[Journal Entry] On Synchronicities and Vortices


Hi, friends! I will try to keep this short … which, as most of you know, is very unlike me. Keep in mind, I said ‘try’. lol!

So, like many of you, I’ve been reading, contemplating, and learning a lot about the whole ‘vortex’ and ‘vortex of energy [or energetic change]’ lately. The article I just posted by Zen Gardner is a perfect example (and WELL worth the read, too!). As well, I’ve been revisiting the subjects of spirals, frequency, vibration, sine waves, and on and on. There is MUCH to do and learn of down this rabbit hole, I must say, to put it mildly.

Nonetheless, for me, the concept of the vortex, the energies we are in (and taking on), the changes and shift(s) in consciousness we are experiencing … along with a lot of what else I’ve been studying as of late … makes a lot of sense to me. Now, when I say that something ‘makes a lot of sense to me’, I mean that, more often than not, it is simply something that has triggered a ‘soul memory’, and that it ‘makes sense’ because it’s something I’ve always known; it’s always been there, waiting to be re-discovered, so to speak, or will remain dormant deep within if it isn’t. It’s for this reason, thanks to learning this and ‘adopting’ the perspective many more years ago than I care to admit, that I fully trust my intuition … because, to me, that’s the closest tie to my soul/spiritual and Higher Self that I know of.

What amazes me is how the Universe (Source, God, etc) will point things out to us along our path when we most need ‘a sign’, or when we are intended to see a relationship between one thing and another (typically an experience we are having or are about to have, something important to our lives that we are supposed to pay attention to, and so on). This is, in my opinion, one (major) aspect of the concept/theory/fact (in my opinion) of synchronicity or synchronous experiences.

And I don’t necessarily mean something like, when you think of a red BMW, the next vehicle you notice as you’re driving is a red BMW, or perhaps an entire fleet of them. Although, that is synchronicity, too, and if we were to set aside the programming we’ve been inundated with since … well, since birth … then far more of us would be more accepting of the belief that ‘coincidence’ is a myth … and, well, you are welcome to let your imagination flow on that one and see how far it will take you. In short, I think the world would be a far better place, but I’ll leave you to ponder the idea in your own time.

My life, in a very big way, has been fully engulfed in the vortex energies lately. There are many, MANY moments throughout each day that I feel like I’m ‘not here’ (ie, in the 3rd density) … and I don’t want to be. But then, I keep getting sucked down, unable to barely catch a breath, like swimming in the river, going against the current, and the undertows are pulling hard at my very being. Stress – especially over my financial situation – is completely draining, pushing me to struggle to keep myself from nodding off, yet the wave-riding of the energies, from positive and more 5th-density to the negative, washing away, stress-filled 3rd-density, is just as exhausting.

Meditation does wonders, as does a short nap here and there, especially during these times as our physical bodies are changing along with our spiritual bodies. And, it seems we are on the brink of major, worldwide change in the financial areas of concern, which will free ALL of us from the jaws of debt slavery and its stresses. For many, MANY of us, that cannot happen soon enough! I’m certainly not the only Lightworker (or, for that matter, human being) barely keeping the lights (and water and most other services) on, struggling on a daily basis, while keeping my chin up (both as maintaining a positive outlook as well as to keep breathing).

Meanwhile …

Constantly maneuvering  and navigating between ‘here’ and ‘there’, dimensionally-speaking, seems to be a direct reflection of the same maneuvering between a place of complete and utter fear, bringing me to uncontrollable tears at times, and a place of complete, beautiful calm … peace within, an energy like no other pulsing not only through my veins but through my spirit body as well, filling me up and pouring out, like a sprinkler gone crazy, this feeling of pure Love & Light. I’m cognizant of what is happening, conscious of the ‘why’, even, and quickly adjusting to best utilize the energy of the vortex … rather than it using me. That’s not to say that it’s easy – a single thought about a pending disconnection or some other ‘3rd-dimensional reality/illusory construct’ can throw me for yet another whirl, which is highly unlikely to be at all pleasant. But, there’s something about how we, as a collective, are navigating this energy and energetic change/shift, that I firmly believe we will soon look back on in reverence and with gratitude.

Then, there’s another ‘key’ to it all … gratitude. We are living in the most auspicious times in the history of humanity, and it’s being proven to us on a daily basis, if not several times each day. Are we grateful for the experience; the opportunity? Or, are we pummeled by it, fed up with the incoming waves, and just too tired to seek the love and gratitude within our hearts?

Whatever the case may be for you, individually, you have to make your own evaluation and adjustments. Just remember: We’re all in this together … We are ONE … and your experiences effect the whole. I know – that’s a lot of responsibility, but we came here knowing this, or we wouldn’t still be here. This is our mission, and Source is determined, via many different requisites, to ensure that we see this mission through – to incredible success!

The synchronicity I mentioned earlier is actually a very simple yet profound example, which many of you may identify with. As I said, I’ve been reading of, studying, learning of, and revisiting the vortex concept, spirals, and so on. As I was driving one evening a few days ago, thinking about vortex energy, I was reminded of traveling through Sedona, Arizona about 25 years ago, and how I wished I had time to stop to learn more about the vortices of energy said to be present there. The flash of a memory then brought back that I had been forced to stop near there as I traveled through, as I was in desperate need of gas in the tank at 2:30 am or so. And I remembered sensing an energy there that wasn’t something I was used to, but that I had written it off in my mind at the time, more because I was upset that I couldn’t stay in the area longer and I didn’t want a negative attachment to it, in case I ever returned.

Funny that now, so many years later, one of the channels I tend to favor and deeply respect speaks of the City of Lights in Sedona.

Point being, as I was driving a mere 2 mile round-trip to the local convenience mart and back, the cloud in the image above requested my full attention. I pulled off the road and snapped several pictures of it, as I was literally floored by its appearance and how, with perfect synchronicity, it tied in with what I’ve been focused on considerably as of late. The ironic thing is, since then, I’ve watched as several things in my life have been stripped away, sucked into the bottom or the vortex, and – I’m hoping – transmuted into loving energy. It’s been scary as hell, especially today, but I’m still hanging on and riding the waves. More importantly, I’m experiencing manifestations at a speed like never before, from the things that look bad on the outside but aren’t, to the obvious positives, to the things that, quite simply, must now be released in a cleansing, liberating process of letting go.

A few days ago, I started to write a post about being “at the end of my rope … but not hanging from it”. Today, if I were to finish that post, I would have to say that I went through the hanging process, and then let go, being completely in free-fall at this point, but sensing, with a still calmness, that wherever I land, everything is going to be better than before. Letting go is often the most difficult process for us to experience. Once we do, if we have complete, soul-deep faith and trust in The One – that the Universe is working in Divine Order at all times – the landing is far less to worry over.

Might I suggest …

Keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open to the ‘signs’ and the synchronicities in your own life.

Keep your center as much as possible as we all endure – and, hopefully, find ways to enjoy – the vortex energies we are experiencing.

The best is yet to come, and it’s coming like a tsunami that will not be controlled or denied by anyone with eyes to see and hearts to feel/Love!

By the way, for more (FAR more) interesting insights into synchronicity, please be sure to check out this Coast2CoastAM interview with David Wilcock, from a few days ago. It was recorded the same day I had this ‘vortex cloud’ experience … which isn’t surprising in the least to me, especially as attuned to David’s work as I am.

Much love, always! ❤

~ Bryan

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