[Journal Entry] Thanks, Mom!

NAPOLEON HILL QUOTEThis past Friday, my fiance and I were blessed to have the opportunity to see a medium in a nightclub-style setting at a local casino. We had won the tickets during one of her appearances on the local radio morning show just a few days before, and couldn’t believe our ‘luck’ (as most people would call it … not us, of course), in having won as we have had ‘see a medium’ on our to-do list for a few years now.

This particular medium is actually fairly well-known, has been on tv shows, and is quite popular. She’s also quite local to us, and happened to be appearing at one of the casino’s venues for a three-night run. When we won, we had planned to go on Saturday night, when we would already be at the same location for a surprise birthday dinner for my fiance’s mom, but then changed to Friday night as we were afraid of not having enough time to eat and get to the show on time.

Good thinking, really, because the show was PACKED … and, on top of that, we spent a good two hours eating at the buffet the following night. lol!

Nonetheless, the show was AWESOME, and Moriah was just FANTASTIC!! We didn’t get a personal reading ourselves, but the readings she did were amazing!

My fiance kept saying to me, “I hope your mom comes through so you can hear from her”, and while I felt, “Yeah – that would be cool”, I was more focused on attention to her, hoping that her grandpa or her cousin (who had been her closest friend when they were young) would come through and give her some closure that she’s needed for … well, for a long time. Neither happened, but the readings for others brought their own messages to us, indirectly, and we’ve gone on about it all since then.

It stands out, in particular, that, in every single reading, the person who had crossed over brought a message of “everything is going to be ok” … no matter what the situation of the earth-bound person they were communicating with. I think there’s something beautiful about that, and especially in how it affected the person getting the reading.

So, on this Earth Unity Day of 2013, having thought more and more about my mom the past few days since the medium experience, I turned my thoughts more consciously toward ‘THE’ mother … Mother Earth – Gaia/Sophia. Starting my day off at a snail’s pace (intentionally … see this video), I sat at my computer, coffee in-hand, still processing the experiences and energies from a night’s rest. I hesitated to turn on my computer, not really wanting to ‘get the day started’ and to simply remain in my ‘daze’ of 5th-dimensional consciousness, rather than reaching back again into the 3rd.

Finally, I turned it on and loaded up the first blog I visit every day – the Golden Age of Gaia site. As I heard the voice say, “There’s something special for you here”, I clicked on a long-anticipated update from ‘Poof’, and quickly realized what was there.

As a very young child – 2 or 3 years old – I can remember listening to one of my mom’s favorite records … Simon & Garfunkel. I remember climbing up on the bench at the piano, trying my very best to play along with the songs (which I was pretty decent at, intuitively), and in particular, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. If there was a song that connected me and my mom, in the pure energy of Love, it was that song. For those of you who don’t know, my mom passed very unexpectedly in 1998.

So, reading Poof’s update first thing this morning, and seeing that song attached to his post, I fell apart at the seams. I don’t think I’ve received such a blatantly obvious message from, or felt my mom’s love like that, for quite a while … regardless of how attuned I may be … and she definitely had her arms around both myself and my fiance this morning, as we listened to the beautiful words, the stirring music, and felt the Love surrounding us.

I knew I didn’t ‘need’ a reading from Moriah the other night, although we do plan to book private readings with her soon, anyway. My mom always has a way of getting me a message when I need it the most. ūüėČ

Funny, too, that so many channeled messages I’ve read lately speak of how those of us who are conscious of our awakening are a ‘bridge’ for those who aren’t as consciously aware of it. And, a last bit of irony … I did a bit of quick research and found that Simon & Garfunkel’s song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was officially released in 1970, the day after my mom’s birthday. I understand that many people believe in coincidences; I don’t, and I find more and more synchronous events/experiences like this almost daily now. Which, by the way, makes it MUCH easier to see how SO many things in our world ARE changing for the better, while also being able to ‘connect the dots’ more easily … all of which are a part of raising our vibration and consciousness, in my opinion.

Anyway, I thought it would be a nice experience to share with my readers, while also giving a shout-out to my mom AND to our great soul-sister, Mother Earth/Gaia-Sophia.

THANK YOU, Mom! And to all, Happy Earth Day 2013!

MUCH love! ‚̧

In Peace & Light: