physically, the “Lord,” Yahweh is the extent of our relationship. From being an integral portion of the Oneness to subordinate subject of the Lord, the godlings slipped into darkness and separation.

Originally, Elohiym (sometimes spelled Elohim, but is usually pronounced El-o-heem) creates us in Its own image, “Let Us make man [adam] in Our image, after Our likeness…. So Elohiym created man [adam] in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them,” (Gen. 1:26-27). In this passage the Hebrew word for man is adam, interpreted as meaning “reddish” or “ruddy,” but also means “persons” or “people” collectively, and can mean an “indefinite someone.” (See the Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible, Spiros Zodhiates, Th.D., AMG Publishers, 1990.) Here adam is male and female &endash; androgynous, hermaphroditic. It is not until the second chapter of Genesis that the “Lord God” creates adam “out of the dust of the earth,” in other words,

in the flesh, that these sexual parts are separated. When this occurs, the name “adam” takes on the meaning we most commonly associate with this word, “man,” a male man with a capital “A.” But “adam” was first made in the image of Elohiym, which is not flesh. Then, symbolized by the changing of the name of the creator from “God” to “Lord God” and, subsequently, to simply “Lord,” we see the descent from direct God-consciousness to self-consciousness.

Another important point about this creation is that it is, according to Cayce’s reading of the Akasha, a group creation, not just the creation of one famous person. At this stage of the creation “adam” is referring to an original group of souls created in Elohiym’s image, and subsequently remade in spiritualized flesh by Yahweh Elohiym, then into mortal flesh by Yahweh. According to Cayce’s readings, the souls, those godlings within the One God, entered the earth in five places, as five nations, and in five races; and one of these was “adam,” ( 900-227, 364-9 & -13) The Bible is the story of those souls.

At this point in Genesis, God has created everything in thought , in God’s mind, not physically &emdash; all existed in God’s consciousness. This is symbolized in the passage that comesafter the seven days of creation: “Now no shrub of the field was yet in the earth [physically], and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the Lord God [note the name change] had not sent rain upon the earth; and there was no man [in flesh] to cultivate the ground,” (Gen. 2:4-15).

The heaven, earth, and adam that had already been created in chapter one were only in the mind of God not yet in form or matter. This was our natural home before entering the flesh. It is what is spoken of in Jesus’ prayer to God, “And now, glorify Thou me together with Thyself, Father, with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was ” And it is that realm spoken of when Jesus says to us, “I go to prepare a place for you … that where I am there you may be also. And you know the way where I am going” (John 14:2-4). Now, like many of us who are so much into physical consciousness, the disciple Thomas challenges this statement, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How do we know the way?” But we do know the way. Deep within us is our true nature. Deep within us we remember the original home, and we know the way. Each of us was there in the beginning. Each of us was originally created in the image and likeness of Elohiym. Within us that original nature lives and intuitively knows its way home. As Jesus said to Nicodemus, “No one ascends to heaven but he or she who has already descended from it, even the Son of Man” (John 3:18).

As we touched on earlier, ancient teachings hold that the One is composed of two qualities: that of the dark &endash; meaning unseen, deep, and from out of which comes the other aspect, light&endash; meaning seen, present, and active. In the Eastern philosophies the terms “yin” and “yang” are used to express these characteristics. Yin is a feminine, unseen, inner principle; yang a masculine, seen, projected principle. An objective observation of the physical bodies of the female and male, reflects these qualities. A female’s sexual organs are deep within her torso, a male’s outside his. A female body has more inner processes than a male, such as menstrual cycles, conception, gestation, and milk production. The female reflects the characteristics of the inner aspect of God. Thus she is a reflection of the dark, unknown, unseen, unmanifested God, the yin. She represents the unconscious, sleep, and “Night” in Genesis, thus, “the Moon and the Stars.” This would also imply that the feminine is the wind, the spirit, especially since she is the conceiver, the “life-giver”(chavvah in Hebrew, was the word first used to describe the Eve portion of the original adamic being). Eve is created by God casting a deep sleep over humanity (i.e. adam), and while in that deep state, the feminine is removed and separated into an individual form.

The male reflects the characteristics of the outer, manifested God. Thus, he is a reflection of the active, changing, personal, present God. He represents the conscious, wakefulness; “Day” in Genesis, thus the Sun. He is the “tiller of the soil,” the doer, the conqueror. This would also imply that he is then the reflection of the breath, the soul, especially since he is the changing, developing “doer.” Our original nature was composed of both these forces in one being, but soon these were to be separated.

Our fall from the original place of being is allegorically presented as the separation of the sexes and the eating of the “Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” (Gen. 2:17), which symbolizes consuming knowledge without understanding. The Cayce readings state it this way, “…seek not for knowledge alone. For, look &endash; LOOK &endash; what it brought Eve. Look rather for that wisdom which was eventually founded in she [Mary] that was addressed as ‘the handmaid of the Lord’….” (Cayce reading #2072-10).

