Bella Capozzi ~ “School’s Out Forever…” A Dreamtime Experience


via Cupcakes & Angels June 5 2013

[Please pay close attention to this beautiful reading from Bella. This, especially, resonates with me and stands out to me … “We need to be awake and aware, now more than ever, of everything that’s happening in the world around us.  Of what’s truth and what’s dysfunctional negative programming.” Much love! ~ b]

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written about dreamtime travel, mainly because most of the work I’ve been doing and the interactions I’ve been having while “asleep” have been of a more personal nature-not anything too interesting to post about.  However, last night I feel like the messages I got were pertinent to everybody. I awakened this morning surrounded by a vibration of hope and anticipation-the very emotions that were present throughout my experience last night.  Also, this had the intense clarity and physical feeling of “presence” which also marks, for me, a bilocation experience.

The weather is more like fall up here in New England, with temperatures in the 50′s and cold rain.  So at about 11 p.m., I snuggled up under several layers of blankets, my warm and fluffy dog Ava at my feet, excited to begin reading the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada.  But I never even made it to page one, because my Team had other ideas (as they often do)!  I fell asleep immediately and found myself passing through several scenarios, all with the same underlying theme.

In the first one, my son and I were packing up our house and getting ready to move.  I know.. I just did this in Human life.  It’s natural to assume that I was just dreaming about the very thing that’s occupied my time these past two weeks.  But there’s much  more.  The entire building, and then the entire neighborhood, and what I was shown to be the entire town were also packing up to move.  I walked the halls of the apartment and spoke to neighbors as they happily dragged boxes outside their doors.  People were chatting merrily with one another as they worked.  One elderly woman walked up to me and asked if she could borrow a dog bowl, because she had packed hers already.  She held onto a leash, and at the other end was a huge, silvery-colored dog which was bigger than she was!  I just “knew”, as one “knows” things during dreamtime, that he was her spirit-animal and guide.

I continued walking until I left the building, and proceeded down an unfamiliar hilly street.  When I walk up and down hilly streets it normally signifies either coming down to Earth into my body or ascending up towards the Higher Realms.  It just depends on which way I’m walking!  Last night I was walking up the hill.   I passed by an elementary school and watched as the bell rang and hundreds of kids ran out screaming.  They were waving papers, or what my Team indicated were report cards. Parents were running up and grabbing their children, hugging them and twirling them around.  The energy was that of unbridled joy.  I walked on and a group of teenagers rode past me on bikes.  They looked directly at me and began singing, “School’s out forever..” (emphasis on the forever.)

I then found myself suddenly by the beach, at a shopping center.  I noticed a Panera Bread and went in, accompanied by a female Teammember,  to get an iced coffee.  But no sooner had we entered then I was surrounded by people from my past, here on Earth.  It was as though they were waiting for me, so that we could wrap up any old contracts and unfinished business.  We all milled about, talking, hugging, creating closure.  The overall energy was conveying the vibe of “wow, aren’t you glad this is done?”  Eventually, I made my way back to my own apartment and found my son there, sealing up the last of our boxes.  But something was off, because there were lots of things lying around that he didn’t pack.  I asked him about it, and he replied, “Don’t worry, Mom.  We won’t be needing all that old stuff where we’re going.”

I woke up after that, with the usual hard landing back into my Human body.  (This is also typical of when I bilocate.)  All the memories of my trip were clear and fresh, and I had a moment of disorientation as I looked around my room and tried to make sense of what I had just experienced.  For me, the message seems to be pretty easy to figure out.  The fact is, we are all moving!  I take this as an indicator from my Team that something huge is going on, which will affect every single one of us.  The fact that we were rushing to pack up signifies, to me, that these changes are probably not too far off into the future and that we need to be prepared for bigger and ultimately better things.  The children rushing out of school with report cards, and “school’s out forever” says to me that we are graduating out of the old Earth School and have completed our more fundamental lessons.  It’s time to move onwards and upwards to “higher” places.

I don’t think we can deny that the energetic pace is seriously picking up.  We need to be awake and aware, now more than ever, of everything that’s happening in the world around us.  Of what’s truth and what’s dysfunctional negative programming. It’s important to be ready to welcome positive change, and to be ready to do our part to help in bringing it about.  It’s crucial that we shed the old baggage and take with us only what resonates and is good for us.  Mother Earth is packing her bags and moving out of 3rd density, and she’s taking us right along with her.  Graduation Day may very well be right around the corner.  Are you ready?

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