In the Genesis story, Yahweh Elohiym commanded adam not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, saying “for in the day you eat from it, you shall surely die,” (Gen. 2:17). Up to this point, we were immortal beings, in the image of the immortal Elohiym. However, the further we moved from consciousness of our connectedness with the Eternal One, the more we lost connectedness to the source of life. Adam and Eve began to live too completely in the flesh, losing touch with the life-giving energy. They began to reverse the flow of the Life Force, the élan vital, bringing it further into self-consciousness. This became so acute that, according to the Cayce readings, we actually experienced a death of the spirit, see his reading #815-7. To put it another way, we died to the spiritual, life-giving influence. Another significant piece to this puzzling death was the growth of something other than God.

The serpent in the Garden represents the mind and the life-force moving downward into only self, disconnected from the Collective. It is self without regard for the Whole or for other beings. It is the self that seeks self-gratification, self-glorification, self-aggrandizement, self-centeredness. But in order for the potential companions of God to be true companions, they had to have a strong sense of self. As the Cayce readings state it: we must come to know ourselves to be ourselves, yet one with the whole (the rest of creation and the Creator), see Cayce reading. In order to achieve this goal, we had to develop a sense of self, who we are, individually. Then, choose to cooperate in oneness with the Whole. Therefore, despite the dangers inherent in the development of self-consciousness, it was allowed because it was and remains the way to full realization of our role as divine companions. Yet, it often becomes a stumbling block.

Adam, Eve, and the serpent (all aspects of ourselves) fall from grace and lose the comfort of the Garden. The Tree of Life, symbolizing immortality, is now protected from us, to keep us from becoming eternal terrestrial beings when we are meant to be eternal celestial beings. Now we enter the cycle of life and death. This is further symbolized in Eve’s conception of the two beings we discussed earlier: Cain and Able. Cain literally means the “acquired” one (our forming egos). Abel means “a breath,” or soul (our spiritually aware selves), Gen. 4. Of course, God favors the offerings of our souls more than our egos, as symbolized in Abel’s offerings as opposed to Cain’s. However, Cain (ego) is angered by this and kills Abel (soul). But the Lord, Yahweh , comes to Cain, and says, “Why are you angry, and why has your countenance fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, then sin is couching at the door [of your consciousness]; its desire is for you, but you must master it,” Gen. 4:6-7.

The fourth creation was the one we have been living with for much of human history as we know it today. The bodies we use today are fourth-age bodies, adamic bodies, homo-sapien bodies. But, as the Mayan’s prophetic calendar indicates, we are about to go through another change on December 23, 2012. The fifth age, the age of “movement,” began with Noah, but the fifth body type begins to form in the first decades of the 2000s.

5th. Noah: The Age of Movement


This is the point in history that the Bible says God regretted making man and began to conceive of a way to start over. The legendary great flood that is recorded in all the world’s ancient tales was about to begin. Here is a Biblical reference: And Jehovah [notice the name change once again] saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented Jehovah that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And Jehovah said, ‘I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the ground; both man, and beast, and creeping things, and birds of the heavens; for it repents me that I have made them.’ (Genesis 6:5-7)

There is a fascinating past-life reading for a woman who Cayce said was on Noah’s ark. In the reading Cayce gives some insights into the coming changes in the new age that we are expecting, the Aquarian Age, and their relationship to the changes that occurred during Noah’s time. You’ll recall, even Jesus references Noah’s time when his disciples asked him about the so called “End Times” (see Matthew 25).

The reading begins with Cayce’s mind looking over this woman’s “Book of Life,” her records on the skein of time and space, the Akasha:

What an unusual record – and one of those who might be termed as physically ‘the mothers of the world!’ Because the entity was one of those in Noah’s ark. The entity has appeared when there were new revelations to be given. And again it appears when there are new revelations to be made.

May the entity so conduct its mind, its body and its purposes, then, as to be a channel through which such messages may come that are needed for the awakenings in the minds of men as to the necessity for returning to the search for their relationship with the Creative Forces or God. For as has been given from the beginning, the deluge [Noah’s flood] was not a myth (as many would have you believe) but a period when man had so belittled himself with the cares of the world, with the deceitfulness of his own knowledge and power, as to require that there be a return to his dependence wholly – physically and mentally – upon the Creative Forces.

Will this entity see such again occur in the earth? Will it be among those who may be given directions as to how, where, the elect may be preserved for the replenishing again of the earth? Remember, not by water – for it is the mother of life in the earth – but rather by the element, fire. (Cayce reading #3653-1)

This is a disturbing reading. It seems to be saying that there will be a new destruction, like the one that occurred during Noah’s period, only this time it will be by fire not water. And it also seems to be saying that the destruction will be of such a magnitude that we will be “given directions as to how, where, the elect may be preserved for the replenishing again of the earth!”

I know many of us are tired of these doom prophecies which are so awesome it seems impossible to go on living our daily lives with them hanging over our heads. One thing in Cayce’s comments that is important to realize is that this reading does clearly indicate that life does go on, as it did after Noah.

The fire mentioned in this reading could possibly come from the increase in solar radiation rather than combustion. There are many ways this could happen, from increasing “green house” effect to a breakdown in the protective Van Allen belts during a planetary pole shift.

A Shifting of the Earth’s Poles

One significant event we should keep an eye on is the shifting of the Earth’s poles &endash; no small event! When Cayce was asked “What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the Earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.?” Edgar Cayce answered: “When there is a shifting of the poles; or a new cycle begins,” (826-8). We have to be careful with this reading because Cayce’s trance mind is under the influenced of the question, and here the question is rather open-ended, allowing for a “great change” to begin or take place in the year 2000 to the year 2001!

Therefore, Cayce’s answer could be about 2001 and simply the “beginning” of the pole shift. But other Cayce readings help us get a better understanding of what he was seeing. For example, in reading 378-16 he says the testing period “begins in ’58 and ends with the changes wrought in the upheavals and the shifting of the poles, as begins then the reign in ’98 (as time is counted in the present).” This seems to mean that the shifting poles begins in 1998 and therefore we might assume that his answer about the years 2000 to 2001 was the actual shifting becoming evident to us all. In reading 3976-15 he says, “There will be shifting then of the poles – so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds.

As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the name – and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.” Again, Cayce seems to be saying that the shifting of the poles begins in the latter year of this forty-year period from ’58 to ’98, culminating in the actual or noticeable shift in 2000 to 2001.

Those who study paleomagnetics have found that in the last 70 million years the Earth’s magnetic field has reversed “abruptly” more than 100 times. This is the magnetic north and south poles that affect our compasses and by which we navigate. The other poles are the north and south tips of the axis upon which our planet spins? Like a top, our planet spins around a central axis line. Has this ever shifted? According to scientists, in the last 4 million years the axis around which the Earth spins has reverse its poles at least 9 times. That’s an axis shift about every 444,444 years, while the magnetic poles have shifted about every 700,000 years. However, scientists disagree on the magnetic poles shifts. Some find evidence that the magnetic poles reverse every 100,000 years, some have found evidence of shifts every 50,000 years.

Is Cayce talking about a magnetic shift or an axis shift? He certainly is talking about climate changes, so unless magnetic shifts would affect weather patterns, one would be inclined to believe that Cayce is seeing an axis shift. However, an exact reversal of the axis poles would not result in the type of weather changes that he describes: “frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.” This would only require the axis to move enough to direct cooler portions of the planet toward the sun. Let’s examine these two types of pole shifts.

The magnetic poles were first recognized by modern generations in the 16th Century as the direction to which compass needles point. But magnetic north continuously shifts position. It is now located at sea, about 93 miles north of Bathurst Island’s May Inlet. This is a shift of about 530 miles north-northwest since 1831, when it was first reliably fixed. Magnetic north also fluctuates daily, effected by activity on the Sun. Solar flares create magnetic storms that travel through space and strike Earth’s magnetic field, disturbing it like a stone on a pond. These disturbances to the magnetosphere surrounding Earth cause the magnetic poles, north and south, to move back and forth over the land and sea.Therefore, Canadian government scientists can only state the “average location” of the magnetic north pole for any given period.

In addition to the fluctuations of compasses, the magnetic poles are affecting biological life on the planet. Researchers in a relatively young science called
geomagnetbiology have no doubt that the Earth’s magnetic fields have profound effects on living organisms, even causing psychotic behavior and heart attacks in humans. Magnetic fields may also have played a major role in determining the course of evolution. If Cayce is speaking of a magnetic shift, then it has been going on since at least 1831, and is now some 530 miles from where it used to be. Scientists also have evidence that the Earth’s axis poles shifted before. William Sager of Texas A&M and well known Anthony K.P. Koppers of Scripps Institution in San Diego reported in the January 21, 2000 edition of Science their findings of an axis pole shift 84 million years ago.

In 1998 another scientific team of geologists at the California Institute of Technology reported that they found evidence of an axis pole shift, but their evidence dated a shift occurring around a half a billion years ago, a 90° shift! They believe that that pole shift touched off the great “Cambrian Explosion” of multicellular life &endash; a period that saw all the major groupings of plants and animals begin their slow evolutionary march to where we are today. Definitely a new cycle began at that pole shift. Sager and Koppers say that the shift they detected was about 16 to 21°, which if it happened today, would move Washington, D.C. to about where Cuba is presently located. San Francisco would be about where Baja California is. Obviously, North America would warm up. During the Sager-Koppers shift, volcanoes produced three massive plateaus, one around the Kerguelen Islands near Antarctica, another in the region of Jave, Indonesia, and the third in the Caribbean, near Columbia, South America. You might recall, the Columbian-Caribbean area is where the massive asteroid struck the Earth, ending the age of the Dinosaurs.

These shifts seem to be caused by magnetic changes combined with tectonic plates shifts. Both teams point out the pole shifts took a long time to be completed. The Sager-Koppers shift took 2 millions to be completed. The California Institute of Technology’s shift took 15 million years to be completed. In Cayce’s timeline, the age of the Earth began some 4.6 billion years ago, with Mu (Lemuria) beginning about 12 million years ago, Atlantis beginning about 212,000 years ago (lasting about 200,000 years), Amilius entered Atlantis about 108,000 years ago, andthe Adam-Eve human form we use today began about 14,000 years ago. Scientists say that the body-type we are currently using can be traced back to about 400,000 years ago, but you have to remember that Cayce said we were making many modifications to this homo-sapien body. He described how during the time of Hermes, Ra, and Isis in Egypt, we actually performed operations in the Temple Sacrifice to remove a low, animalistic chakra from the thighs of these bodies.

Therefore, homo sapien could of had several versions or editions. Cayce predicts that our bodies will make another change around the same time of this coming pole shift. The first was with the entering into Mu, 12 million years ago. The second was about 10 millions ago, still in Mu. The third root race was made by Amilius and Lilith in Atlantis about 106,000 years ago. And the fourth root race body, which we are using a form of today, was created about 14,000 years ago. Time for a new, improved version, don’t you agree?

Earth’s poles have been wobbling for some time now. This may be a sign that the poles are going to shift again soon. This motion is like a top when it is about to fall over. It spins tightly around its axis poles, then, as it is about to fall over, it begins to wobble. The gravitational attraction of the Sun and Moon on the non-spherical Earth cause the rotational axis of the Earth to precess in space similar to the action of a top. In addition to this motion, the axis undergoes a small “nodding” motion called nutation. Both these motions can be described theoretically to a high degree of accuracy. Forces within the Earth also affect its rotation. Many organizations are watching this: The National Earth Orientation Service (NEOS), the sub-bureau for rapid service and prediction of the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), both located at the U.S. Naval Observatory (NSNO), and International Astronomical Union (IAU), and countless independent teams around the world.

In looking at the scientific data, we learn that a shifting of the Earth’s axis poles has happened and can happen again; that shifting occurs over long periods of time; that wobbling tends to precede shifting; and that shifts result in major changes to life on the planet. The Age of Movement may well end in a big movement of the whole planet.

After the Fifth Age

According to Cayce’s reading of the Akasha, following the end of the Fifth Age is a return back through the earlier Ages, but at a faster pace. We will regain our godling powers, reunite our sexual qualities into one body type, and begin to move into cosmic consciousness again. Our Earthly, material needs will change because our new body-type will not be so needy or so vulnerable to the dangers of this world. Those needs that remain will be fulfilled easily because we will regain the powers we had as godlings in the early millennia in this world, able to control and guide the forces of Nature. He warns that we will once again be challenged to see how we use these powers, reminding us that in Atlantis they brought destruction.

What will they bring in the new age? Just as the Sun and Venus, the mind and heart, went through many cycles of trials and tests facing the challenges of evil and darkness, so in the next era will we recycle through another period of testing to see if we really have subdued the Earthy influences and selfish urges; to see if we recognize ourselves to be a part of that about us in oneness again. If not, then the Forces of Life will cleanse themselves and this planet and it will begin again. But if we have caught a glimpse of our inner godly nature, of our potential companionship with the Universal Creator, of the oneness of all life, then an age of enlightenment will begin.

The Logos will come again among us. Spitefulness, contention, hatred, bloodshed, vengeance, envy, will subside. Patience, understanding, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, love, healing, will rise and transform everyone. This will not be in an airy, fairy manner, for we have all seen the shadow side of human nature, and are wiser for it. It will be in a deep contentment that will never be moved by urges of selfishness and separateness again. The rebel in all of us will be tempered. The use of free will without consideration of its affect on others and the Whole will not be done again. Cooperation will be the spirit that pervades relationships; first within individuals, then classes, then the masses, until the whole of humanity is imbued with a renewed sense of oneness, with a peacefulness that passes all understanding.

As Cayce expressed it in his reading #5750-1, we are close:

Yet, as time draws nigh when changes are to come about, there may be the opening of those three places where the records are one, to those that are the initiates in the knowledge of the One God: The temple by Iltar will then rise again. Also there will be the opening of the temple or hall of records in Egypt, and those records that were put into the heart of the Atlantean land may also be found there – that have been kept, for those that are of that group.The RECORDS are ONE.

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